Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Sounds 23 or Breaking Up

My 12yo daughter, E, has a boyfriend. He's someone she has liked for a while and they have been "going out" for 3 weeks now. Her Face Book profile picture is a photo of them holding hands as they walk away from the camera. Very cute. They spend a lot of time texting each other and she had her first slow dance with him. I would like to tell more, but E has asked me not to, and she doesn't want me to post her FB picture. Darn. I would love to gossip more about her love life!

Hus thought that I should be more worried about this relationship. When I asked what he meant by that, he told me he was worried about what will happen when it ends. I told him that he was right in worrying, and I'll have to make sure she has a lot of sad songs to listen to while she cries.

I remember listening to the same sappy, pathetic love songs over and over and over, while I cried and cried until I couldn't cry anymore. Until my eyes were swollen shut, my nose plugged and my cheeks sticky and rashy. Some songs I played thousands of times (I had a lot of break-ups) like Barry Manilows "Weekend in New England", Bonnie Tylers "Total Eclipse of the Heart", and this song, which by the way came out when I was around 4yo, but I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 10. Weird. I had the 45 record. I still get all gulpy in my throat when I hear it, but I can't cry, because while crying was therapeutic when I was young, it now just gives me a headache.

What songs did/do you cry too when you're sad?

Sorry I haven't been around to visit much lately, I've been tired and actually kind of depressed, damn it! I'm trying hard to snap out of it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Mask of Unemployment

I came home from the gym and grocery shopping and found this...

my husband.

Through my car window, I called out "Hey, d'you lose your goat, fella?".

At least that is a non-alcoholic beverage in his hand. And to his defense, he was working out in the yard, mowing and gardening, making my world beautiful, as always.

Hus was laid off last Friday. Hopefully it's just temporary, maybe just for a few weeks. His boss is so nice he laid off my husband, who has a family and bills, instead of laying off his other worker, a young man without a wife or kids, who actually wanted to be laid off! It's all about the money. Hus is not the type to sit around, except at the end of the day when he falls asleep on the couch. He's been keeping busy gardening, finishing a deck, doing housework and helping with the kids. Of course he already did these things, but now he can maybe enjoy them more.

Hus did give me permission to post this picture, by the way. He just didn't want his face in the photo. Too bad, I thought his face was the best part!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

12 Year Old Girls

I started to draft a post entitled "Morbid Thoughts" tonight, but because I keep getting interrupted by 12 year old girls, I just couldn't get into such a serious topic. The topic, in case you were wondering is women, particularly mothers,who are in a persistant vegetative state. Have an opinion? Save it for when I finish and publish that post!

I'm sitting right now in a hotel room which adjoins with my daughter and her friends room. I rented the rooms for E's 12 birthday. As we live out in the boonies, and our house is small, there is little choice in birthday party ideas. We've done movies, roller skating and sleepovers at home (Hus has no patience for a house full of loud giggly girls). This year E wanted more than just a couple friends over and she wanted to have an overnight party.

There is a water park hotel about 45 minutes away but it costs more than double what these two rooms together costs. And do you think I want to be in the same room with these crazy girls? No way. There is a pool here and actually a large number of girls there age staying at the hotel tonight. E was hoping for "cute boys" but since, as of Thursday, she is going out with a boy she has liked for a while, she no longer cares (thank goodness), about that.

The girls seem to be having a lot of fun. They are loud and silly talking about boys, periods, and even asked me if I knew what a "quief" was. They were surprised that I knew, but that I had always called it a "quiff". I guess we will have to check my favorite dictionary the Urban Dictionary. Well, according to them, it can be spelled both ways but a quiff is more popularly known as a hairstyle from the "50's"!

Okay, I've been interrupted again. We are off to go eat. Sorry I didn't have any time to correct grammatical errors with a second draft. As if you could notice the difference from previous my posts!