Saturday, May 30, 2009


Help! I'm trapped in an insane asylum with my mother.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sake and Dance

E had her non-dress dance rehearsal last evening. Tonight is a dress rehearsal. Some of the bad mom's, including me, sat in the back of the auditorium sipping alcoholic beverages and making fun of... that would be mean.

E did really well.

I recently finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha and watching the movie. I am now just a little bit obsessed with Japanese culture.

"Hus, could you plant some cherry tree's for me? Do they grow in Vermont?"

I have never tried Sake before so I bought some today while at the grocery store. Since it was a grocery store, they only had one type, of course made in California.

Don't worry, the rehearsals take almost 4 hours, so a little drink at the start in no way impairs me for very long. Unfortunately I have to drive.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Curtains Annoy Me

I have a problem with curtains. It seems I can never find exactly what I am looking for and when I do, I no longer like it.

I repainted our living room about a year ago and have gone through four different curtains, so far.
The first curtains, shown in the first photo, I loved in the store. I liked them for less than a week at home so I gave them to E. This is how they look hanging in her room.

The second pair... I guess I had a thing for ribbons...

Everyone, including me, thought the third pair was lovely. The only problem was that if we unrolled them to block out the sun, I was the only one who could roll them back correctly. I also began to wonder if they would look better in a baby nursery because...RIBBONS!

These are the curtains that hang now. Nobody, except me, likes them. Hus thinks they're too dark. E says they don't block the sun well enough. T couldn't care less.

I'm off to straighten out the silhouette pictures on the wall.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Transcription Filled With Guilt

I went out to dinner and a movie with my girlfriend the other night. We haven't been out for a few months because we are both busy with our kids and husbands. Before I joined my friend at the restaurant, I attended the kids grade schools report night. It's just like an open house only with a different name. After visiting all the rooms I planned on visiting, I left the kids and Hus at the school while they were in the middle of enjoying free ice cream.

At the restaurant, I was having a great time chatting with my friend and eating delicious Eggplant Parmigiana. I checked my messages before we headed off to the movie theater.

I had one message from my daughter. In a really really whiny voice she said...

"Mom, I need special medicine to put on my scars, cause I don't like them, I can' t stop picking them, so I need special medicine to put on um, and Bud lost his tooth while eating ice cream at school report night, and he swallowed it, so give him some money under his pillow, even though the tooth isn't there... IF you're the Tooth Fairy."

I felt a little sad and guilty hearing E talk about her scars. What she is referring to is a nervous habit she has of picking spots on her skin. We've been dealing with this on and off for a few years now. Not going to worry about it while out to dinner.

Next sad and guilty feeling came when I realized I missed T's first tooth coming out, by seconds! Oh well, I know I can't be there for everything. I put the guilt aside. I was having fun, damn it.

As I was driving home, at midnight, the real guilt hit me. OH CRAP! This was T's first tooth. For E, I had been prepared for the tooth falling out. I had a sweet book about the Tooth Fairy which came with a pretty little purple velvet pouch (kinda like a mini Crown Royal pouch) that I had ready to put under her pillow when her first tooth fell out. I knew for a week that T's tooth was loose and I still didn't prepare. If I just gave him money, E was surely going to tell T about the book and special pouch. Oh, dear. I'm such a bad mama.

So I stopped at the only store open all night, a convenience store, and searched the aisles for something, something...

Perfect, a bubble gum container, I wrote his name on it, stuck money in it and under his pillow it went.

Poor T.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teen Angst

In case you don't know already, I love songs, books, TV shows and movies about teen angst. If there were songs about angst in your 40's I would love them more. I heard this song today and remembered all the lyrics and sang along, loudly. It's okay to laugh at me, I know my taste in music is strange but fabulous.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do I Look Familiar? Pt. 6

I Don't Like The Locator

For those of you who are new here, my posts titled "Do I Look Familiar?" are about my search for my biological family.

