Monday, June 16, 2008

Just 5 Freakin Minutes!

"Can you people leave me alone for just 5 freakin minutes?!"

"Can you people stop fighting for just 5 freakin minutes?!"

"Can I just use the computer for just 5 freakin minutes (or an hour)?!"
"Can I use the bathroom in privacy for just 5 freakin minutes?!"
"Can you stop those words from coming out of your mouth for just 5 freakin minutes?!"
I know I am a horrible mother, using the word "freakin" while yelling at my children. E tells me it is a bad word and not allowed in school. Well, this isn't freakin school! She is allowed to say "Dang", go figure.
The last day of school was Wednesday. I thought, for some delusional reason, that when the kids were done with school, I would have more time for myself. Ha ha ha ha!
It seems my children are not as self sufficient as I hoped. Yes, E will "babysit" T for an hour in the morning while I sleep in, after working late the night before. I am lucky for this, I know. But as soon as I get out of bed, usually before, it's..."Mama, can you help with this?" or "Mama, can you do this?" or "Mama, I need someone to play with me!" or "Mama, he hit me!" AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
I love my kids and I love to spend quality time with them. I just want an eensy-weensy, itty-bitty bit of time to myself everyday. Mostly, I want to spent that time writing and blogging. Is that too much to ask?
As I draft this post in my "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" notebook, they are actually being good. We finally got the pool going and in between their arguments they are having fun swimming.
Fortunately, there are a few weeks of day camps coming up for both. And I talked E into attending the FREE Summer Rec program, one or two times a week. The program starts late June and runs from 8:30am until 1:30pm Monday through Friday. The kids just kind of hang around the playground, playing or go on Field trips. T is too young to go this year, but I do far better when just one kid is around the house.
Were back inside now. E just came to me and said "Mama, we are going to my room to make a movie with my new camera, so if you hear screaming, it's okay." Should I be worried?


MereCat said...

So you mean this never ends? It's not a phase? Mine just maul me all the time. Then my daughter starts hanging all over her brother driving him nuts.

Suzy said...

Send them to me. I have nothing to do and I LOVE to yell at people.

alissasanderson said...

One kid always seems like such a vacation!

I hope you have a great summer, with plenty of time to yourself.

WillThink4Wine said...

So, according to the blackboard/scoreboard, you're winning! That's gotta count for something!

Family Adventure said...

It's the transition from school to vacation that gets me...after a few weeks, we get into a routine and the tempers calm, but the first few weeks are rough. Hang in there!! And praise day camps :)


alison said...

I think that you get the bathroom alone time once they've left for college.

Anne said...

You do a great job in spite of working nights. I think your just being Mom. The bathroom alone time..yeah. My son is going to school mid august. Oh well maybe i'll be sad ..right now i am looking forward to it.