Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lochte Wannabee

She spreads her legs for anybody, but Willow is just looking for a belly rub, at least that's what I think. She might also be a whore.

Either way, she's still the best dog ever!

In the past, I never understood why people made such a fuss over dogs. I always thought they were smelly and annoying and even though Willow is both, I get it now.

She's so loving and smart and will do anything for attention. She learns tricks/commands fairly easily with positive reinforcement and of course treats. This summer we decided to see if she could swim. Well, of course she can. And she loves it. The first few times someone had to push gently assist her into the pool, but now she jumps in and out all by herself. She even uses the ladder. Not once has she tried to get out without it. She swims around and around in circles and brings herself back to the ladder, only to push herself off again. She's like an Olympian dog.

Look at Lochte, I mean Lipka go...

That's for gold, baby!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Sounds 25 or A Sign?

I was driving home from work one night around midnight and I was obsessing about-big surprise- my search for my birth parents. Specifically I was wondering if my mother was dead. I know, I'm morbid sometimes.

This song came on and I was singing along to it even though I don't remember ever hearing it before that night, and, well, a rabbit ran across the road in front of my car.

Really, as I was singing "like a rabbit in your headlights" a rabbit was in my headlights. I slammed on my brakes and thought, what the hell does that mean? There's a lot of rabbits in Vermont? Yes.(I've witnessed many suicides.) (Fortunately, that night I was able to stop in time.) Nothing? Probably. Or does it mean something more? When I was younger I definitely would have thought it was something more. But as I get older I get more skeptical about all "that"stuff.

Either way I like the song.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So Why am I so Damn Short?

The social worker told me my file is the smallest she's ever seen. It contains mostly information on my adoptive parents, very little on my birth parents. Even less is the information she can legally give me.

So after 5 years of on and off active searching for my bio family, I finally have a small, very small bit of non-identifying information about my birth parents. In the letter from the social worker...

"Your birth mother was twenty-two years old. She stood five feet, six inches tall and weighed one hundred twenty-three pounds, with fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She was a college graduate who had majored in science. Your birth father was also twenty-two years old. He stood five feet, ten inches tall with a medium frame, and had light brown hair, brown eyes, and a medium complexion. He had graduated from college with a major in business administration."

Science? Really? I majored in art, psychology and then nursing and my hobbies are crafting and writing. Also, I always thought at least one of my parents would be short. Most likely I have a tall skinny sister. Bitch. (It doesn't say, but I bet her hair is straight too!)
 There is some good news. The social worker told me that my birth mothers name is in my file. She said "you don't know how bad I wish I could tell it to you." At least now I know continuing to pursue the opening of my sealed record will lead me to a name.

What I plan on doing next is searching lists of college alumni with science majors in 1966-68. A needle in a haystack? Probably. But how many women could there have been in the 60's majoring in science? Also,there is a college near where I was born that has a big science school. Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute or RPI. I've tried to find lists online of alumni, but you have to be an alumnus of the school to search. I plan on calling the school to see if there are lists the public can view.

I'm also going to re-petition the court (first petition denied) for a different reason than the first and have my adoptive parents petition too. If these fail then I'm going to hire an attorney recommended by the Mass Department of Children and Families to help me.

Any suggestions? Anyone know an RPI alumnus?