Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miscellaneous Manure

(I drafted this May 7)

As I write this post, I am sitting on the sidelines of a grade school softball game. It’s E’s 10TH Birthday and as a way to be nice, (besides the presents, homemade strawberry shortcake, brownie pizza for school, friend over after school and upcoming sleepover party) I took her to her friends game. I am the only one not actually watching the game. E played last year but towards the end of the season she was hit in the face with a ball ending up with a bloody split fat lower lip. She is still afraid to play.

I am in a bad mood today, maybe because I am tired, but more likely because my period is due. I’ve been bitchy and short tempered with T all day, apologizing every other sentence. Right now I am thinking mean things about almost everyone I see. I would say everyone, but I did say Hello to one woman who I like. I can’t remember where I know her from, but I have a feeling that I liked her. Of course, as I sit here judging everyone else, I am the only one sitting by myself. I see a couple moms from my town but I don’t have anything in common with them and since I rarely talk to people just to have someone to talk to or to prevent myself from looking like a loser, I will stay sitting where I am and wave from a distance. I might also look less like a loser if I was typing on a Dell Notebook instead of writing in a black paper notebook with the words “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” on the cover in bright hot pink letters. My pencil is also pink. (Really the notebook and pencil are E’s)

Answers You’ve Been Dying to Know
1) In my Vermont Views 4 post, I asked what is missing from the picture of the mailbox. The person who came the closest to the correct answer was Amy Cates . What I was looking for was NEIGHBORHOOD. The sign says “Neighborhood Watch” but there are no neighbors! The owner of the mailbox doesn’t even live there. He put the sign up when he also put up a new mailbox after vandals smashed the first one. He is building something across the street from the box, but I can’t tell whether it is a garage or house yet. I am waiting for the police to come to my house and question me about the pictures I took.

2)In my post One of These Husbands is Not Like the Other the answer was B) Mullet. Fold my Laundry Please was the first to guess that one correctly. Yes my Hus had a mullet when I first met him. His hair was gelled and spiky on top and when I first saw him I thought(hoped) he was a British Rock Star! (Just slumming it in a dive bar in the country ya know) Don’t really know why I thought that. I can’t really judge hair as I did have a Mohawk once a long long time ago.

Oops, I am such a goof. I just noticed I am sitting on the wrong side of the field.


Suzy said...

I'm pretty sure I wasn't always like this, but as I get older, I find myself hating more and more people too.

This can't be a good harbinger of what's to come, now can it?

MereCat said...

Hey. I get that way a lot. I just hate everyone I come in contact with, and if I don't hate them right away, just give me a minute. I even hate myself on days like that. I'm usually tired and PMSing when it happens, too.

Family Adventure said...

You are FUNNY when you're grumpy :)


Amy Cates said...

Hey! Where's my prize?!

I'm so glad that someone else in this world sits away from the crowd and seizes the opportunity to judge. I do it often, but I don't think I've ever admitted it. I don't do it DAILY, but I do it in the oddest of places -- school programs, birthday parties, the pool, CHURCH. See? That's the devil's best work, don't you think?

But sometimes, people are just so ... people-like. And they get on my nerves with their peopleness.


Anonymous said...

HE HE, that's OK, when you are in a bad mood it is better to sit on the opposing teams side so you don't have to talk to anyone. I'm often in the same boat where everyone is pissing me off and I just don't like them, back off peeps!! PMS sucks.

Karen MEG said...

Hope you're out of your funk now. It's often better to be by yourself when you're grumpy ... it's difficult to will up the energy for the artifice of etiquette sometimes.

Lainey-Paney said...

there are days when i'm outgoing, and other days when everyone can kiss my a$$.so, i get it.

Gina said...

But girls DO just want to have fun, at any age!

Anne said...

Boy, i remember those days. I am catching up on posts. I will probably start blogging again in August. I've been reading all yours. You are so funny (would that be a droll sense of humor you have?) Have a good summer. Love your fairy garden. Your kids must love it immensely..i would if i were 4 and 10.