Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Crossing Over a Fine Wrinkly Line

I've been feeling old lately. I've been forgetful, tired, clumsy and achy more than usual. My Carpal Tunnel is worse than ever and I am getting Zits like a teenager. I suppose it could have something to do with lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of, or non-existent exercise, besides walking 4 miles at work each shift, but I am blaming it on age instead.

I've crossed some fine wrinkly line where elderly men try to flirt/talk to me wherever I go, and I think of young men in terms of them being my son.

One day last week T asked me what was for dinner. I replied "hot dogs". It was meatballs. I quickly corrected myself, but I seem to do shit like that all the time!

I covered the dirty brownie pan with Saran wrap instead of the actual brownies. I noticed right away and fixed it.

Last week while grocery shopping I was scooping up mixed nuts to put in a plastic bag and instead poured them on the floor, missing the bag entirely!

Tonight while grocery shopping, I dropped a jar of real VT Maple Syrup and it exploded all over me, my cart and the floor. Seriously,they are not going to allow me to shop there anymore if I don't stop it!

I really think a lot of this has to do with my mind being a few steps ahead of what my mouth or hands are doing. For the most part I laugh, but I do have a doctors appointment scheduled for a check-up.Heh Heh

It could be worse; I could have fallen on my head like my friend Suzy. Go visit her and give her some love please.

Poor Suzy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

No More Verizon! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving

Yes Verizon has failed me again. My wireless device broke for the 5Th time in a year. It happened shortly after I published my last post. Today, while I should have been cooking and cleaning, I instead drove half an hour away to a Sprint store to try their newest wireless device. It was a little confusing to set up but seems to be working about as fast as the Verizon device worked. Also, what makes it even better is that it is not something that is plugged into your computer so it can be used for more than one at a time, and it costs the same per month. E is surely going to be happy with that. I will have to pay to get out of my Verizon contract, but it won't be as much as if I have to start paying for replacement devices after January. So once again I say Verizon Sucks!

I hope everyone has a great holiday or just a great day tomorrow. This years TG drinking word is "Cool". As in every time grandma says "Cool" we drink. Grandma's on a "Cool" kick lately.

Poor grandma.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Drama Queen

E, my 11 year old daughter is taking drama again. It's her third year and last week we got to see her in the first play of this year. It was a Halloween/Monster themed play and she played Vampira. As usual she did an awesome job. I am always amazed at how secure she seems up on stage. I could have never been in drama as I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too shy, pathologically shy. E, thankfully, doesn't have that problem. Where I was shy, awkward and unpopular (unless you're counting being popular because you were universally hated and picked on), she is outgoing, confident and popular. Of course she has her insecurities about herself but she doesn't let them get in her way.

One of the cast members who was supposed to play the "Bride" was ill on the night of the performance and another drama student took her place. For the first 10 minutes or so the replacement Bride did well, only having to look at the script occasionally. Then she slipped up and missed a line. At that point the other players on stage whispered and pointed at her to encourage her to speak the line. The Bride started the line and well, she must have gotten really nervous because she proceeded to pass right out on stage. And she didn't crumble lightly to the ground, she literally fell straight backwards hitting the floor with a pretty loud thump. Yikes! I scooted to the edge of my seat, ready to run on stage if needed. Fortunately one of the drama coaches is also an RN so she got there immediately and the school nurse followed a few seconds later.The Bride was okay but unable to finish the play. Because the kids wanted to go on with the play, another former drama student took on the role of the Bride.

After the play was over, several of E's friends, other actors that were back stage when the Bride fainted, rushed over to me and told me that they thought it was E who collapsed. They told me they started "crying" and "freaking out" they were so upset. Then they found out it was the Bride and they "stopped crying". Apparently The Bride is not as universally liked as much as E. In fact I've heard some of the girls in the past complain that she is somewhat mean at times and definitely not trustworthy.

E as Vampira


Poor Bride.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Sounds 19 or Seth Green?

My dreams are always strange and vivid, sometimes seeming to have a random theme, other times they coincide with what's happening in my life while I'm awake. Last night I had a pretty wacky one.

In this dream, I was attending a party at a friends house. Not a fun party, more like a Tupperware party, only it wasn't Tupperware being sold. At this party the hostess was selling a newly invented lipstick that when applied enlarged your lips.

I was sitting on a couch and the hostess was going around the room asking who wanted to try the new lipstick. I noticed that there were both males and females in attendance. I also noticed Seth Green sitting across the room from me. In the dream I knew him as a friend. I couldn't decide if I wanted to try the lipstick or not. I always wanted fuller lips, but I was worried that there might be bad side effects.

