Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hus and I don't have a lot of TV or even music in common these days. Of course most of our time is spent with the kids, leaving us not much free choice as to what we watch or listen to. One thing we have always shared is our love of stand-up comedy. After the kids go to bed and if Hus is still awake, we do search for stand-up on TV, usually not having much luck finding any. Then, I mostly get stuck watching the Farm channel until Hus falls asleep.

Lately, however, comedy and laughter have made a comeback in our home. One of my favorite bloggers Suzy Soro, a stand-up comedian herself, has been writing for a website called Uproarious!There, Suzy tells about many different comedians in her usual hilarious fashion. Being that I was one of the first visitors to this new site I was able to participate in one of their first give aways. Woo Hoo, I won! In this contest, I was lucky enough to win a CD of the hugely Funny, though sadly deceased, comedian Richard Jeni. I love this CD. He is soo funny! I laughed soo hard listening to him I nearly drove off the road. (I don't recommend eating a sandwich while listening either)

Suzy reminded me how much we love comedy here. Hus and I have listed to this CD several times. At Uproarious! you can also find out which comedians are appropriate for the entire family. I especially love Brian Regan and so do my kids who are 10 and 5. I recommend visiting Uproarious! to learn about some of the wonderful comedians out there that can bring laughter to you and your family. They might even have another giveaway!

Thanks Suzy and Uproarious! I will be laughing for a long time.


Suzy said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. Brian Regan Live is truly one of the funniest CD's ever, as well as Rich's. His suicide took a part of all of us who knew him with him.

Is Jaws 4 on that CD? If not youyube it if u can find it. So funny.

MereCat said...


alison said...

I always LOVED Richard Jeni! I was so sad to hear of his death. I will never forget a bit he did about stray pubic hairs in the shower. I think I snorted beer out of my nose the first time I heard that.

Glad you won.

Kate The Great said...

Ok, I'm really curious: the farm channel? What's that? Do they have annimals on it?