Friday, April 27, 2007

Lip Robot

Art by T "Lip Robot"

Thanks Lainey-Paney for reminding me it is time for a new post. I have been wanting to post, but have not had any time. I have been busy working, being sick, planning a birthday party, going on field trips etc. I work 6 days out of every 2 weeks, usually I work full time one week then have 6 days off. I love my days off. I have a chance to catch up with my family, projects, sleep and blogging. My last long stretch of time off, 2 weeks ago, I ended up sick. I had Strep throat and a Sinus infection at the same time. It fell right at the beginning of the kids spring vacation. E made a point of telling me "This is the worse vacation ever!" because she couldn't have any friends over while I was contagious. Then she got a call, while we were at the pharmacy picking up my meds, and she was invited to spend the night over her friends house. I was once again "The best mama ever!" My guilt for being sick was relieved, except T was not going to be able to have any play dates.
I became ill on a Sat, by Wed I was feeling better. My hus and I were able to go to a concert we had bought tickets for a while back and we actually got away for the night. It was to celebrate my hus's birthday and we went to see one of his favorite bands The Tragically Hip. They were good, but I couldn't see much of the show. And they did not do our favorite song Wheat Kings. I will try to write more about the show at a later date. Any ways, grandma came to babysit and the kids had a great time with her. When we got home she was ready to leave, fast! I didn't mind of course. Then it was time to go back to work so I haven't had time to post.
I have lurked places, so if you see someone from Vermont visiting it might be me. I leave a comment when I have time, but sometimes I am at work when I lurk and am unable to comment.
I am also going to be busy this W/E making a Roller Skate party cake and attending a Girl Scout play Sat. and Sun. actually having the Roller Skate party for E's 9th birthday. Whew. I will post pics of cakes later.
I have to say that I would put pictures of my kids on my blog, but my hus has asked me not to. He, if you read A-Z Reasons Why I Love My Husband, doesn't ask much of me. So if he asks me to do something, I try and comply. Even though he doesn't ever go on the computer.

I thought I would share some funny conversations I have had with my kids on the way to school recently...

Conversation 1

E: When I grow up I want to be a teacher.
T: When I go up I want to be Mama, Askually, I want to be da Papa , den I can be wid da Mama.
(Freudian or what?)

Conversation 2

E: When I grow up I want to be an Art teacher.
T: When I grow up I want to be Mama.
Mama: That is great E, and T, why do you want to be Mama?
E: Cause you are so nice.
Mama: Because I am so nice?
T: NO, Cause I can use a sharp knife!
Mama: Why do you want to use a sharp knife?
T: So I can cut up tings.
Mama:(scared)What tings things?
T: Wadamelon, oweanges, fuut and tuff, just like da mama.
(Phew, I was scared he would say small animals)

Here is T's version of some nursery rhymes...

Twinkle Twinkle

T: Tinkle Tinkle widdal tar, how I wander what you are
Tinkle Tinkle widdal tar, high in the ty...

One Two Buckle My Shoe

T: One two buckle my shoe
One two shut da do
One two pick up sticks
One two lay them taight
Big fat hen.

Have a nice day, I am going to try and get a nap in before work. Wish me luck.


stefanierj said...

So freaking funny. Part of me wants to get D and T together, part of me quakes in fear about what could happen. ;) Great post. Glad you're feeling better, and glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better. I was wondering where you'd been!

Your kids are too funny :-)

Lainey-Paney said...

Sorry you were sick!

...and, what funny conversations!
I'm ready for that part!!!!