Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miscellaneous Manure 10

I was nearly hit by a car in the parking lot of the grocery store today. I literally had to jump onto my cart and slide out of the way! I turned toward the driver swearing and she mouthed "I'm sorry". A witness to the almost accident told me I must "have a guardian angel". Do you believe in angels?

I've been watching The Vampire Diaries . It's not as good as the books but it's entertaining enough that I keep on watching. I've also been watching re-runs of Criminal Minds and House.

I have to read before I go to bed every night. Usually when the book falls out of my hand and hits the floor, I wake up and go to bed.

I think my bed is cursed. I never want to get in it at night and in the morning I don't want to get out.

I quit all of my games on Face book. They were taking up way too much time. It was hard because they are so stupidly addictive, but I did it.

I'm not making as many cookies and treats as I usually do this time of year. It's just so time consuming. Of course when I announced this I was told that I have to make certain things, like caramel candy for Hus and Gingerbread cookies for school... I'm not making Ginger Bread Houses this year, but I'm not going to mention this.

I finished Holiday shopping Early this year, but I haven't wrapped anything yet.

I'm thinking of applying to the Find My Family show. Have you seen it? Should I do it?

Keep warm.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Summer's Ready For Winter, But I'm Not

It was minus 2 degrees outside this morning when I walked the kids to the bus stop. T complained when I made him wear a sweatshirt under his jacket because he couldn't move his arms!

I told you all about the latest addition to our family, Summer, a few months ago. He continues to be a loving a sweet kitty. You just have to look at him and he starts purring.

Here he is when he first found us. His coat is thin and dull brownish black in color. He was also really bony under his fur.

And here he is today with his magnificent shiny fluffy black winter coat.

I seriously didn't know he was going to be so furry once he became healthy and the weather changed. Don't you want to scratch that belly? It's really soft.

He also gained a lot of weight since being neutered. That's not all fur around his waist.(Ignore the carelessly tossed Ugg boot(Hanukka gift from Grandma),my daughter has left in the middle of the kitchen floor. Really taking care of them, she is.)

Summer spends a lot of time here, on my bed and has his own favorite corner on the couch.

I wish I had a fur coat like his. BURRRRRRRR!!!
I added a "follow me on Twitter" button to my side-bar if any of you Tweet. I can't figure out how to put a Facebook link there yet.
Stay warm.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Saturday Sounds 20 or This Goes Out to My Favorite 11 Year Old Girls

Okay, it is not Saturday. I put the vid on this post yesterday, then E and I decided to watch other Youtube vids and well, then I got tired! I could back publish it, but then that would mean the two people reading me via their Google Reader would have possibly already deleted it. I'm soo confused.

Imagine a Mommy Van filled with five 11 year old girls and 3 mama's singing (loudly) along with this song while it played on the radio. I really didn't sing, just smiled because of all the positive pre-teen energy happening.

We were on our way home from seeing New Moon the first weekend it came to theatres. The movie was great. We all agreed that it is even better than the first movie in the Twilight series. There was much audience participation. Women and girls hooted and whistled every time one of the male lead characters took their shirt off.

"I'll run away with you Jacob!" one girl yelled.

"You can bite me Edward!" a mom yelled. I think that was one of our moms! I just had to laugh.

So on the ride back, while the others were singing to Lady Gaga, I was laughing. I love Lady Gaga. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Ellen compared Lady Gaga to David Bowie. To me she reminds me more of a Modern Madonna. Maybe Ellen was referring to the recent rumors about Lady Gaga possibly being a little ambiguous in the gender department, rumors denied by Lady's publicists. She could also just have been comparing the flamboyant costumes and make-up both artists wear. I think she is freaky and awesome. Oh and I did love David Bowie as a teen, and Madonna, and of course Ellen.

I really don't see any ambiguity in Lady G in this vid. She's all woman. Unless you call the Michael Jackson move she pulled (grabbing her vajayjay) ambiguous. E's the one that called it the Michael Jackson move.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Crossing Over a Fine Wrinkly Line

I've been feeling old lately. I've been forgetful, tired, clumsy and achy more than usual. My Carpal Tunnel is worse than ever and I am getting Zits like a teenager. I suppose it could have something to do with lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of, or non-existent exercise, besides walking 4 miles at work each shift, but I am blaming it on age instead.

I've crossed some fine wrinkly line where elderly men try to flirt/talk to me wherever I go, and I think of young men in terms of them being my son.

One day last week T asked me what was for dinner. I replied "hot dogs". It was meatballs. I quickly corrected myself, but I seem to do shit like that all the time!

I covered the dirty brownie pan with Saran wrap instead of the actual brownies. I noticed right away and fixed it.

Last week while grocery shopping I was scooping up mixed nuts to put in a plastic bag and instead poured them on the floor, missing the bag entirely!

Tonight while grocery shopping, I dropped a jar of real VT Maple Syrup and it exploded all over me, my cart and the floor. Seriously,they are not going to allow me to shop there anymore if I don't stop it!

I really think a lot of this has to do with my mind being a few steps ahead of what my mouth or hands are doing. For the most part I laugh, but I do have a doctors appointment scheduled for a check-up.Heh Heh

It could be worse; I could have fallen on my head like my friend Suzy. Go visit her and give her some love please.

Poor Suzy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

No More Verizon! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving

Yes Verizon has failed me again. My wireless device broke for the 5Th time in a year. It happened shortly after I published my last post. Today, while I should have been cooking and cleaning, I instead drove half an hour away to a Sprint store to try their newest wireless device. It was a little confusing to set up but seems to be working about as fast as the Verizon device worked. Also, what makes it even better is that it is not something that is plugged into your computer so it can be used for more than one at a time, and it costs the same per month. E is surely going to be happy with that. I will have to pay to get out of my Verizon contract, but it won't be as much as if I have to start paying for replacement devices after January. So once again I say Verizon Sucks!

I hope everyone has a great holiday or just a great day tomorrow. This years TG drinking word is "Cool". As in every time grandma says "Cool" we drink. Grandma's on a "Cool" kick lately.

Poor grandma.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Drama Queen

E, my 11 year old daughter is taking drama again. It's her third year and last week we got to see her in the first play of this year. It was a Halloween/Monster themed play and she played Vampira. As usual she did an awesome job. I am always amazed at how secure she seems up on stage. I could have never been in drama as I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too shy, pathologically shy. E, thankfully, doesn't have that problem. Where I was shy, awkward and unpopular (unless you're counting being popular because you were universally hated and picked on), she is outgoing, confident and popular. Of course she has her insecurities about herself but she doesn't let them get in her way.

