Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm an Alien

I'm an alien. Not like E.T. or Mork, more like Superman, only Superwoman, with a temper like my favorite Alien, Sigourney Weaver's Alien.

It's been 5 months since I hired the private investigator to find my biological family and still nothing. The last email I received was to tell me not to worry, to give it 6-9 months. So I guess I'll really start to worry next month.

So for now I will continue my usual obsessing about who I am and where I might have come from.

Does anyone remember any meteor showers occurring in 1968? UFO sightings?

If I am really an alien, where are my superpowers?

I'm a cute alien though.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vectors and Vermin

I spent the weekend in a hell dimension where fire and rain live simultaneously in freakish harmony and where vectors enjoy eating you and vermin stop by during breakfast to steal your bagel. What horrid place on earth is this you ask?
Hus and I have always said we are not "camping type people". We prefer to either rent a cottage or small apartment at the ocean for our annual vacation. Set up is minimal when we first arrive and clean up is also not much when we leave. Which leaves the week to play.
We have planned a Disney Vacation for this coming Fall so we couldn't afford to go for our beach vaca too. Hus and I, for some reason, most likely egging on by the children, decided we should try camping at a lake for a weekend getaway.
Well, we did it and if I ever mention doing it again, be sure to shoot me.
Camping is too much freaking work WORK WORK WORK!
Pack the car and truck, unpack the car and truck, set up tents, set up needed items around campsite like shampoo and conditioner, HA, spray yourself with bug spray (hoping it will work because some of those mosquito's are bigger than your head). Start a fire that Hus will magically keep going the whole trip. Cover tents with tarps because it is raining. Go for hike to find bathrooms and showers that cost money. No quarters, no shower. Hike to lake. Go back to tents, cook food. Sit around by citronella candles playing games while kids fight and I yell, then remember that here, camping, I have neighbors!
Move big tent into lean too because it is still raining and the tarps are not helping. Sleep together, poke whoever is snoring throughout the night. Wake up at six AM with a full bladder but don't want to hike to the bathroom, but can't pee outside when it is light out, so you try and hold it and go back to sleep hoping you don't pee the tent. Then struggle to get your tired fat old butt off the hard tent floor in the morning so you can enjoy a warm cup of instant coffee while wrestling a skunk for your bagel.
You get the picture. Thankfully it didn't rain the next day but there were still the mosquito's, hiking, fighting, more hiking and more cooking.
I ran out of wine by lunch time the second day. I forgot that when camping you have to start drinking at breakfast.
My hands felt sticky the whole time. Wipeys just don't cut it no matter what Brad Pitt says.
Now I know why most campers I know, bring a mini house with them when they go.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Saturday Sounds 7

When I was young, I mourned many a loser, I mean lover, listening to this song. I still can't listen to it without crying. Luckily the radio stations I listen to don't play it so I don't have to worry about spontaneously breaking down in tears without warning. What song makes you cry?

My eyes are watering and I am not even sad!
I know my tastes is strange but fabulous. Hard core punk rock to Barry, what's not to like?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haute Couture and Surfboards

We are so lucky to have Suzy as our friend. She is just so thoughtful and caring, not to mention really funny, and was the first bloggy friend I had that quickly became my "real life" friend.
Suzy recently sent E and T these wonderful gifts, just because she knew they would like them.

First, E is going to need to buy some serious Haute Couture to wear this gorgeous bracelet with.

The miniature purse actually opens up and a small note can be placed inside.

Next, T was sent this hot 1949 Ford Woody surfer car complete with a surfboard on top. Too bad Vermont is a landlocked state.

Thanks Suzy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Sounds 6

I saw this band live back in 1987. It was the first and last time I ever went into a pit to slam dance. Well, not actually dance, just run around in a circle and hope you don't fall down. I did fall down but a nice punker, who was behind me, picked me up so fast my hands didn't even touch the floor.
Maybe this song subconsciously inspired me to become a nurse.
Enjoy DI's Pervert Nurse. Sorry I couldn't' find a vid with them performing live.

I'm off to work.

Oh and yes I did go see them on purpose.There will always be a little punk rock in me and I do have this song on my MP3 player!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's All Rainbows and Mold Here

If I see another rainbow, someone is going to pay! Most likely the people who live with me.

It's rained everyday for the last 12 days here according to the news from Burlington. I don't live near Burlington and I think it has been raining here daily longer than that. If it's not raining then it is cloudy. The sun peeks through the clouds, playing some mean game of hide and seek with us poor wet folks.

Oh and what beautiful rainbows! NOT! I mean they are beautiful,at first, then they just remind you that it was just raining and will surely rain again, in a minute!

It's damp and I fear mold is taking over everything around me including my brain. Did I mention that it is cold too. We've had highs of 65F and lows of 55F. Yay!

I'm also tired of all the joking going on about the weather.

"Hey, how ya doin?"
"Good, so suprised it's finally raining out."
"Ya, we could use it, it's been so dry."

BAAWAAHAAAAHAHAA! (Nervous laughter)

I took these photo's before the novelty wore off.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday Sounds 5

"What's a Disco Stick?" E and her girlfriend asked me late one night.

"Whoooaaat? Where did you hear that?" I questioned.

"Lady Gaga says it in her song 'Love Game', she wants to take a ride on his Disco Stick"

"Oh, um" Think quick Mama, make something up...

"It refers to a man's, ya know" I pointed down there.

Both girls blushed and broke out in extreme giggles at this.

I wondered if I did the right thing by telling the truth. I have trouble lying.

The next day, T came into the kitchen where the girls, Hus and I were standing,and casually pulled his pants down exposing himself, as 5 year old boys do frequently, and Hus said...

"T, put away your Disco Stick man!"

More gales of laughter.