Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Disappointment, Heartache and Foul Odors Pt 1

First Day Of School 2008
I took this photo yesterday, right before the bus came to pick them up in the morning. E is in 5Th grade this year and T is starting Kindergarten. Do they look like they stepped out of a JC Kohl's Bean catalogue? How about those plaid shorts on T, and E's plaid shoes?
As a mother I try to remember what it was like to be a kid at whatever age my kids are. I think this helps me be more empathetic and patient with them.
I really don't remember much about Kindergarten. I do remember quite a bit about 5Th grade though...
Up until 5Th grade I was able to walk to school. This enabled me to avoid certain bully type people on the way to and from school. All I had to do was walk really slow. The middle school which included 5Th and 6Th grade, was located too far away; I had to take the bus. I hated the bus from day one. I was shy and being that my friends from my street all attended the Catholic school, I had no one to sit with. I don't have any specific bus memories from 5Th grade, just general bus memories. Sweaty, smelly kids, mean stares, mean whispers and uncaring bus drivers.Hot, heavy air leaving me feeling like I couldn't breath. Fear too, I remember fear of being bullied. This fear never left me even through high school bus rides.
My teacher in 5Th grade was Mrs. Smith. She was short, round and really old. Being I was in 5Th grade 1978-1979, I have no fear of her being alive now, catching me writing about her! Mrs Smith's breath was horrible. She smelled like stale cigarettes and un-bathed old person. I dreaded when she would call me up to her desk to talk to me. For the first half of the year I was her pet. I did really well academically, no one seemed to notice I didn't' have many friends.
One day she asked me if I wanted a job writing for the school newspaper. They needed a movie critic. Wow, what fun, of course I took the job. I went to the movies the very next weekend and saw whichever Star Trek movie was playing that year. Well, I didn't really like the movie and being naive about the extent of Star Trek fans and the influence they had on the world, I wrote honestly about the movie. I felt like I wrote about it fairly,but got across the point that I didn't' like it. I was fired! Turns out the stinky, wrinkly old woman was a Trekkie! I was so angry and disappointed because my writing was rejected. Not on the basis that it sucked, but because my teacher and perhaps all the members of the newspaper, were crazed Star Trek fans!
I'll be back to write about the heartache I experienced in 5Th grade next time. I don't want to keep you all too long.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Yay, it's the first day of school and I have the next six hours to do as I please! The kids took the bus to school today and then I met them at school. T wanted me to meet him at his kindergarten classroom and I had to drop off some paperwork to the office. I am proud of him taking the bus on the first day, not that many kindergartners will do that. I am also proud of E sitting with him on the bus, without much protesting. Many of the moms were hanging around the room, hesitating to leave their little ones. I almost knocked a few over in my rush to get out! I had enough of this putting the kids first, I want to have my time back.
Also, I am writing now while sitting outside a Vermont Welcome Center, using their free WI FI. Yes, I finally got a laptop. It is "Christmas Gift" from hus. He told me 2 weeks ago, he would get me one for Xmas, so I said "You mean, Xmas in August, right?" Because I want to write now, not wait until December. Little does he know I will count this as a present from last Xmas! Hee hee.
Unfortunately, I still am unable to get high speed Internet service at home. I called Fair Point Communications, who bought out Verizon, to check if my town was on the list to update Internet service and the operator told me that not at least in 2008, and no guarantee for 2009. The company claims they will bring high speed Internet service to "almost" every Vermonter by 2010. I have no other option but to wait. At least with this laptop I can use Wireless at work and some libraries and this welcome center. Too bad I have to leave home though.
I am off to catch up on my blog readings. I can't wait to find out what all of you have been up to.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Stolen Minute

Hi, I have been missing you all! I wanted to just write a short post to let you all know that. I have been busy entertaining the kids alll summer. It seems I can't get the kids on the same schedule. If one has a playdate or camp, the other is still with me. I think I let my guilt as a parent get the better of me and have been putting my writing second to the kids needs.
I will be back to post more than ever in three and a half days! Both kids will be in full time school and I will have lots of time to write. I can't wait.
I hope you all don't give up on me. I really do miss you. Can you tell I have been drinking? I would hug you all if I could.
I'm in trouble now, spell check doesn't seem to want to work. Oh, well, I will just have more wine now and worry later!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mama's Hip(pie) Fashion

I saw recently on The Today Show fashion segment, that Tie Dye is back in style, probably for a while now, only with a modern twist. I was going on my annual beach vacation, so of course I needed a bathing suit cover-up(my chubby belly), or two. I already have 2 black ones so I wanted something a little different. I found this white one for $10 at JC Penney (the only department store within 46 miles of my house. Being that it would look filthy in minutes with my spilt coffee or wine and kids grubby finger prints all over it, I decided to Tie dye it. I figured if it came out horrible I could just wear it around the house. Well, I love it.



I also found this sundress for $12 at a local clothing store. E says it makes my butt look big, but for me that is a good thing. I also received a compliment from "Surfer Dude" (not about my butt) who lived next door to our vacation rental, when I wore it. I am not sure if he liked me in it or just wanted to borrow it.

Big Butt Dress

The kids also Tie Dyed T's but with more traditional designs. It is relatively easy nowadays and the kit are inexpensive too.