One of the cast members who was supposed to play the "Bride" was ill on the night of the performance and another drama student took her place. For the first 10 minutes or so the replacement Bride did well, only having to look at the script occasionally. Then she slipped up and missed a line. At that point the other players on stage whispered and pointed at her to encourage her to speak the line. The Bride started the line and well, she must have gotten really nervous because she proceeded to pass right out on stage. And she didn't crumble lightly to the ground, she literally fell straight backwards hitting the floor with a pretty loud thump. Yikes! I scooted to the edge of my seat, ready to run on stage if needed. Fortunately one of the drama coaches is also an RN so she got there immediately and the school nurse followed a few seconds later.The Bride was okay but unable to finish the play. Because the kids wanted to go on with the play, another former drama student took on the role of the Bride.

After the play was over, several of E's friends, other actors that were back stage when the Bride fainted, rushed over to me and told me that they thought it was E who collapsed. They told me they started "crying" and "freaking out" they were so upset. Then they found out it was the Bride and they "stopped crying". Apparently The Bride is not as universally liked as much as E. In fact I've heard some of the girls in the past complain that she is somewhat mean at times and definitely not trustworthy.

E as Vampira


Poor Bride.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Sounds 19 or Seth Green?

My dreams are always strange and vivid, sometimes seeming to have a random theme, other times they coincide with what's happening in my life while I'm awake. Last night I had a pretty wacky one.

In this dream, I was attending a party at a friends house. Not a fun party, more like a Tupperware party, only it wasn't Tupperware being sold. At this party the hostess was selling a newly invented lipstick that when applied enlarged your lips.

I was sitting on a couch and the hostess was going around the room asking who wanted to try the new lipstick. I noticed that there were both males and females in attendance. I also noticed Seth Green sitting across the room from me. In the dream I knew him as a friend. I couldn't decide if I wanted to try the lipstick or not. I always wanted fuller lips, but I was worried that there might be bad side effects.

Almost as if Seth read my mind, he stood up and walked towards me. He held out his hand, which I took into my own, and I stood up to face Seth. He looked me in the eyes and said "I have always liked your lips." I blushed, and Seth reached around me to give me a hug and while we embraced he whispered into my ear "You are tall on the inside." I thought, hey, I wrote that about myself before. Weird.

I decided to not try the lipstick. Which was a good thing in the dream because as with many of my dreams, it turned into a nightmare. At first the makeup seemed to work perfectly, every ones lips looked full and beautiful, I was regretting my decision. But then suddenly every ones lips started getting bigger and bigger and bigger until they eventually exploded! EEWE!

Okay, I have no idea why it was Seth Green in my dream. I mean I am a fan of his because I am a huge fan of Buffy, but he's not someone I think about in general. (obviously, he is not really my friend-heh heh). Perhaps it's because the following clip is shown on TV every 5 minute or so.

What does the dream mean? Is it telling me I should like myself for who I am? Short people with thin lips will be in style soon? That people, my friends like me for who I am? Whatever the meaning, aside from the exploding lips, it was a good dream.

P.S. I have a penis following me, how do I get rid of it?

Update: I figured out how to block the follower, even though...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Oh No, Not Again!

Once again, for the fourth time, my Verizon Wireless device has broke! At least when I went to the store to complain, I didn't even have to yell at anyone. They told me right away that I will receive a new one in the mail in two days. So for two days I will be without Internet at my house. I'm posting now from a Vermont Welcome Centers free WI FI. However, I can't stay long because I have my cat Summer with me. We are on our way home from the Vets, where he had some routine vaccinations.
I'll miss you all!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Sounds 18 or This Song Gives Me Chills and Also Makes Me Laugh

Some songs I like for the music, some for the lyrics. The music made me like this song, the lyrics made me love it.

The band is Bell X1, an Irish Alternative Rock band, the song is The Ribs of A Broken Umbrella. Bell X1 has been compared to the band The Talking Heads.While I do see the likeness in some of their songs, I don't see it here. Although, there is an obvious '80's new wave, punk, pop, influence to it.

Because I like the story told in the song, I wish the video had even just a little bit to do with the lyrics.


She was only just a girl in a picture,

But he thought if I could only make her smile

Then she'd be mine

He'd folded it,

re-folded it so many times,

He'd already lost some of her to the creases

Precious pieces

He wondered how close he's ever been to her,

In this ebb and flow of the distance between us

Maybe she got the same bus

And he left a trail of string wherever he went

When he was sleepin', he tied it to his toe

If she crossed it, then he'd know

But he knew

That all was unravelling

And he was bare

Stripped of his skin

Like the ribs of a broken umbrella

Sticking out of a bin

He'd pull his collar up against the wind,

Against those who said that trying was the first step to failing

Oh he was railing

And filled with new found purpose and pride,

He'd make something of this heady glow

Now where would she go?

But what do I know

Cos all is unravelling

And he was bare

Stripped of his skin

Like the ribs of a broken umbrella

Sticking out of a bin

But he knew how to fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza

With time's great elixir, dear Liza, dear Liza

She was only just a girl in a picture,

But he thought if I could only make her smile

Then she'd be mine

Oh the thought of being faced with her

Gave him the fear and sometimes in the morning a tent

Oh lord give him strength

Cos he knew That all was unravelling

And he was bare

Stripped of his skin

Like the ribs of a broken umbrella

Sticking out of a bin

So the band has a sense of humor, for example the reference to having a tent in the morning. Did anyone else get that or am I the only perv here?

They also seem to have a fondness for children's songs "dear Liza, dear Liza"

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Monday, November 02, 2009

Trick or Treat, Dry My Feet

Trick or Treat was a huge amount of fun if you forget that it was raining, down pouring at times, and you were soaked through and through. 40 of us started out together, 10 turned back half way through.

Fortunately my costume adapted well to the changing weather.

Just drizzling...

Madame Hydra would love to do a Tarot card reading for you.

(Look Darsden, the hair straightening shampoo you recommended works really great!)(and no people, I don't wear my hair that big every day!, I do like the pink spray in it though)

Steady rain...
"I adore that pink, it's the navy blue of India!" (quote Diana Vreeland)

Down pour...
Donde esta mi Tequila?

(T took his Indiana Jones hat off for a bit, preferring to soak his head. I didn't let that last for long.)

I hope your Halloween was fun and dry.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blood and Gore

I've been a bad blog friend lately. For the past couple of weeks I just wasn't able to find the time to blog. It wasn't like I didn't think about it everyday, I did. But between work, sleeping till noon, (I do stay up to 3am work night) and trying to be the best mother in the world by planning a much begged for Halloween party, I just didn't have it in me. I also stopped following my own advice, you know, like taking vitamins and exercising, going to bed slightly earlier bla bla bla. All that did was make me feel more tired and anti-social.
Well, I'm back and I took all my vitamins today.

We had our first kid Halloween party on Sunday. It was supposed to be on Saturday but because the road was washed away, we had to change it.

The kids and I spent a lot of time, and Hus spent a lot of money, preparing for this party. There were 8, 11-14 year old girls and 6, 6-8 year old kids.

I had activities planned for the young ones, painting pumpkins, ring toss and a walk through a haunted path in the woods. Mostly they just wanted to run around in the dark screaming.

