Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Jewishness-ness

I was going to post some cute pictures on my blog today and had already started to write, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me put pictures up. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved soon.

I decided to write a little more related to my last post. The thing is, I wrote that I had given up on being Jewish period and I realized the day before yesterday, that this is not entirely true.
That evening, I was home cooking dinner for the fam, I was making home made Chicken and Matzo Ball soup, and it suddenly dawned on me. I was making home made Chicken and Matzo Ball soup! Well, if that's not Jewish....

My point is that, I love my home made Chicken soup, because it is damn good! Then I realized I make many really tasty Jewish foods, Noodle Kugel, Mock Potato Knishes, Potato Latkes (pancakes), Fried Matzo and more. I am not giving these Delicious foods up. These recipes are MINE, Jewish or not, I taught them to myself, LOOSELY basing them on the recipes of my grandmother, being that I rarely watched her cook, and recipes I found on-line or in cookbooks.

I also plan on lighting the Menorah candles during Hanukkah, but I also plan on decorating for Christmas. I love Christmas time, and even growing up Jewish I always felt it was a magical time, a time for giving and spending time with family. By family, I mean my husband and kids. Spending time with anyone else in my family is definitely not magical! I should probably try and learn more about Kwanzaa so we can celebrate that too. Plus I love decorating for holidays,putting up pretty garland, decorating the tree etc. There are not many Hanukkah decorations out there and Santa doesn't come to Jewish kids houses!

So I guess even if I try to deny it, Judaism will always be at least a tiny part of me. Along with my own traditions that I started with my family. Like celebrating many holidays and trying to be good people.

Before I publish, I also want to ask if any of you are joining Nablopomo and blogging every day in November? Come on, it will be fun, stressful but fun. Let me know if you are planning on joining. I need more Friends!


Family Adventure said...

If you are able to pick out the best elements of your childhood/childhood faith and incorporate it into your current lifestyle in a way that fits, then all the better! I think it's great that you want to celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas. Plus your kids will be the envy of the neighbourhood!
Wasn't planning on joining Nablopomo. Too much work!! But I'll support you by reading every day. Promise.
- Heidi :)

Suzy said...

I'm doing 5 days a week for the last 2 and a half months and it is kicking my ass. But my readership went way up so now I can't stop.

I love chicken soup with matzo balls. I can't believe that with all you do you still have time to make those dishes from scratch for your family. Admit it, there's no McDonald's around your house...

Shelly Overlook said...

You made me hungry!

Granny said...

I did the marathon last year. This year I just have too much going on and by the time I realized it was happening, it was too late to start.

I think incorporating different symbols, foods, etc. in your life is fun and a wonderful lesson for kids.

So is the soup recipe a secret? I've seen them online but I have no way of knowing how good they are.

Or are you like me and cook by the seat of your pants? I have no idea what a recipe is for most of what I make.

Gina said...

Oh yeah, those recipes do sound delish!

But, I'm all over NaBloPoMo, as you know!

Andie D. said...

Making ANYTHING from scratch is pretty much beyond my capabilities (much to the relief of my fam). I am IMPRESSED! Don't give up your favorites!

You know I'm there for NaBloPoMo. Eek!

surcie said...

Please tell me you finally heard the audio for that pageant video!