Monday, July 21, 2008

Hey...Your Ass Smells Like an Island Paradise!

I can joke about it now because she is okay, but when it first happened I was terrified.
Two weeks ago we accidentally poisoned our cat and by we, I mean, my husband.
On that fateful night, my daughter mentioned to me that Cokee had a wet leg. I said "Well, she probably just got into some water somewhere" No big. The next day, Hus mentioned to me that Cokee wasn't acting like herself, spending the entire day in my rocking chair. I said "Well, she's old and always does that" No big.
I went to work, came home at the usual time 1AM, kissed everyone and fell asleep reading on the couch. The next morning I woke up and it occurred to me that I couldn't remember if I had seen Cokee in bed with Hus the night before. She always sleeps with, or on top of Hus. I called to her, because she also always sleeps under the covers with me in the morning after Hus leaves for work. She didn't come. I thought perhaps she spent the night outside? I called for her outside, but she didn't come. I still wasn't' worried because cats can vary in their routines occasionally. I went back to sleep.
It wasn't until I tried to find her later that I began to worry. I looked everywhere. No Cokee! Mind you, I have known Cokee for 15 years, longer than I have even known my husband! I love her almost like a first child.
After about an hour of searching, I found her hiding behind an old dresser up in the loft. I picked her up and noticed that her butt was wet. I also noticed that she wasn't talking. Cokee talks all the time. Something was wrong.
I called Hus and left a message. I dried Cokee's bottom and in the back of my mind also wondered where a sweet smell was coming from. I told Hus that I thought Cokee was dying, she was incontinent, hiding and not talking. I couldn't breath. I was having a panic attack.
I am a nurse, I should know what to do. I needed to sort things out in my head. I did a physical exam on Cokee, checking skin, eyes, teeth, breath sounds and belly. Everything seemed fine. I was worried she had an abscessed tooth which she had before, or Leukemia which is what her husband died from.
A few minutes later Hus called back. It had occurred to him that Cokee might have gotten into something that she shouldn't' have.
Let this be a warning to all those of you considered to have a "sensitive nose". If you buy a refill bottle of Airwick for $6.99, and it doesn't' fit the dispenser you have at home, RETURN IT! Don't decide to use it in a way that the label probably warns against. For example, don't pour a little into a tin meant for a votive candle. While your cat or dog may be smart enough not to drink it, they might not be smart enough to not SIT IN IT! Which is exactly what Cokee did. She apparently sat on the window sill where my Hus had put the tin, inadvertently getting it on her bum. Of course then she must have cleaned it off, ingesting some of the air freshener refill.
Once we figured out what happened, I smelled her butt then smelled the remaining Airwick. Sure enough, they both smelled like an Island Paradise. I immediately gave Cokee a bath, towel dried her off and put her back on my bed. She still wasn't talking. I got her a glass of water, Cokee loves water from human glasses, and she drank some.
I was still panicking. I knew I had to take her to the vet but I had to leave right then to pick up one of T's friends for a play date. I thought, well, he will just have to come to the vet with us. When we got home, Cokee was still on the bed, which I considered a good sign. Hiding would have meant she still felt like she was dying. I then realized that I had to pick up E from summer rec in an hour so I decided to wait to take Cokee until after that. When we got home with E, Cokee was out of bed walking around the kitchen, eating cat food, like nothing was wrong! I was so relieved I think I started crying. My baby was better! Of course I still worried about liver damage, kidney damage or brain damage. But now, 2 weeks later, she still seems to be perfectly fine. I guess the air freshener must have made her feel sick and probably burned her throat. Now she won't stop talking, and she is still the best smelling cat EVER!



alissasanderson said...

Poor kitty! And, poor you! I know you were so worried!

Does the air freshener refill have any alcohol in it? Cats are pretty sensitive to's possible she was tipsy :-)

WillThink4Wine said...

ohmygosh, I was scared the outcome would be something I don't even want to imagine. My 2 cats are my kids! Since my parents moved in with me 2-1/2 years ago it seems like I'm always nagging my parents about certain things they can't do anymore because of my cats... spraying bug sprays all around the house, lighting candles, closing their closet before counting (one cat, two cats) on this side of the door... It's terrible how I worry.

Glad Cokie is all better!

Suzy said...

This is why I never got another pet after my little Yorkie passed away. Not only did I think I was going to die along with him but I realized I'm just the WORST with loss. And pets are your kids if you don't have any and if you do have kids, you love them like your kids.

I'm just not brave enough to go through that loss again. Glad Cokee's okay. You must have been a mess.

MereCat said...

Yay Cokee! Poor baby. Poor YOU!

micaela6955 said...

awww-poor kitty! I admit, I got a little nervous reading your post thinking poor kitty was gonna have a serious problem-but so happy to see she has returned to her former self. Cats have a way of getting into scrapes, but can usually get out of them ok. I still remember the day my daughter was about to rub hair remover cream on poor Shadow, he almost became hairless kitty that day. Deja still is in the habit though of spraying him with her barbie perfume after he leaves the litterbox. And he, being a male cat, just sits there looking up at her knowing he has totally lost his dignity. Our next trip is to the pet store to find a nice, natural smelling perfume for the kitties, and Deja is excited because she gets to "pick the flavor" as she says. Thanks for the serious, but cute read on your kitty-glad to hear all is well.

Heather said...

Glad your kitty is doing well. I feel the same way about my furbabies.

Adding you to my blogroll. Good blog!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Scary. I'm glad you figured it out and your cat is getting better.

LoriD said...

Poor Cokee (awesome name, notwithstanding). Guess that was one of her nine lives.

Misty said...

What an ordeal! Yeeps!

Glad all turned out well though.

Karen MEG said...

Cokee is beautiful! So glad she's on the med. No wonder you were so worried!!!

Stephanie said...

Cokee you are beautiful and glad you are still smelling great. I am so glad she is OK and I am amazed you guys figured this out.

Anne said...

Cokee IS a beautiful cat. My cats got into rat poisoning once and I had to feed them all Vitamin K pills. I didn't know which one ate it. Good thing she recovered. So awful to happen.

Anne said...

Cokee IS a beautiful cat. My cats got into rat poisoning once and I had to feed them all Vitamin K pills. I didn't know which one ate it. Good thing she recovered. So awful to happen.

Lainey-Paney said...

Poor Cokee!

I know you must have been scared. I have to say though---this post made me giggle. I'm so glad she's okay!

surcie said...

Wow, that's one pretty cat! I'm glad she's okay.

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Kate The Great said...

Oh my goodness! Poor kitty!