The older girls decorated cupcakes, tried to play the Ouija Board and Bloody Mary. They also ran around in the dark screaming a lot. E has the best scream ever.

I dressed up as Madame Hydra, a Gypsy, and read Tarot cards for the older girls and did palm readings for a few of the little ones. For example "Your lifeline is very interesting, ooh, I see something very spectacular in your future and I think it has to do with you owning a lot of...monkeys!"

We had a lot of lovely bouquets around for decorations.

Of course we decorated our Fairy Garden.

My favorite witch. I made it a few years ago, while on a sewing binge.

We made shrunken apple heads. Really a pain in the ass to make and after 7 hours in the oven and three days drying they were still wet.

Hus got a little angry with me the night before the party because he is not a fan of Halloween. Don't worry, it looks like more blood than it really was.

What are you doing for Halloween?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Sounds 16 or 45's Were the Best

Since as early as I can ever remembering listening to music, my taste has always been eclectic. Of course my all time favorite music will always be Alternative/Punk rock, but I also enjoy some Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, New Wave, Disco, Techno, Electronica, Reggae, Hip Hop, Top 40, Oldies, Torch Songs from the '20's, classical and Big Band music. Phew! I'm sure at this late hour (1am), I am forgetting some. The only music I really can't seem to ever like is Country, Folk, Jazz or Blues, except for the Nick Cave type Alternative Blues. There are so many labels now for music, I can't keep up.

I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old my parents gave me my own record player and radio. I listened to all kinds of music. Sappy love songs by Bread and Nilson, sweet soft rock melodies by Shawn Cassidy, classic rock songs by Blue Oyster Colt, anything I liked. Do you remember when radio stations would play the same song everyday at the same time? I would turn the radio on everyday at 7pm to listen to BOC's Don't Fear the Reaper. I think I was nine.

My best friends older sister always had the best records. She had hundreds of 45's with the best and most popular songs of the day. Songs like Seasons in the Sun, Billy Don't be a Hero, The Night Chicago Died, All by Myself, Angie Baby and on and on. I used to beg my friend to ask her sister if we could listen to her records. I liked the 45's the best. What's more perfect than being able to just buy the one song you like? Now you have to spend $20 for a CD that might only have one good song on it. I listened to Don't Give Up On Us by David Soul over and over even after it was all scratched up.

In second grade I remember (don't know why I remember this), arguing with my friend Billy over which was a better band Queen or Kiss. I thought Queen. Still do.

The song in this vid was one of my very favorite songs. I thought it was about a girl who drowned and it made me sad to listen to it. It was years later I found out it was about a dog. Hey, I was only 8!

Friday, October 09, 2009

More Life in Vermont

1. Lainey-Paney mentioned in her comment on my first "Life in Vermont" post, that people in Texas have guns. This is true in Vermont too. Mostly people just have rifles or shotguns for hunting, but I do know some people who have handguns. I even know a woman who carries a handgun with her when she goes on a walk with her kids through the woods near her house. Ya, I think she is crazy, I only carry my pepper spray.

2. People out in the Boonies of Vermont can still be robbed. The house in the following photos was just burglarized last week. It happened during the day while the woman who lives in this house was away. Allegedly the thieves stole guns and prescription medications.I took these photos from my porch.

Six months ago another woman, who lives on this same road, was robbed. That time the thieves took a coin collection and prescription medications.
I now take my "good" meds with me when I leave home.

3. Some roads in Vermont change the speed limit willy-nilly every mile or so. The speed limit can be 50mph then 35mph, back up to 50mph, down to 25mph then up to 40mph,all within a few miles. Of course there are police who know this.

4. I can drive 36 miles home from work at midnight and only see one other car on the road. However, while speeding seems like the thing to do at that time, there are occasionally cops waiting to catch me or the other car!

5. Dirt roads are not just for poor people. This house is my favorite house in our town and it is located on a dirt road. New houses are also being built on dirt roads. This house is on the market for just under 2million. I think it's a bargain because it comes with a huge barn, garage with apartment, over 100 acres of land and a beautiful view. There was a new house for sale for over 2 million in my town, but it burned down in a fire.

If I win the lottery, I'm definitely going to buy this house.

6. People in Vermont can get really really, kick your ass colds, like I have had for the last 16 days! I didn't even get out of bed until 1PM a few days and even then, I didn't want to.

Poor me.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday Sounds 15 or Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

I've had a cold for a week. I feel like crap. I want to sleep all day and do nothing else. Of course I cannot do that. Damn, being a grown up sucks sometimes. I did take, what I called, a half of a sick day on Thursday and stayed in bed until 1PM and then sat on the couch blogging until 3PM. That was a great day.

Alka Seltzer Plus was the best cold medicine EVER! Then one day the FDA decided to take out a key ingredient, the only decongestant on the market that worked. Now everybody had to suffer, just because it occasionally caused a teensy brain hemorrhage in some people. It also was the best hangover med too by the way.

Now I have to sign my life away for a couple Sudafed.

What do you take for a cold?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Life In Vermont

Some things I've learned about life in the country while living in Vermont.

1. There are people, mostly men, in Vermont who grow beards in winter and shave them off in Summer.These beards have confused me more than once. I moved here in the winter so most of my neighbors looked similar to this photo of the actor of Tom Welling. Scary if you ask me.


In the spring, I would run into the same neighbors and not have the foggiest idea who they were. Several times I would argue with Hus when he would try to convince me that the clean shaven fairly good looking man we were just talking with was our neighbor! "But that guy looked like a troll." I would protest. (below photo also of Tom Welling)


No I don't have any neighbors as hot as Tom but since I don't find beards of any kind attractive, any clean shaven version of a person is better than the bearded one.

I met Hus in the summer and thank goodness he does not grow a beard for any reason!

2. There is no automatic trash pick up, cost covered in taxes, in Vermont. You need to either bring it to the dump yourself or pay a small fortune for a trash removal service. Or, you can do like I did in the beginning, and bring really small bags of trash to work with you and put them in the dumpster on your way in.

3. There are people who live in the boonies, like us, who have Septic Tanks. Gross.

4.Some people (my neighbor) walk their dog, cat and turkeys all at the same time.

5. If your neighbor owns a goat, sometimes it will come over for a visit and steal your child's sock. Of course it will be an accidental theft because the sock will stick to the goats beard when they smell your child's carelessly thrown on the porch shoe.

6. You can not hide in the country. My neighbors knew more about my husband before I did. My farmer neighbor noticed future Hus's red truck in my driveway when he picked me up for our first date, and before the date was over, my neighbor knew exactly who my Hus was. He knew where he came from, where he worked and whether he was an honorable man. Ha! (He was worried about me) Somehow via a crazy country neighbor grapevine, word had traveled an hour away to Killington, where my future BIL Dave, identified my future Hus to my farmer neighbors friend, who worked with Dave, just by his truck! I know, hard to follow, but true.

