Sunday, May 27, 2007

Relax... It's Finally Spring

OH, happy me, spring has finally reached Vermont. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the air is warm and my mood is much improved since its low this winter. I think I may even try to wean myself off my meds. Maybe cut in half my Lexapro, do I dare? Maybe try and sleep without the little blue butterfly? First, I must make it through till the end of the school year. June 11th. Only two dance rehearsals, two recitals, one play, one class picnic and one history final project left. And, that is just for E. Luckily, T only has one event left, the preschool end of year carnival. I don't think I can go without sleep until it is all over.

I will leave you with some signs of spring in my yard. Yes, I broke down and bought a digital camera. I love it! How did I ever live without one? By the way, I am not the gardener in the family, my husband is.
Lupins closer



Purple and Yellow flowers?



Mini Garden

Friday, May 25, 2007

What's New Mr. Magoo?

My daughter has Bratz, Barbie, cloud, hot pink and snow flake sheets. My son has Thomas, Hot Wheels and Rug Rat sheets. But they never had anything like these sheets....

Did anyone else have Mr. Magoo bicentennial sheets in 1976? Or a dad that took pictures of them while they were sleeping?

Happy Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Roller Skate Mama

E had her roller skate birthday party and all the girls, even grown up girls, had a blast. It was so much fun skating with the young girls. For some it was their first time skating. They all did really well. No major injuries occurred!
The music was perfect for skating...Fleetwood Mac, ELO, REO Speedwagon and of course the ultimate skating song Lynyrd Skynyrds FREEE BIIRD, Yeah! Oh, wait, having a flash back, that was the music played when I went skating as a pre-teenie bopper, not now.
I used to love roller skating. I went twice a week to USA Skate in West Springfield Mass with my friends. I remember the 'Couples Skate' 'Backwards Only' 'Boys or Girls Only' and of course the 'All Night Skate'. I remember my roller skates were soo cool. White with hot pink sparkled wheels. I could just skate and skate and skate. I had nice legs back then.
As usual memories are bitter sweet. My 6Th grade boyfriend broke up with me at a roller skate party, then had the nerve to ask for the necklace back he gave me for Valentines Day! JERK! No, I did not give it back. I kept it and cried for weeks. Then got a better boyfriend.
I wish the rink we had E's birthday party at was closer,because I would definitely go back frequently.
Do any of you have roller skating memories? I would love to hear them.