Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Such a Nice Italian Family

"Such a nice Italian family!" The Sensei said to me and Ant-One, my 7yo son, at Karate class.

"Um" cough, flush "Thanks" I replied.

I explained to the Sensei that, while Ant-One is part Italian, I don't know what I am. She shook her head and said "Oh, I can tell."

Being that my son has dark brown hair and eyes and another nick-name, besides Ant-One, that sounds very Italian, and he is at least 1/8 Italian, I can understand why she would assume that. However, I've never been told I look Italian, only Puerto Rican (when I was little) and American (heh heh) now.

I would love find out I was really Italian, or Puerto Rican or any other nationality, rather than the alien from another planet, I think I am.

Because I obsess about these superficial external traits in myself and my family, I'll share with you. I also obsess about personality traits too, but don't want you to have to read a book right now.

This is a photo of my mother in law Sylvia, when she graduated from High School. She is half Italian and half English. If you shorten the hair and slightly narrow the bridge of the nose, that is my son. Every feature, the strong chin, round dark brown eyes (Hus's eyes are the same shape but dark Hazel/Brown color) and well, those lips (Hus has those too!) it's uncanny.

My 12yo daughter Snemma has the same shape eyes, except hers are olive green. Snemma wishes she had those lips, but her lips are even more fascinating to me because they are unlike mine or any of Hus's family's lips. Ya, at Christmas, I stare at his family members lips/eyes, don't worry, they just think I'm paying attention to what they're saying, which is usually something about someone I never heard of.

All put together, Snemma looks very much like me, but her individual parts are different. It's still nice to see me in her, whether she likes it or not!

Snemma's lips are so pretty, shaped like a perfect heart in the middle from her cupids bow to her lower lip and the way they thin out toward the corners. I found this pic of the actress Clara Bow from the 1920's and seriously, Snemma has these lips. Maybe Clara is a long long very lost distant great grandma? Just kidding.

I also wonder who Snemma got her wonderful butt from. I'll have to keep an eye out at Christmas.


The Empress said...

Oh, I so see the ghost of your face in that photo.

It's not just you...


Brian Miller said...

haha. i get this picture of someone checking out all the family butts at christmas...lol. nice lips....

Shelly Overlook said...

I'm assuming this means no luck with the PI? Damn!

Karen MEG said...

Glad to see you back! Your kids sound gorgeous - those lips are beautiful!

That should be fun checking out everyone's butts at Christmas - maybe you can blame it on the drink? :)

alison said...

Welcome back! I like to check butts out too, and I don't even have a reason. :)

Ann Imig said...

My Grandma was named Sylvia. I do not have her butt.