7. If you tell people you come from a family of pig farmers, they will believe you. Above BIL told my future FIL Chet, that I came from pig farmers. During our first meeting, Chet, with a straight face, asked me how it was coming from a family of pig farmers. I was just a little surprised and confused then noticed Dave cracking up in the corner. Dave had to explain to poor sweet Chet that it was a joke. OINK. We still laugh about that one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Sounds 14 or He's Gone Like the Wind

I wasn't a huge fan of Patrick Swayze. I really can't say why, I mean he was a good actor, dancer and pretty damn good looking. There were movies he starred in that I enjoyed but only one I thought was great. The Outsiders is my favorite Patrick Swayze movies, as a matter of fact it is one of my all time favorite movies. I've watched it several times and now that I am reminded of it I think I'll have to watch it again soon. It's a 'coming of age' movie which stars other famous actors like Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise and Matt Dillon.

One thing I noticed since Patrick Swayze died is the lack of publicity about it. We are still hearing about Michael Jackson, every waking minute. I've heard very little about Swayze. After MJ died radio stations of all types were playing his songs. Even my alternative rock station jumped on that bandwagon.

So I wanted to share this vid of Patrick Swayze performing this song which he wrote for his wife.
I'm sure you all have heard it before.

Rest In Peace Patrick Swayze

On a side note: I am writing this at 2am so hopefully it's not too grammatically incorrect!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Have Conquered My Fear of Roller Coasters; Thank You Xanax!

Well, we did it. We took the kids to Disney World in Orlando. Hus and I are not theme park type people. We would rather spend our vacation time at the ocean doing nothing except relaxing than to spend it hiking miles in the hot sun. We took this trip strictly for the kids. However, even though it was stressful and tiring, we did have fun at Disney. I'll try not to bore you with too many details in one post but spread out the boredom over a few posts.

I haven't liked roller coasters since I was a young adult. After having kids, for some reason, I suddenly became too scared to go on any amusement park rides. If I did decide to go on one with the kids, because they begged me, I would have visions of the car flying off the tracks or the swing detaching from the rigging. Rides were terrifying for me.

At Disney, because my mother was with us, I took Xanax every day, actually twice a day. I had also promised the kids that no matter how scared I was, I would go on any ride they wanted to because I could be a brave mama. Ha! Well, the first roller coaster we went on was Splash Mountain. While waiting in line, I realized I wasn't even scared. All through the ride, I didn't get scared at all. It wasn't that I didn't get a rush riding it, but I wasn't scared. Woo hoo! I went on to ride Big Thunder Railroad, Mount Everest (twice), Rockin Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror! The only ride that I didn't enjoy was Mission Space because I felt like I was being choked while it simulated rocketing into space.

Splash Mountain

A word of advice: After getting your shorts completely soaked riding Splash Mountain, don't use the toilet seat covers, Disney so nicely provides for you in their restrooms, the paper will stick to your wet butt. This type of paper will not peel off your butt in one piece, I guess because it is meant to dissolve when wet. You will next try desperately to dry your butt with toilet paper only to end up with tiny pieces of paper stuck to your butt and then will have to use your antibacterial wipeys to wipe your butt before you put your wet shorts back on. Also don't ride Splash Mountain first because your shorts will not dry in time to prevent your legs from chafing. Just so you know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Miscellaneous Manure Pt 9

Here's the kids on the first day of school. Notice the heads hung low because of their sadness. Ha, just kidding! I had them do it because Hus still doesn't like pics of the kids faces posted on my blog. I wasn't sad either.

E spent the summer doing sit-ups twice a day, swimming and running. Now she really looks like a pre-teen.

T spent the summer talking. I mean he did stuff too, just talked the whole time.

The cat's are getting along better now. Cokee, the Siamese Princess, doesn't hiss at Summer anymore but still doesn't seem to care much about him.

This is how I ruin a perfectly sexy cute nightgown. I wear it with my kitty cat socks.
Well, my feet were cold.
Boy, my knee's look really old. (Hey that rhymes!)

I have a new favorite TV show. I bought the first season of Supernatural on DVD because the show was recommended to me by several people. So far I love it, although I have a problem watching it because I spend a lot of time just trying to figure out which brother is cuter. Who has the nicer eyes? Hair? Chin? Lips? I usually can't make up my mind.

Do you understand the difficulty I face?
I won't be around any computers for a few days but then I'll be back to visit all of you.
Poor sex symbols.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Sounds 13 or Mama Yelling

Okay, I didn't really yell, just spoke loudly enough for everyone in the Verizon Wireless store to hear me complaining. I was without Internet service since Wednesday. For the second time in 9 months, my Verizon Wireless device broke. The last time it broke I got a replacement in the mail but had to pay my $50 copay for it. This time I didn't want to pay another $50 for the same piece of crap device.

I mean what the hell? I'm paying a monthly fee with a two year contract for my Internet service. I shouldn't' have to replace my device so frequently.

Well, I told the employee that very same thing while holding up said piece of crap and shaking it to demonstrate the broken pieces inside rattling around. She told me there really wasn't anything she could do and that they didn't even carry that model in the store. She told me I also couldn't upgrade my device unless I paid the full retail price or I had my service for another year!

So I threatened to just pay the penalty fee and cancel my remaining contract with Verizon. Even though it would cost me about the same as two months of service, Verizon would be losing 15 months of my money.

So, guess what? I was referred to the manager who, while turning red and grinding his teeth, because he probably wanted to tell me to go to hell, gave me a replacement device exactly like mine for FREE! It turned out they did have it in stock. Dumb salesperson.

So I asked "What should I do when it breaks again in a couple months?" Gotta look that gift horse in the mouth. Then I said thank you and left.
So I'm off to catch up on emails and blog visits. Thank you to everyone for wishing T well. He is feeling better but is unusually moody probably because of the steroids.
Poor Verizon sales people.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pneumonia Again

Poor T, my six year old son, has pneumonia again. This time they think it is Mycoplasma Pneumonia, otherwise known as "Walking Pneumonia". He started Monday night with a runny nose then woke up Tuesday with a wet cough but didn't feel feverish so he went to school. When he came home his cough was even worse and he had a low grade fever. I listened to his lungs and did hear some wheezes and other abnormal sounds. I encouraged rest and fluids and planned to take him to the doctors today, Wednesday.

He spent the night on the couch with me, coughing and having feverish nightmares. His temp was only as high as 102 and thankfully he agreed to take Ibuprofen. (last spring when he had Pneumococcal Pneumonia his fever was as high as 106!)

Today he looked a little better but his lungs still sounded bad. His temp was almost down to normal too.

The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner checked him out and gave him two nebulizer breathing treatments and because they didn't do much good, also had a chest Xray done. I wondered out loud if three chest Xrays were bad in one year for a 6 year old. The NP was more concerned that if we didn't do one and just treated him like an asthmatic with a virus with steroids and breathing treatments he might get worse. After she checked him out she had our usual doc check him out too which I thought was nice of my doc to take the time to do. But so far after three years of going to her, she is still the best doctor we've ever had.