Almost as if Seth read my mind, he stood up and walked towards me. He held out his hand, which I took into my own, and I stood up to face Seth. He looked me in the eyes and said "I have always liked your lips." I blushed, and Seth reached around me to give me a hug and while we embraced he whispered into my ear "You are tall on the inside." I thought, hey, I wrote that about myself before. Weird.

I decided to not try the lipstick. Which was a good thing in the dream because as with many of my dreams, it turned into a nightmare. At first the makeup seemed to work perfectly, every ones lips looked full and beautiful, I was regretting my decision. But then suddenly every ones lips started getting bigger and bigger and bigger until they eventually exploded! EEWE!

Okay, I have no idea why it was Seth Green in my dream. I mean I am a fan of his because I am a huge fan of Buffy, but he's not someone I think about in general. (obviously, he is not really my friend-heh heh). Perhaps it's because the following clip is shown on TV every 5 minute or so.

What does the dream mean? Is it telling me I should like myself for who I am? Short people with thin lips will be in style soon? That people, my friends like me for who I am? Whatever the meaning, aside from the exploding lips, it was a good dream.

P.S. I have a penis following me, how do I get rid of it?

Update: I figured out how to block the follower, even though...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Oh No, Not Again!

Once again, for the fourth time, my Verizon Wireless device has broke! At least when I went to the store to complain, I didn't even have to yell at anyone. They told me right away that I will receive a new one in the mail in two days. So for two days I will be without Internet at my house. I'm posting now from a Vermont Welcome Centers free WI FI. However, I can't stay long because I have my cat Summer with me. We are on our way home from the Vets, where he had some routine vaccinations.
I'll miss you all!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Sounds 18 or This Song Gives Me Chills and Also Makes Me Laugh

Some songs I like for the music, some for the lyrics. The music made me like this song, the lyrics made me love it.

The band is Bell X1, an Irish Alternative Rock band, the song is The Ribs of A Broken Umbrella. Bell X1 has been compared to the band The Talking Heads.While I do see the likeness in some of their songs, I don't see it here. Although, there is an obvious '80's new wave, punk, pop, influence to it.

Because I like the story told in the song, I wish the video had even just a little bit to do with the lyrics.


She was only just a girl in a picture,

But he thought if I could only make her smile

Then she'd be mine

He'd folded it,

re-folded it so many times,

He'd already lost some of her to the creases

Precious pieces

He wondered how close he's ever been to her,

In this ebb and flow of the distance between us

Maybe she got the same bus

And he left a trail of string wherever he went

When he was sleepin', he tied it to his toe

If she crossed it, then he'd know

But he knew

That all was unravelling

And he was bare

Stripped of his skin

Like the ribs of a broken umbrella

Sticking out of a bin

He'd pull his collar up against the wind,

Against those who said that trying was the first step to failing

Oh he was railing

And filled with new found purpose and pride,

He'd make something of this heady glow

Now where would she go?

But what do I know

Cos all is unravelling

And he was bare

Stripped of his skin

Like the ribs of a broken umbrella

Sticking out of a bin

But he knew how to fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza

With time's great elixir, dear Liza, dear Liza

She was only just a girl in a picture,

But he thought if I could only make her smile

Then she'd be mine

Oh the thought of being faced with her

Gave him the fear and sometimes in the morning a tent

Oh lord give him strength

Cos he knew That all was unravelling

And he was bare

Stripped of his skin

Like the ribs of a broken umbrella

Sticking out of a bin

So the band has a sense of humor, for example the reference to having a tent in the morning. Did anyone else get that or am I the only perv here?

They also seem to have a fondness for children's songs "dear Liza, dear Liza"

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Monday, November 02, 2009

Trick or Treat, Dry My Feet

Trick or Treat was a huge amount of fun if you forget that it was raining, down pouring at times, and you were soaked through and through. 40 of us started out together, 10 turned back half way through.

Fortunately my costume adapted well to the changing weather.

Just drizzling...

Madame Hydra would love to do a Tarot card reading for you.

(Look Darsden, the hair straightening shampoo you recommended works really great!)(and no people, I don't wear my hair that big every day!, I do like the pink spray in it though)

Steady rain...
"I adore that pink, it's the navy blue of India!" (quote Diana Vreeland)

Down pour...
Donde esta mi Tequila?

(T took his Indiana Jones hat off for a bit, preferring to soak his head. I didn't let that last for long.)

I hope your Halloween was fun and dry.