Monday, June 29, 2009

My Big Summer Hair


I've tried several hair products to straighten my hair and keep it straight through any type of weather. I'll get it pretty smooth, only have it change back to this if there is any humidity in the air.
Got any suggestions?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Sounds 4

Sit back, close your eyes and reclaim your virginity...

I first heard of K's Choice when they performed this song at The Bronze on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I bet you thought I was going to do a tribute for MJ. Another time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hater's Not Welcome

Warning: Controversial post following.
This morning E, my 11 year old daughter, woke me up by telling me she thought she saw a "white figure" standing outside her window. I jumped out of bed and looked outside my window then ran to her room to check, but there was no one there.
She said she wasn't sure if there really was a person there, stating that it looked like a "tall white figure" that disappeared around the corner of the house. Hmmm.
E informed me that she was IMing her girlfriend(something she is not supposed to do while I am sleeping) and that, said girlfriend told her to "grab something sharp and go look for him" WHAT?!!! (I knew I shouldn't have let them watch Charmed and Buffy with me on the last sleepover)
Luckily E did not follow this advice.

Later in the afternoon we saw a person on our porch. T, my 5 year old son, ran outside yelling "Papa!"
I shouted "NO, get back in here!" He did, but not before he ran smack into the middle age woman who was standing there.
No one ever comes here, except, well you know.
The woman said "I'm here to invite you to a seminar" and she thrust a sheet of paper toward me.
"So, what religion are you here representing?" I asked. "Religion A or religion B?"
The woman quietly answered "Religion B". Sneaky how they won't just come right out and tell you.
I'm sure all of you clever readers know which religion she was referring to. I'm not going to write the name here because I don't want google alert to find me, heh heh.
I was highly annoyed. "We love everyone here(not really everyone), your religion preaches hatred and intolerance and you are not welcome here"
She dropped the paper and scurried off to catch it.
"You should look into the hatred your religion teaches!" and I slammed the door.
I usually don't react that angrily with those people but I am sick of them showing up at my door every couple of weeks, PREACHING HATRED.
I ran to the look out of the front window. Damn it! Every time they come here they park their car diagonally behind my car, blocking any escape.
They even did that once when we were actually in the car.
I'm sure they are taught by the higher up haters to do this.
Okay, end of bitching.
I realized after she left that on the kitchen table were the shirts we had just finished tie dying. Great "we love everyone", I'm sure we were just brushed out of her mind as crazy hippies. Well, I like hippies!
As for the "white figure", Hus and I checked out the surrounding mud and woods later and didn't find any sure evidence of anyone walking back there. I hope it was just her imagination.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Sounds 3

Today's Saturday Sounds goes out to Jeff. A little birdy, AKA your wife, told me you like music from the '50's and '60's, especially Elvis. Being that my taste in music is fabulous, I also love music from that time period and of course I love The King.

When I was in my early 20's, my girlfriends and I frequented, 3-4 times a week, a club named Shabooms. There, the DJ only played '50's and '60's music. A couple shot's of Tequila in the car before going in, a couple Long Island Ice Tea's when inside, and we would be tearing up the dance floor. So many great dances like The Monkey, The Swim, The Twist, The Watusi (which I thought was The Mashed Potato),and just jumping up and down were some of my favorites.

I can't remember all of the men I went home with after a night out at Shabooms. Seriously, I CAN'T remember.

Here are two of my favorite Elvis songs, a slow one and a fast one. Don't know why, I've never been to Kentucky.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fairy Garden 2009

Every Spring we set up our Fairy Garden. This year we added a new two story house painted by E and her friend. I also changed the pond from a plastic one to a metal one, made from the top of an unused bird bath.

The new house was lovingly placed next to the pond.
We moved the wooden bridge to connect two houses together.

I sprayed the fairies with gold glitter spray which sparkles in the sun.

I have to include at least one current view from our porch.

Happy Spring! It's finally here, just in time for Summer.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Sounds 2

I like The Kings of Leon partly because I find the lead singers unusual voice pleasing to my ears and I like this particular song because it makes me want to sing along-about sad things

Like things I have lost but then they came back to me, a lost love, a lost pet, a lost cell phone...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Cat Whisperer

Recently I discovered that my husband has a talent I didn't know about. We have 2 cats, Cokee, a 16 year old Siamese cat who never had a problem being around humans and Arthur who we rescued as a small kitten from a life on the street. Cokee has always enjoyed the company of humans and demands much attention from us. Arthur would let us pet him and occasionally but rarely would sit on a lap.
For a while Art was spending most of his time up in the loft all by himself. I just thought he didn't want to be around people, so I mostly left him alone, petting him the few times during the day I went up to the loft. Hus told me he was worried about Art,that he didn't think it was good he spent so much time alone. One night last week when I came home from work, I found my kitchen looking like a Petco exploded in it. There were cat toys and treats all over the floor! Hus told me he bought the toys in hopes of luring Arthur downstairs. Art did seem to like the toys but was still spending most days and nights alone.
Hus had a talk with the family. He asked the kids and I to pay more attention to Arthur. He encouraged us to pet Arty when near, call him down from the loft, offer him treats etc. We did what he asked because we do really love Arthur. I was skeptical thinking that he was just the type of cat that liked being a loner (Like me) but I was wrong.
Art started hanging around downstairs more and more. Now he even takes his morning nap with Cokee and I. Rarely we'll find him up in the loft and just by calling his name and petting him he stays with us. Now our whole family is together in the evenings.
Hus said to us one night." You people were going to leave poor Arthur all alone, forever."
"I just thought he liked it that way" I replied.
"He just didn't' know how to relate to people."
How sweet is that?

Before intense therapy...I'm not coming downstairs because you people are crazy!

After...Well, I guess these humans can be nice and this big bed is comfy.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday Sounds

As you may have figured out, I love music, all kinds of music. Mostly I listen to new and old alternative rock, but once and a while I find a new song I like that is not in that musical category.

The older dancers in E's recital did a hip-hop routine to this song. They did a great job with the robot zombie moves like in the video. I loved the song right away. Hus even liked it the first 20 or so times E and I played it on the computer.

During one of the rehearsals I mentioned to E that I liked this song and she informed me that she already had it on her MP3 player.

My daughter is soo cool.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


One word describes E's birthday party, LOUD! Luckily it was an outside party for the most part and even when it rained for a few minutes, the girls stayed in the tent. I got soaked while barbecuing burgers and dogs.

The cake was decorated with E and her party guests. I made them out of gum paste and E helped me paint them with food coloring. The girls made up a game to decide who would eat whom. In the end, most just wanted to eat themselves.
The Cake

Little brother T
Birthday Girl

Tent Full Of Screaming Girls

The Party Favors

The Scavenger Hunt for Favors

The favors included flowered metal buckets and lip gloss from the dollar store, Petunias, a lollipop, and necklaces from Michael's. Each one cost under $3.