I know better than to argue if I am told my child needs antibiotics as they are not frequently ordered anymore. On the other hand I am not sure I want him to have the steroids she prescribed. I know it will help his wheezes, but steroids, I just don' t know if he really needs them.

T was a great kid through the whole four hours at the office and I treated him to renting two movies and ice cream. Of course I got ice cream for myself too.

So, WTF, why did he get pneumonia again? I mean he does his best to wash his hands, as best as a six year old can do, when reminded.

Hope you and yours are feeling well.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday Sounds 12 or Time Traveling

I recently read the book The Time Traveler's Wife and I loved it. I think it is the perfect combination of romance, science fiction, drama, humor and sadness and I highly recommend reading it, no matter what your favorite type of book is.

Last week I saw the movie and while I was prepared to be disappointed by it, I was instead pleasantly surprised. Of course it wasn't as good as the book, but it was still an enjoyable film. I really didn't expect to like Eric Bana as the lead, but aside from his unfortunate profile, he's pretty hot, and well, Rachel McAdams, 'nuf said.

One of the things I liked about the book were the references to some of the '80's music I used to, and still do, listen to. I was a little disappointed that the movie didn't really use more of these references.

During one scene in the movie, the lead characters dance to a live band doing a remake of the song featured in the video I'm sharing today.

The band does a remake of a Joy Division song, one of my favorite bands from my punk rock days of the '80's. I started listening to Joy Division in the mid '80's, a few years after the lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide. They were one of my favorite "Death Rock" (or nowadays referred to as "Goth") bands. The lead singer suffered from major depression and epilepsy for most of his short life. After his death the remaining band members became the more widely known New Wave band New Order.

This song is still played on the radio.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Don't Make Eye Contact

We have been adopted.

A few months ago we started receiving daily visits from a little black kitty. Not a newborn, but probably less than a year old. Every time we stepped out the door onto the porch we would hear her meowing to us from the woods. Slowly she started getting closer and closer to the house until she was living under and on our porch. She always talked to us and would try to rub up against us and purr. She also, it seemed, thought that our house was her house. I mean if these other felines could go inside, why couldn't she? She would actually sit down in front of the front door effectively blocking our other cat's from entering until we shooed her away. Normally stray cat's come and go and are too scared to come close to the house so this was very unusual.

I asked my farming neighbors if they were missing any barn cats, which they denied. So possibly some butt hole dropped Summer off nearby, it wouldn't be the first time.

Hus warned us not to acknowledge her, talk to her or especially not to feed her. So much for my sweet Cat Whisperer. You could tell that "Summer", named by my daughter, was starving. She was matted fur and bones and when I looked close I noticed she had bits of tapeworm on her. Another disturbing thing she had was a sneeze that produced green snot. Yuck.

Some other things Hus ,The Cat Whisperer said to us...

"You can't save them all, she's a stray."
"Cokee will be jealous and might run away."
"We don't want our cat's catching anything."
"He's not a handsome cat."
"I don't want to be crazy cat people."

One evening during dinner, Summer stood outside the window looking in while we ate. She meowed and meowed; She was pathetic.

Hus said "Don't make eye contact. Pretend she isn't their."

Well of course the next day I fed her. She loved the food and purred the whole time she was eating. I also combed out her matted hair and wiped her nose.

That evening, Hus and I were on the porch and Summer was lying next to our male cat Arthur when she suddenly jumped up and walked over to Hus and started yelling at him.

I looked at Hus and said "So how long have you been feeding her?"
"Couple weeks."

So that night I gave Summer tapeworm medicine, combed her matted hair again, wiped her nose and made an appointment for her at the vets.

We took her for her shots and well, surprise, Summer is a boy!

It's been a couple of weeks since the visit to the vet and Summer is now part of the family. He is worm free and hasn't sneezed in weeks. Cokee still hisses and swats at him if he gets too close. Arthur is always looking over his shoulder with a look on his face like "Why is this crazy cat following me around." I think Summer likes Arthur.

Before food, love and attention. Note the dull hair and bloated belly.

After, resting on the couch in his new home. Note the bright eyes and shiny coat.

We still don't understand how such a lovable gentle cat made it for so long on his own. We have Coyotes and Foxes around who love to eat cat's. What makes me really sad is how lonely he must have been all by himself.

Poor worms.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Sounds 11 or Voices

One morning while I was still in bed half asleep, I heard my 6yo son talking to me...

T: The day after yesterday, at the lake, I swam all the way out to the boobies.
Me: Huh?
T: I swam all the way out to the boonies!
Me: Buoys?
T: Yeah.
Me: Wow,what fun, you're a great swimmer. Oh, and the day after yesterday is today.

On a different morning...

T: I woke up in the middle of the night and heard people screaming!
Me: Did you have a bad dream?
T: No, it was your TV show.

My daughter on the phone with me while she stayed four days at my mothers...

Day One
E: Grandma is a little annoying.
Day two
E: Grandma is really annoying and she never lets me talk.
Day three
E: Grandma is really annoying and she never lets me talk and she is ALWAYS right!
Day four
I called her.
Me: So, is Grandma still driving you crazy?
E: Um, mom, you're on speaker phone.

Poor Grandma

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mama's Panic Attack

Sorry I haven't been around to visit lately, I've been a little stressed out. Actually I've been a lot stressed out.
For years I have had anxiety and depression, more anxiety than depression. The most troubling symptom I have is obsessive thinking. Some days I can't shut down my brain. I've tried several antidepressants and anti anxiety meds and have found that Lexapro works the best for me. Most days I can handle my thoughts and talk myself into letting them go out of my head, most days. There are certain things that trigger my anxiety, kids fighting, monthly hormones, my mother, kids fighting, lack of sleep, guilt, and did I mention kids fighting?
Well combine all those things at the same time and you have the perfect combination for me to have an anxiety attack.
Last week I had all these things together creating the perfect storm for my brain to go into overload. The kids had enough of each other, I was feeling pressure to get them ready for school, I didn't get enough sleep, my period is late which means my hormones were at an all time high,and I was feeling guilty wondering if I spent enough time playing with the kids over the summer. I particularly was feeling guilty for not following up with teaching T how to tie his shoes. We did it a few times but then just sort of forgot about it. I mean what kind of horrible mother am I, allowing him to get sneakers with Velcro instead of ties.
So what happens when I have all these worries is that I will obsess about them and if there are too many worries then my brain creates new make-believe worries. For example on my way to work on Tuesday, I kept imagining bizarre horrible accidents my kids could be in, I tried to talk myself down and say "It's just a weird thought, let it go"but they wouldn't go away. My heart started racing, I felt short of breath and chest tightness. I finally took a Xanax, just a half, and managed to get to work where my mind could focus on work instead of my personal life. Having the stress become so out of control is a rare occurrence for me, thankfully.
I'm feeling slightly better today. Yesterday was the first day of school and after I dropped the kids off, I came home and went straight to bed, where I stayed until 1:30PM! Just me and Cokee, cuddling and dozing on and off. It was wonderful.
Today I am tired but it's my own damn fault for staying up too late reading; I also still don't have my period, UGH! No, not pregnant, just starting peri-menopause. I would go back to bed now but there are men putting in a new bathroom floor right now. Maybe when they leave.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Sounds 10 or This Song is Dedicated to YOU!