I don't personally know Troy Dunn, the PI who hosts the Locator show, but I don't like him. When I saw the show advertised for the first time, I was excited. Yay, a show about finding lost people, including lost biological families. Since I have been searching for mine, I thought perhaps I could get some advice on ways to proceed with my search. My Hus and kids even encouraged me to apply to be on the show. With much hesitation, I did apply to the show. Hus and kids love the show. At first I found it too depressing, because of the lack of progress in my own search, to watch more than partial episodes. But then, after a while, I figured out what a joke the show is.The Locater doesn't ever locate anyone that you or I couldn't find with Internet access or a phone book. Of course HE needs his jet plane to FLY him to these people. Pahleeze! He always starts his searches out already knowing a key piece of information. Like a NAME! If I knew the names of my bio family, I could have, with a lot of time and energy, found them myself. Even if my bio mothers name is Mary Smith, I could conceivably find her. Of course I haven't heard anything back from the show. I'm sure my case would be too hard for them. I mean the viewers wouldn't want to watch a show about a challenging case. Right? Jerks.

As for the real private investigator I hired back in February, I haven't heard anything. I at least have faith that they are looking, since they don't get paid unless they find someone.

Well that's all for today's bitching session.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Odd Day!

Happy Odd Day to all you mathematicians out there! I heard on the news today that when the date includes all odd numbers in consecutive order it is celebrated. Apparently it only happens once or six times a century. (I wasn't paying too close attention) Woo hoooo!

Today is also my daughter E's 11Th birthday. I will be spending the day wrapping gifts, making cake decorations and preparing her favorite meal. She loves barbecued Baby Back Ribs. They cost $14, so I better not burn them.

Since I don't have the decorations ready for E's party, I will share some from my son T's 5TH birthday party. It was a Sponge Bob pool party. The kids had a great time swimming, eating and playing. The favorite game was something I made up called "Pin the Shorts on Patrick"...
Start with Patrick in his tightey whiteys...

Thn have the kids take turns taping shorts on Pat while blindfolded...

I decorated the pool deck with these hand painted characters from Sponge Bob. I drew them on poster board and the kids helped paint them.


Mr. Crab

Have a great Odd Day!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Miscellaneous Manure Pt. 8

How come Subway is supposed to be healthier than McDonald's, but after you eat a Subway sub, your hands smell like you ate a McDonald's burger? E and I ate Subway turkey subs in between softball practice and dance classes the other night. While I waited for E to be done with dance, I had to go to McDonald's to wash my hands to rid them of the smell!

I'm tired and a little depressed lately. It could be due to change in weather. One day last week it was 96F at noon, then 54F at 6:30PM. It could also be from lack of sleep or lack of drinking alcohol. I'm on the run too much to even enjoy a glass of wine with supper.

Hus has accused me of not saving money. He is a great saver and I spend almost every cent I make. Believe me, though, this money doesn't go to anything fancy. I spend it on groceries, kids clothes, doctor bills, etc. I do however allow myself to spend what remains after bills on luxuries like cheap wine or new curtains etc. Perhaps even a cute pink purse from TJ Max.
I started a retirement savings through work last year to add to my pension. I lost more than I put in. However, I realized, last week when I did my bills, that I do save money. How? Well, for the last 15 years I have rounded up my checkbook balance. I never round down. So I figured it out, and I probably have at least $1000 more in my checking than my checkbook balance says.
By being lazy, I have become a saver. HA!

I have free Showtime for three months on my Satellite dish because I am a "Loyal Customer". There hasn't been anything worth watching until the other night. I came home from work at midnight and flipped around and was very excited to find that Saw 1v was on! I figured I would just watch it for a few minutes then do some reading. Well, it was sooo gory and scary and of course really really dumb, I couldn't tear myself away. I even had to watch it through the spaces between my fingers at times. I watched the whole thing. I reprimanded myself for wasting time! Then I was scared to open the door to let the cats in and I had nightmares. I guess that explains my lack of sleep for one night.