Monday, March 26, 2007

My Poet

Before I blog about My Poet, I would like to thank everyone that visited my blog to offer support with my adoption search. I am especially thankful to Ungrateful Little Bastard for all of her help finding support for me and pointing me in a direction, as I had none. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I think adoptions can work as long as there is honesty, patience and openness.

I also updated my Blogroll. I hope I got everyone's link correct.

Onto My Poet.

The other day, when my eight year old daughter came home from school, the first things she did was to kick her boots off, throw her jacket on the floor,run upstairs to her room and announce "I'm going to do my homework". "What ?" I asked thinking, what ? no prerequisite snack, TV time, whining, bargianing to do it after supper, avoidence strategies? I asked what the homework was and she told me she had to write a poem. Oh, that explains it. She loves to do homework involving writing or art. She writes and draws everyday. I think she has talent. But I am her mother.
After a half hour she came downstairs and showed me her poem. This is it ...

The People Above and Below

I know a person who lives upstairs.
He is really quite a bother.
Once he even scared away
My dear Grandmother.

I know a person who lives downstairs.
He is really quite a pig.
Once he even ate the birds
Off my dear Aunts wig.

These people live above and below.
They can really be a pain.
And when I put them together
I am really quite...

Cute huh? I asked her about the poem. I asked who are "the people" as we don't have people above or below. She said "they are all ME". Wow, thats deep. Does she need therapy or does she just have a really good imagination. I guess I'll see if she starts talking to "the people"


Lainey-Paney said...

Good imagination!

Alissa said...

I'd say she has an excellent imagination!

And hey, cool, I'm on your blogroll! That makes my day!

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

No thank YOU. It feels good to be able to give someone a link or a contact they didn't know about.

I'm voting on the good imagination on the poem. I think it's a riot.

Andie D. said...

Wowie, wow, wow, WOW!

Holy cow - I'd say TALENT too!

I'm so happy that you've found this online adoption community. There are some incredible people out there.

Don't give up!!

hellomelissa said...

WOW! that's simply fantastic. i LOVE kid art and writing, but you can probably tell that if you look at my blog. i think it's all incredible and straight from the heart.

stefanierj said...

Well, it's clear she's a genius.

Just like her mama!

Suzy said...

Great, great poem. Poetry is what artists do before they decide they want to do something really annoying, like acting or dancing or painting.

surcie said...

Great poem, and I love the artwork!