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful comments and emails I received regarding my last post. I was overwhelmed by your kindness and willingness to share your personal stories about adoption with me. I was brought to tears by most of them.
Okay, let's cheer the hell up! Here is a new song by Michael Franti and Spearhead, Say Hey (I Love You)
This is for you!

Cool video, huh?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still Looking For My Biological Parents

It's now been six months since I hired a Private Investigator to find my biological parents and still no news.

Some days I spend too much time obsessing about my current search, my past, my complaints about how things went regarding my adoption.

One thing that comes to mind is the first story(lie) I was told about my biological mother. I only say "mother" because I was never told any story about my bio father and it wasn't until I was older that I started wondering about him.

The first fictional story my parents told me about my bio mother was not an unusual one. Many adoptee's have been told the same thing.

"Your mother died."

According to my adoptive mother, this is what "the lawyer said to tell" me. I know when people tell me to do stupid things like jump off a bridge, I do it. To say there was no common sense or any thought for how this might make me feel, is and understatement.

Imagine as a young child to be told that your mother is dead but at the same time not given any encouragement to grieve over this horrible loss, instead being told how "lucky" you were to be chosen for adoption out of "all the other babies in the nursery".

How sad is that? My mother died but no one seems to think I should be upset about it. Nobody talks about it.

When I was little, before my adoptive mother changed the story several more times, I was sad about the death of my bio mother. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep, romanticising about what she might have been like. It was very confusing to say the least. I was too young to vocalize many of the thoughts, feelings and questions I was having, but they must have affected me deep inside even then.

Now, I can look back and think of some of the questions my subconscious mind must have pondered...
If my mother died...
Since I was adopted at birth (supposedly) did she die because of me?
Where is my father?
Where is my other family?
Do I have any sisters or brothers?

I still wonder every day about the answers to these questions.

Okay, not looking for sympathy with these posts; I just want people to gain some understanding about how closed adoption affects people.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Sounds 9 or Would You Like an Hors d'oeuvre With That Sweat?

Me: We have to go to Northern Lights, just one more time, PLEASE!

Hus: Why? That placed is a death trap. No.

Me: But Social Distortion is playing there! Mike Ness, you like Mike and the current drummer played for The Offspring. You LOVE them. OOH and you know Social D will do Ring of Fire, Please! I've always wanted to see them. I may have seen them in the '80's but I can't remember.

Hus: Social D will draw a huge crowd. Don't you remember how bad that place was the last time we went there. It was raining sweat-other peoples sweat-from the exposed pipes on the ceiling. Gross.

Me: It's probably been fixed up since the fire. Remember when you were young and adventurous and going to a club like that was fun. Maybe we could bring an umbrella or wear a rain poncho. PLEASE!

Hus: Do you remember how hot it was in there. You don't do well in the heat. And you have to walk a mile to get to the ladies room.

Me: Ya, but... I have a Social D t-shirt!

Hus: That you bought at JC Penney!

Me: No, I bought my Red Hot Chili Pepper's T there; I got Social D's at Rockin Willy's.

Hus: Not going.

Me: But PLEASE! Do it for you father? He loved Johnny Cash. (low blow)

Hus: No.

Me:How bout I do something nice for you after the show?(low blow) You know how concerts turn me on, remember after Joan Jett?

Hus: No, well maybe.

Me: You know I didn't try to get you to go to see Green Day with me because the tickets were $150+ and I don't believe that a true Punk Rock band would ever charge that much (and now I change the station when Green Day is playing-but that's for another Sat Sounds) so guess how much these tickets are... $25, So cheap for a REAL Punk Rock band. PLEASE!

Hus: Maybe.

Me: Hey, remember the time my mother babysat while we went to a show there, and she asked if they served hors d'oeuvres?

Hus: BAWAhahahahahahaaha!!!

Okay, so Mike looks a little crazy in the vid,but he's supposed to. Maybe he just needs a little less eye liner.
I can't wait to see the show!

Poor Hus.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love/Sex Child Couple # 1

When I was younger, and even now, like the other night when the fam and I came up with this couple, I used to fantasise about who my parents might be. Sometimes I would imagine having famous parents, other times I was sure my schizophrenic aunt was my mother.

Couple # 1
Sally Field and Gene Wilder


= Me

Pretty brown eyes, nice smile, short stature(exactly the same height as me) + curly hair, awesome sense of humor = ME!
Just in case you are new here, I am kidding.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Sounds 8 or It Was So Shiny I Had to Touch It

Back in the eighties, when I was cool, I frequented many dark and mysterious seeming "underground" night clubs. These were the type of clubs that weren't advertised in the local paper or listed in the phone book. Neo punkers, goths (aka death rockers) and rockers could be found hanging around in these places.
One night I was at one of these clubs talking with my friend Jack, looking around at the different interesting patrons and sipping a beer. Suddenly,in my peripheral vision, I noticed something large black and shiny.
I turned to look and was startled to see the longest, most luscious, shiny, perfectly straight jet black hair I had ever seen. I couldn't stop my hand from reaching out and touching it. The owner of said hair turned to me and gave me a questioning glance. I smiled at him and said "Your hair is soooo beautiful and SHINY!"
The man, who I thought was very handsome, yet, not my type, smiled back and simply replied "Thank you."
We both turned away and resumed our previous conversations.
Jack's mouth was hanging open and he whispered to me "Do you know who's hair you just touched?"
"Nope, but it's really shiny, isn't it?"
"Ya, he's the lead singer of The Cult!"
"Oh, well his hair is shiny!" I replied as if that is an excuse to touch a complete strangers hair. I guess I was lucky he was so nice about it.

You don't have to watch the whole vid to get my drift.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Schlopp. Schlopp. Beautiful Schlopp.

Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top.
Dr. Seuss could always sum life up in a way nobody else could.

His writings and illustrations, quoted and shown above, are from his book "Oh the Thinks You Can Think!". I must have read that book a thousand times and I never got tired of reading it or looking at the pictures.

I find his illustrations remind me of well known artists, especially the surrealists, like

Salvador Dali (born the same year as Dr. Seuss) and Giorgio de Chirico.For example Giorgio de Chirico's Melancholy and mystery of a street.

So why is it that Theodor Seuss Geisel's, work doesn't appear in any of my fine art or English lit books? There are other cartoonists ( sorry about all the links) in my Jansen History of Art book.

The first time I attended college, I majored in Fine Art. I took classes in painting, drawing, lithography, art history and English literature. Not once did any professor mention Dr. Seuss.

