Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Tag, The Insecurities

I have been tagged. I have to say I am very honored to have been tagged. I will do it because I really like the person that tagged me.Nursing, life... The tag is to tell some six word stories. I'll do my best.

Kids keep fighting, mama keeps drinking.

New dark hair color, fabulous me.

Nightmares sicken, hiding beneath daylights dreams.

And one more I had scrapped but my family thought was funny...

Chicken again? How boring is that?

I am unable to tag anyone at this time. My feelings were hurt when I participated in a book chain mail thing. I did what I was supposed to do and my daughtor was supposed to receive some books back from the people I sent the letter to. She got none. She felt bad, I felt bad. Forgive me Linda if I can't take anymore rejection!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A-Z Reasons Why I Love My Husband

A- Alcohol-He buys me my wine when I am running low.

B-Better-I am a better person with him.

C-Cooks -He likes to cook and almost every Saturday, makes soup before I even wake up.

D-Devil-Not afraid to tell me when my "Devil Voice" (the one I use when I yell at the kids) is scaring him.

E-Energy-He has endless energy, exercise in the morning, work all day, come home and work more and play with the kids until he falls asleep in the chair.

F-Flowers-Has planted over 30 flower beds with even more types of flowers on our property.

G-Garden-Has 5 vegetable gardens.

H-Hyundai-He thinks every person who reaches retirement age should be given a new Hyudai Elantra. It makes him sad when he sees old people driving a "peice of crap".(bleeding heart liberal!)

I-Impression-He does the funniest impression of Five For Fighting.
J-Job-He has a job.

K-Kids-Loves his kids more than life itself.

L-Laugh-Not afraid to make fun of himself or me.

M-Music-We like most of the same music, which is a rare find here in Vermont where most people listen to country.

N-Natural-A natural born Father, never afraid to take care of his kids.

O-OCD-Accepts my OCD and anxiety disorders like its all part of a regular day.

P-Poem-He wrote a poem for our 8 year old daughtor and he is not a writer.

Q-Queasy-He gets queasy at horror movies and actually thinks Buffy the Vampire Slayer is scary!

R-Really-Really Cute.

S-Sunday-Has what I call his "Sunday Mood" when I know he always wakes up in a slightly grumpy mood on Sundays.

T-Three-Washes the floors three times a week at least.

U-Unmade-He wont get into an unmade bed. Which he will make himself if I have overlooked it.

V-Vows-Before we had kids, we vowed never to refer to each other as "Mama or Papa" when we did have kids. Now that we have kids we have broken that vow.

W-Washes-He washes the dishes and laundry.

X-Xylophone-He plays the xylophone. Well, the kids crocodile one.

Y-Yodel-His dad could Yodel.

Z-Zip Code-The only zip code he cares about is ours, and prefers to be home more than anywhere else.

Yes, he is real. I know this post is cheesy, but I wanted to share what a great Husband I have and how lucky I am.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

So Very Tired

Just a quick blog to say how very f***ing tired I am. I had 3 hours sleep last night because I worked till MN, couldn't fall asleep till 3am then had to get up at 6am! I have been wanting to blog, and I think about things to write, but have been too tired lately. Finally, 8 days off, yeah! I am going to sleep and try hard to do a real blog. I also want to figure out how to put links to other blogs on my blog page. I must go my mind is drifting off...