Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Games and Names

"Did you spray my blanket with air freshener?" I asked this to my husband over the phone one afternoon. His answer "What?! Why would you ask that? I gotta get back to work(snort)."

Hus has a thing about smells. He would put an automatic continuous air freshener in every room and hallway in the house if I would let him. I prefer to smell nothing and extreme smells like onions or cheap perfume irritate my nose and eyes.
Hus tried for a while to hide plug in air fresheners in inconspicuous outlets, like behind the couch or behind the shelves in the hall, but my nose always found them. Each time I found one I would unplug it. In the morning he would plug it back in. Finally one day I took them all and hid them. But as a compromise I bought him one of the kind that only spray when someone walks by. With it, I gave him the scent of apples and cinnamon. He was thrilled and put it together right away.
That thing smelled worse than any other scent that had the pleasure of burning my nose hairs off! I threw the insert away.
Next I tried lavender, without any hope of it not smelling like cheap perfume, but to my surprise, I actually like the smell. However, I only allow it to be used in the bathroom. So if you come over to my house and use my toilet you will hear a strange squirting noise when you sit down. Perfect.
One night though, I picked up my favorite blanket, the one I scrunch up and use under my neck to support it while I read at night" What is that smell?" I wondered. I sniffed the blanket again and again. "AIR FRESHENER!, SON OF A BITCH, he got me!"
Another game my Hus likes to play, he does when I am home and 'on call' for work. Usually work will put me on call until 7pm. They can call right up to 7 and ask me to come in. Hus loves to call me from his cell phone at 6:59 and when I pick up the phone, devastated by the prospect of having to go to work, yells "SUCKER!". He thinks he is sooo funny.

Here are some suggestions for a new name for my blog. Some are from family(mostly my daughter E) and some I received via email from you.

-Sleepy in Vermont
-Miscellaneous Manure ( title of one of my recurrent posts)
-Mama Overslept (Hus's idea)
-Heidi's Notes
-Short but Cute (E's favorite)
-Do I Look Familiar (also a recurrent title when I write about my adoption search)

What do you think?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Keepsake Boxes

Every Passover the kids and I travel to visit my family in NJ. The littlest cousins exchange gifts,usually a toy or game. This year I decided to get them something special and I bought these wonderful keepsake boxes for the girls made by Stephanie and sold on her Etsy site Crafty Lolly. The one pictured is my daughter E's. Unfortunately, probably due to my drinking too much Passover wine, I didn't get pictures of the two boxes I gave to my cousins. Let's just say that the youngest one, I'll call her Princess A, loved hers. She carried it around with her all evening collecting discarded ribbons and anything pretty or shiny she could find, and placing them inside her box. Stephanie also personalized the box for the oldest girl, since she is not a princess type at all, but more of a softball playing, gonna be an astronaut someday, girl.
Check out the incredible details...
We were surprised to find that even the inside of the boxes were decorated.
And because I am extra special, at least she made me feel that way, Stephanie sent me this gorgeous lanyard made with my favorite colors. (Isn't my uniform top cute?)
You can also visit Stephanie at her blog Crafty Lolly. So, go now and visit!

Friday, April 24, 2009

That's Not My Name

I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog. The current name GMCMama just doesn't seem to fit my personality.
I need some help from all of you to come up with a new name. So if you could comment and give me some ideas, I would appreciate it. Only you know objectively how I come accross online.

In case you are new here, these are a few things that I write about, in no particular order.
-Being a mama
-Being a wife
-Working as an RN in a small hospital
-Searching for my biological family
-Life in Vermont
-Msc. things I find funny

Here are some Acronyms for GMCM...
-Guys Must Carry Money
-Good Men Can't Masterbate
-Get Marijuana Come Monday
-Greyhounds Mostly Catcha Mousie

I can't wait to read what your ideas are!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When I'm 85

If I live to be 85 I will...

-Start smoking cigarettes again.

-Eat chocolate cake every morning with my coffee.

-Learn how to play the drums.

-Take my sleeping pill and try to stay awake.(Oh, I already do that)

-Drop the F*bomb every other sentence, especially when talking with my grandchildren.

-Stop going to the dentist, unless he'll just let me inhale some nitrous for a few minutes.

-Trade my station wagon for a motorcycle.(One with a side car so I can take Hus with me)

-Buy a cane so I can hit people with it.

-Switch the covers on my DVDs to covers from Porn movies.

-Smoke pot again.

-Have a Pharming Party with all drugs from my friends medicine cabinets.

-Try Ecstasy. ("Hey grandson, don't forget to score me that dime bag and while your at it, pick me up some F*-en Ecstasy too, I'll share." "Yes, Grandma.")