In fact, I was taught by these community college art/literature professors to be an "art snob". We learned all about the famous da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Picasso, blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I love these artists; I would kill to be able to be able to visit the Louvre at least once in this lifetime. But I remember the look my art history prof gave a student for asking why Norman Rockwell wasn't included in our book. Well, after that, I wouldn't dream of asking about Dr. Seuss. I rebelled in High School, not college.

Now I recognize what the profs were doing, but now I choose to like who I like, and not because everyone else likes them. Obviously if you've read my Saturday Sounds posts, you know. I feel the same way about music.

I'm lucky that my husband encourages me to decorate our house whatever way I want.

He never rolled his eyes once while I painted this Dr. Seuss fence on our living room wall. Note,the Grackle was my addition to the fence, not Seuss's.
My daughter also proudly displays his artwork on her person.

Oh and did I mention Dr. Seuss and I went to the same High School? Different years though.

Monday, August 03, 2009

They Are Everywhere

Could my camping trip have been any worse than already described in my post "Vectors and Vermin"? Well, yes.

I had high hopes for spending Saturday at the lake. The weather called for mostly sun with highs in the 80's. I put on my new lovely pink sundress-not caring that I was camping-and made the one mile hike to the lake.

First thing I noticed was the unusually large amount of people at the lake that day. Must be some sort of reunion or party going on, whatever.

Hus made a comment that he noticed some adults wearing T-shirts that had "Ask me about adoption" printed on them.

At the exact time, I saw someone I knew playing on the beach with her adopted son.

OH CRAP. "Wouldn't you know that the one and only day I go to the lake this summer, it's the same day that Friends in Adoption were having their annual reunion. I remembered the acquaintance telling me about this get together where adopted kids and their adopted parents get together with the biological parents.

At this point E, my 11yo daughter, mentioned that she was thinking there were a lot of adopted kids at the beach because she noticed a lot of dark colored children with light colored parents.

Hus chimed in "And a lot of alternative couples with kids."

Right in front of us was a lovely good looking lesbian couple laughing and enjoying playing in the water with their son.

"Soo not fair, why couldn't I have been adopted by a cool progressive lesbian couple." (No offense dad)

Later the adoption people got together for a ginormous group photo. I saw how happy they all seemed and it made me sad.

It also made me imagine myself grabbing the bull horn out of the organizers hands and yelling into it "Screw you happy adoption people!"

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm an Alien

I'm an alien. Not like E.T. or Mork, more like Superman, only Superwoman, with a temper like my favorite Alien, Sigourney Weaver's Alien.

It's been 5 months since I hired the private investigator to find my biological family and still nothing. The last email I received was to tell me not to worry, to give it 6-9 months. So I guess I'll really start to worry next month.

So for now I will continue my usual obsessing about who I am and where I might have come from.

Does anyone remember any meteor showers occurring in 1968? UFO sightings?

If I am really an alien, where are my superpowers?

I'm a cute alien though.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vectors and Vermin

I spent the weekend in a hell dimension where fire and rain live simultaneously in freakish harmony and where vectors enjoy eating you and vermin stop by during breakfast to steal your bagel. What horrid place on earth is this you ask?
Hus and I have always said we are not "camping type people". We prefer to either rent a cottage or small apartment at the ocean for our annual vacation. Set up is minimal when we first arrive and clean up is also not much when we leave. Which leaves the week to play.
We have planned a Disney Vacation for this coming Fall so we couldn't afford to go for our beach vaca too. Hus and I, for some reason, most likely egging on by the children, decided we should try camping at a lake for a weekend getaway.
Well, we did it and if I ever mention doing it again, be sure to shoot me.
Camping is too much freaking work WORK WORK WORK!
Pack the car and truck, unpack the car and truck, set up tents, set up needed items around campsite like shampoo and conditioner, HA, spray yourself with bug spray (hoping it will work because some of those mosquito's are bigger than your head). Start a fire that Hus will magically keep going the whole trip. Cover tents with tarps because it is raining. Go for hike to find bathrooms and showers that cost money. No quarters, no shower. Hike to lake. Go back to tents, cook food. Sit around by citronella candles playing games while kids fight and I yell, then remember that here, camping, I have neighbors!
Move big tent into lean too because it is still raining and the tarps are not helping. Sleep together, poke whoever is snoring throughout the night. Wake up at six AM with a full bladder but don't want to hike to the bathroom, but can't pee outside when it is light out, so you try and hold it and go back to sleep hoping you don't pee the tent. Then struggle to get your tired fat old butt off the hard tent floor in the morning so you can enjoy a warm cup of instant coffee while wrestling a skunk for your bagel.
You get the picture. Thankfully it didn't rain the next day but there were still the mosquito's, hiking, fighting, more hiking and more cooking.
I ran out of wine by lunch time the second day. I forgot that when camping you have to start drinking at breakfast.
My hands felt sticky the whole time. Wipeys just don't cut it no matter what Brad Pitt says.
Now I know why most campers I know, bring a mini house with them when they go.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Saturday Sounds 7

When I was young, I mourned many a loser, I mean lover, listening to this song. I still can't listen to it without crying. Luckily the radio stations I listen to don't play it so I don't have to worry about spontaneously breaking down in tears without warning. What song makes you cry?

My eyes are watering and I am not even sad!
I know my tastes is strange but fabulous. Hard core punk rock to Barry, what's not to like?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haute Couture and Surfboards

We are so lucky to have Suzy as our friend. She is just so thoughtful and caring, not to mention really funny, and was the first bloggy friend I had that quickly became my "real life" friend.
Suzy recently sent E and T these wonderful gifts, just because she knew they would like them.

First, E is going to need to buy some serious Haute Couture to wear this gorgeous bracelet with.

The miniature purse actually opens up and a small note can be placed inside.

Next, T was sent this hot 1949 Ford Woody surfer car complete with a surfboard on top. Too bad Vermont is a landlocked state.

Thanks Suzy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Sounds 6

I saw this band live back in 1987. It was the first and last time I ever went into a pit to slam dance. Well, not actually dance, just run around in a circle and hope you don't fall down. I did fall down but a nice punker, who was behind me, picked me up so fast my hands didn't even touch the floor.
Maybe this song subconsciously inspired me to become a nurse.
Enjoy DI's Pervert Nurse. Sorry I couldn't' find a vid with them performing live.

I'm off to work.

Oh and yes I did go see them on purpose.There will always be a little punk rock in me and I do have this song on my MP3 player!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's All Rainbows and Mold Here

If I see another rainbow, someone is going to pay! Most likely the people who live with me.

It's rained everyday for the last 12 days here according to the news from Burlington. I don't live near Burlington and I think it has been raining here daily longer than that. If it's not raining then it is cloudy. The sun peeks through the clouds, playing some mean game of hide and seek with us poor wet folks.

