Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Shouldn't Eat Family on Thanksgiving

Grandma, my mother, is here for Thanksgiving. She has somehow managed to make it a tradition that she stay two nights for the holiday instead of one. I know that wasn't my idea.

I shouldn't really complain. She keeps Ant-1 busy her entire stay by doing anything he wants. Hide in Seek, board games, cards. I tried to warn her about the playing cards before they started today, that he is not a very good loser, and he doesn't like to playing by the rules, but she let him win.

I also shouldn't complain about grandma because she just handed me a $50 bill. She said it's for the turkey and other food I bought. I'm not going to tell her I got the $7 turkey for free. Actually, I got two turkeys for free. Except they were not really free because I had to spend $500 TWICE to get them.

I spend way too much money on groceries.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and don't have to cook a family member.

Poor Big Bird.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Sounds 24 or Do You Love Me?

I love this song. It makes me happy.

Hus hates this song because it gets stuck in his head and he can't stop himself from singing it out loud at times. (I heard him in the shower!)

Ant-One likes the video because the band is wearing long underwear.

Snemma could care less either way.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Cow That Was Mad

In previous posts, I have shared some of my daughters writings. Ant-One has only been writing a short time but has already written several stories. This is one of his earliest works but still one of my favorites.

The Cow That Was Mad

one day thar was a cow that was so mad. that he rect the gate. that was rite in frent of him. when the farmr got home he was so mad that he sole the cow.

Note the drawing on the bottom of the page of the cow being auctioned off! Batman is clearly being outbid by some anonymous dude on the stage to the right. What would Batman want with a cow anyways?

Monday, November 08, 2010

I Got a Lot Done These Past Six Weeks Off

I've had almost six weeks off from work since my Carpal Tunnel surgery. I had big plans for this time, lots of stuff on my to do list. Did I get all of it done? Not even close.

I had hoped to write 4 complete chapters of my book and a query letter for it. HA! I only wrote 3 chapters, very rough draft chapters, and Googled query letters. The thing is that I already wrote 3 chapters a long time ago, but decided to change perspective from 3rd to 1st person. Hus is the only one I've told what the book is about, and he's not remembering! All I'll say for now is that the book is fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, but there are NO vampires, NO werewolves and NO aliens.

I had planned to get the house organized and fix any little fix-it problems needed. I did clean off the top of the kitchen cabinets but that's about it. I really wanted to sew a small torn area on our favorite chair that has stuffing poking out of it. For now I jut stare at the fluff and think, well maybe tomorrow. Maybe if Ant-One would stop jumping on it, the hole would stop growing.

What I've done mostly is sleep late, feel unmotivated most of the afternoon, then drive the kids around to their lives.

Hus said he'll miss me when I go back to work this Thursday.

I said "Oh, I'm sure you will be glad to have a break from me.."

To which he replied "Well, I meant it was nice to have you around to take the kids all the places they need to go to."

Ya, I thought so.

I'm sure if I had sex with him every night, he would miss me more, but I had no motivation for that either!

At least Ant-One will miss me and be sure to make me feel guilty about working too.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kid Stuff That Should Not Be Given To Kids

*Board games*
Starts off like regular enjoyable family fun, but quickly turns into a crying, tantrum, sore loser, let's throw fake money all over the house type of fun.

Yes, that's books. First you have to read to the children, over and over and over, then when they can read, you have to listen to them read to you, over and over and over...

*Water guns*
These are only fun when they are filled with booze and aimed directly into your mouth.

*Karaoke machine*
Unless the parents can carry a tune, chances are the kids won't be able to either.

Obvious, right? I love glitter, but I only use it when I am annoyed with Hus because he absolutely hates glitter!

*Anything made out of cheap plastic*
Fun times for about 3 seconds until the toy breaks-see *Boardgames*

they will cry and scream until you take the training wheels off, then cry and scream until you put them back on.

What is the worse toy you can think of?