Tuesday, May 10, 2011

43 Year Old Vermont Woman Arrested for Attempted Breaking and Entering into the NYS Vital Records Office...

Police Beat_

Albany County NY_

Heidi L., a 43 year old Vermont woman was arrested Monday for attempted breaking and entering into the New York State Vital Records Office, located at 800 North Pearl Street, Menands, NY.

The woman was allegedly trying to obtain a copy of her own original birth certificate.

Her efforts were thwarted by a passerby, who becoming mildly alarmed, shouted "Damn, woman, what's wrong with you? You'll never bust into that building with just a JC Penney Platinum credit card.!"

To which, according to the eyewitness, the woman started crying and mumbling something about, not having an "original birth certificate" and not knowing who she is!

The witness, fearing this woman might be insane, called the police and reported what was happening. He then handed the woman a paper bag containing a half drunk bottle of Mad Dog 20/20, stating "you look like you could use a drink." then fled the scene before police arrive.

Later, a photo sent anonymously was tagged to the local police departments Facebook page.

Heidi L. was arraigned in Menands Village Court and released after paying a $30 fine, coincidentally the same amount it would cost for her to get a copy of her birth certificate, if it was in fact available to her.

For those of you that don't know me, I'M KIDDING! For those of you that do know me, you know I've seriously contemplated this course of action!
Click on the label "adoption" below to read more about my search for my birth family.
I recently joined the online support group NY Adoptees. If you were born/adopted in NY or know someone who is adopted, please join.


Rebecca said...

At first, I was fooled and I was thinking of course she was trying to break in the place SHE NEEDS TO SEE HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE!! and then I got to the part about the guy and breaking in with a JCP card and was alllhhhhh.....you should try to break in the place because you'll either get your records or gain media attention and THEY can help you get your records.

Heidi said...

On a side note...Hus thought my pigtails were cute and asked me to keep them in after the photo shoot(with Tony the photographer)!
I think I need a hair cut.

Mrs. Irritation said...

Oh honey. This would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Great to hear from you again. Maybe we can run away together and leave our hubbies behind?

barb @iPhoneographi said...

So you scored a free half-bottle of MD2020? That is almost awesome.

Suzy said...

You're going about this the wrong way. If you want to get a copy of your birth certificate, you have to ask Donald Trump to send his investigators.

Ma said...

Hey Heidi - Miss you! I don't know why this has occurred to me, but have you ever thought of contacting Bernie Sanders, Pat Leahy or Peter Welch about your search to find out how they or their connections might help you? Vermont seems to have an unusually responsive bunch in Washington. Just a thought.

Cathy said...

haha. At first you scared me, huh. I guess, there is something wrong to what I am reading, good thing you said that it isn't true. You got me there. Good story telling, eh.

Cathy@blood pressure gauge

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Bureaucracy makes no sense much of the time. I wish you luck with your search.