Late Entry: Quit my job!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stuck in My Head

I had this song stuck in my head for the last 9 hours at work, so I thought I would make you listen to it.
It was the last song I listened to on my MP3 player on the way to work, and it played over and over in my head all evening.
I do like the song. Hus and I saw Maroon 5 in concert because they were playing with The Counting Crows who we were at the concert to see. To our surprise, Maroon 5 rocked. The lead singers voice sounded deeper than it does in this vid. Even more surprising was that The Counting Crows, whom Hus and I have loved for 15 years, SUCKED! The lead singer didn't even sing, he just talked, and I tried to enjoy the show, but I couldn't.
I've been a Maroon 5 fan ever since.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Would Rather Have a Pap Smear

I would rather have a Pap Smear than have my teeth cleaned. Seriously. No, I have never had a traumatic experience with a dentist, that I remember. My teeth are just very very very sensitive.
Even though I have a wonderful dentist, Dr. Fred, who gives me nitrous oxide and prescriptions for anti-anxiety meds, the last few cleanings I had were much like torture to me. No matter how many pills I would take before the cleaning, or how high I would be on the gas, it just hurt sooooo bad. I waited way longer than the usual 6 months between appointments.
I finally had my cleaning appointment yesterday. I took my meds, had Hus drive me to the office of course, only this time I asked for Novocaine too. Dr. Fred, I could tell under his mask, smiled and said "Novocaine too? Okay, let's give her the whole package".
First he turned on the gas, then numbed my gums with a numbing paste, and injected them with the Novocaine. Wow, what a difference. The time flew by and I had hardly any discomfort at all. Usually I make an attempt to jump out of the chair every few seconds, Dr. Fred commenting "Look, her feet fly up every time it hurts."

I was even able to listen to what Dr. Fred was saying to me.

Dr. Fred: So, how is the husbands gardening going? Any horse radish yet?
Me: Ih go goo, uh huh , ooo ah ohh? (It's going good, uh huh, you want some?)
Dr. Fred: Never mind, she's totally out of it.
Me: Ih aa ahh, ooohh aah oorrr ahn ih yy ouuhh!! (I am not, you have your hand in my mouth!!!)

The first time I met Dr. Fred he told me one of the reasons he liked being a dentist instead of a doctor was because he could do all the talking!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Birds Out to Lunch

It was a fairly decent day out today so the kids and I went for a walk. T had to do some bird watching for homework over this school break. We always see hundreds of birds everyday in our yard and around the neighborhood. How many did we see today? Ten. How many different kinds? Six. Maybe this sounds like a lot for you city folk, but for us, not so much. Weird. Perhaps it was because the kids were too noisy. Or the fact that Arthur and Cokee, our cats, followed T around the yard while he tried to search with binoculars for birds. Arthur also tried to disguise himself as a big pile of dirt, but those birds are clever.
What did we see on our walk?

First signs of green...

Neighbors horses...

Other neighbors original family home...

Kids running...

Big pile o poop...
The birds we spotted were Chickadees, House Wrens, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Juncos and Catbirds.
The abandoned house is one of my favorites. You can't tell from the picture, but you can see inside it like a doll house. The upstairs room on the right still has wallpaper with little pink flowers on it.
The pile o poop is where Hus gets manure for all of his gardens. EWEY!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chick Magnets

From the outside, it is easy to tell these are lovingly maintained year round residences just waiting for the right chick to come along and claim one for their home.

E's is a girly chicks dream come true. Pink is the dominant color but there are also splashes of other lovely pastels which blend perfectly. Any chick would feel like a princess in the four poster canopy bed.

More for a masculine chick, T's features a flat screen TV, full size refrigerator, round bed and round table. Very modern, and yet the pastel wall paper softens the hard edges nicely.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I hate to make excuses for why I haven't been able to visit blogs lately, especially when it has to do with poop. Heaven forbid I should talk about POOP in my blog! Well, we've all had the stomach bug. First T, then Hus, then E, and finally me, damn it. I was also working more than usual and sleeping less than usual last week too, so I could have a week off. Well, now I do and I paid for it, hopefully in full.

We are off tomorrow to NJ to visit the fam for Passover. Grandma isn't going to make it this year because of her work. Guess I didn't need that Xanax prescription after all. Yeah, right.

We'll be back on Saturday, just in time to spend Easter with Hus's fam.

I'll try to visit from NJ in between stuffing my face with delicious holiday food and wine. Hope the bug hasn't gotten to you! Or the Metamuscicles!

The Pink Panther

It was love at first sight. I saw her from across the room and knew she was exactly what I was looking for. She is beautiful and I will take her everywhere I go. I don't care what my husband says.

E: Did you buy that for me?
Me: No
E: Can I borrow it?
Me: No
E: Can I have your black one that looks like a mini skirt?
Me: No
E: Can I borrow it?
Me: No, well, I guess, maybe, we'll see.
Me: (to Hus) Do you like my new pocket book?
Hus: Didn't you just buy a new one?
Me: That one was too big for everyday use. Do you like it?
Hus: No
Me: Why?
Hus: It's pink! Are you going to use that Pink Panther purse everyday?
Me: Yes!