Oh and what beautiful rainbows! NOT! I mean they are beautiful,at first, then they just remind you that it was just raining and will surely rain again, in a minute!

It's damp and I fear mold is taking over everything around me including my brain. Did I mention that it is cold too. We've had highs of 65F and lows of 55F. Yay!

I'm also tired of all the joking going on about the weather.

"Hey, how ya doin?"
"Good, so suprised it's finally raining out."
"Ya, we could use it, it's been so dry."

BAAWAAHAAAAHAHAA! (Nervous laughter)

I took these photo's before the novelty wore off.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday Sounds 5

"What's a Disco Stick?" E and her girlfriend asked me late one night.

"Whoooaaat? Where did you hear that?" I questioned.

"Lady Gaga says it in her song 'Love Game', she wants to take a ride on his Disco Stick"

"Oh, um" Think quick Mama, make something up...

"It refers to a man's, ya know" I pointed down there.

Both girls blushed and broke out in extreme giggles at this.

I wondered if I did the right thing by telling the truth. I have trouble lying.

The next day, T came into the kitchen where the girls, Hus and I were standing,and casually pulled his pants down exposing himself, as 5 year old boys do frequently, and Hus said...

"T, put away your Disco Stick man!"

More gales of laughter.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Big Summer Hair


I've tried several hair products to straighten my hair and keep it straight through any type of weather. I'll get it pretty smooth, only have it change back to this if there is any humidity in the air.
Got any suggestions?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Sounds 4

Sit back, close your eyes and reclaim your virginity...

I first heard of K's Choice when they performed this song at The Bronze on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I bet you thought I was going to do a tribute for MJ. Another time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hater's Not Welcome

Warning: Controversial post following.
This morning E, my 11 year old daughter, woke me up by telling me she thought she saw a "white figure" standing outside her window. I jumped out of bed and looked outside my window then ran to her room to check, but there was no one there.
She said she wasn't sure if there really was a person there, stating that it looked like a "tall white figure" that disappeared around the corner of the house. Hmmm.
E informed me that she was IMing her girlfriend(something she is not supposed to do while I am sleeping) and that, said girlfriend told her to "grab something sharp and go look for him" WHAT?!!! (I knew I shouldn't have let them watch Charmed and Buffy with me on the last sleepover)
Luckily E did not follow this advice.

Later in the afternoon we saw a person on our porch. T, my 5 year old son, ran outside yelling "Papa!"
I shouted "NO, get back in here!" He did, but not before he ran smack into the middle age woman who was standing there.
No one ever comes here, except, well you know.
The woman said "I'm here to invite you to a seminar" and she thrust a sheet of paper toward me.
"So, what religion are you here representing?" I asked. "Religion A or religion B?"
The woman quietly answered "Religion B". Sneaky how they won't just come right out and tell you.
I'm sure all of you clever readers know which religion she was referring to. I'm not going to write the name here because I don't want google alert to find me, heh heh.
I was highly annoyed. "We love everyone here(not really everyone), your religion preaches hatred and intolerance and you are not welcome here"
She dropped the paper and scurried off to catch it.
"You should look into the hatred your religion teaches!" and I slammed the door.
I usually don't react that angrily with those people but I am sick of them showing up at my door every couple of weeks, PREACHING HATRED.
I ran to the look out of the front window. Damn it! Every time they come here they park their car diagonally behind my car, blocking any escape.
They even did that once when we were actually in the car.
I'm sure they are taught by the higher up haters to do this.
Okay, end of bitching.
I realized after she left that on the kitchen table were the shirts we had just finished tie dying. Great "we love everyone", I'm sure we were just brushed out of her mind as crazy hippies. Well, I like hippies!
As for the "white figure", Hus and I checked out the surrounding mud and woods later and didn't find any sure evidence of anyone walking back there. I hope it was just her imagination.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Sounds 3

Today's Saturday Sounds goes out to Jeff. A little birdy, AKA your wife, told me you like music from the '50's and '60's, especially Elvis. Being that my taste in music is fabulous, I also love music from that time period and of course I love The King.

When I was in my early 20's, my girlfriends and I frequented, 3-4 times a week, a club named Shabooms. There, the DJ only played '50's and '60's music. A couple shot's of Tequila in the car before going in, a couple Long Island Ice Tea's when inside, and we would be tearing up the dance floor. So many great dances like The Monkey, The Swim, The Twist, The Watusi (which I thought was The Mashed Potato),and just jumping up and down were some of my favorites.

I can't remember all of the men I went home with after a night out at Shabooms. Seriously, I CAN'T remember.

Here are two of my favorite Elvis songs, a slow one and a fast one. Don't know why, I've never been to Kentucky.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fairy Garden 2009

Every Spring we set up our Fairy Garden. This year we added a new two story house painted by E and her friend. I also changed the pond from a plastic one to a metal one, made from the top of an unused bird bath.

The new house was lovingly placed next to the pond.
We moved the wooden bridge to connect two houses together.

I sprayed the fairies with gold glitter spray which sparkles in the sun.

I have to include at least one current view from our porch.

Happy Spring! It's finally here, just in time for Summer.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Sounds 2

I like The Kings of Leon partly because I find the lead singers unusual voice pleasing to my ears and I like this particular song because it makes me want to sing along-about sad things

Like things I have lost but then they came back to me, a lost love, a lost pet, a lost cell phone...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Cat Whisperer

Recently I discovered that my husband has a talent I didn't know about. We have 2 cats, Cokee, a 16 year old Siamese cat who never had a problem being around humans and Arthur who we rescued as a small kitten from a life on the street. Cokee has always enjoyed the company of humans and demands much attention from us. Arthur would let us pet him and occasionally but rarely would sit on a lap.
For a while Art was spending most of his time up in the loft all by himself. I just thought he didn't want to be around people, so I mostly left him alone, petting him the few times during the day I went up to the loft. Hus told me he was worried about Art,that he didn't think it was good he spent so much time alone. One night last week when I came home from work, I found my kitchen looking like a Petco exploded in it. There were cat toys and treats all over the floor! Hus told me he bought the toys in hopes of luring Arthur downstairs. Art did seem to like the toys but was still spending most days and nights alone.
Hus had a talk with the family. He asked the kids and I to pay more attention to Arthur. He encouraged us to pet Arty when near, call him down from the loft, offer him treats etc. We did what he asked because we do really love Arthur. I was skeptical thinking that he was just the type of cat that liked being a loner (Like me) but I was wrong.
Art started hanging around downstairs more and more. Now he even takes his morning nap with Cokee and I. Rarely we'll find him up in the loft and just by calling his name and petting him he stays with us. Now our whole family is together in the evenings.
Hus said to us one night." You people were going to leave poor Arthur all alone, forever."
"I just thought he liked it that way" I replied.
"He just didn't' know how to relate to people."
How sweet is that?

Before intense therapy...I'm not coming downstairs because you people are crazy!

After...Well, I guess these humans can be nice and this big bed is comfy.