Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Tag, The Insecurities

I have been tagged. I have to say I am very honored to have been tagged. I will do it because I really like the person that tagged me.Nursing, life... The tag is to tell some six word stories. I'll do my best.

Kids keep fighting, mama keeps drinking.

New dark hair color, fabulous me.

Nightmares sicken, hiding beneath daylights dreams.

And one more I had scrapped but my family thought was funny...

Chicken again? How boring is that?

I am unable to tag anyone at this time. My feelings were hurt when I participated in a book chain mail thing. I did what I was supposed to do and my daughtor was supposed to receive some books back from the people I sent the letter to. She got none. She felt bad, I felt bad. Forgive me Linda if I can't take anymore rejection!


TwinMamaLinda said...

You are forgiven, of course! I liked your entries ... I can really relate to the first one tonight and all I've has is diet sprite! (need something else to go in it, but alas, there is nothing in this dry house!)

Chicken was on sale this week at Hannafords (you probably noticed) and when I came home with 3 packages (some to freeze) my husband's face was so funny - so SAD!

See you on the weekend!

stefanierj said...

Oh, I love a good meme! These were awesome--better than haiku, almost. The last one made me laugh!

My life in six words right now?

everyone sick again? mommy needs vacation!