Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Postal Worker

Everyday I get asked the same three questions. How are your kids? How's your dog? How's your search going for you biological family? Since nobody really cares how someone's kids are and people really only want to see pictures of your dog, I'll answer the last question by sharing with you a letter I wrote to my postman. (I have a feeling many of you would rather see pictures of my dog, sorry, I promise to share some next time.)

Dear Mr. Postman, AKA Mr. Postal Worker, AKA Jack,

I'm writing you this letter for a few different reasons. First I want to express my thanks for all your hard work. You really do work through all sorts of bad weather conditions, faithfully delivering my precious snail paper mail everyday, except Sunday and federal holidays, of which there are many. Not that you don't deserve all these days off, you do.

I also want you to know I hope that the proposed cuts in jobs and pay for postal workers doesn't happen. I really don't think you make too much money and I wish I could have Sundays and any holiday off too.

But the main reason I'm writing you is because I want you to know that I am expecting a very important letter. This letter has the potential to change my life.

On December 2nd I mailed a petition to the court in Massachusetts where my final adoption took place requesting the opening of my sealed adoption record. If granted, it should give me access to my original birth certificate. There are so many reasons, reasons I've written about in my blog, I need/want my original birth certificate and feel it should be my human right to have it. It's up to a judge now whether I will be granted this request and expect the decision to be mailed to me when it's reached.

Needless to say, December is not a great time to expect mail. With all the holidays and such. There are also a lot of holidays in January and February too. I did call the court to make sure they received the petition and they did, but apparently courts also get federal holidays off.

So I check my mail box everyday, including Sundays and holidays (because mail might have stuck to the top of the inside of my mailbox on Saturday) for the reply from the judge.

Well, thanks again for all of your hard work. Email is faster, but at least you don't deliver any daemons to me. However, if you could also not leave me Christian mail I would appreciated it. I know they are just worried about my soul, but since I am Jewish, there's really no worries.

Heidi (AKA the lady with the cute dog who would never bite you)

Addendum: I might bite the postman but my sweet dog never would...see comments!