Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is It Crazy To...

throw salt over both shoulders each time I use any? (I can’t remember which shoulder I am SUPPOSED to throw it over to ward off bad luck.)

brush my teeth at least 5 times a day, including while at work?( I have a fear of bad breath.)

think my cats understand what I say?(If you knew them, you would think the same.)

have rushed to the nearest pharmacy when I saw on the news that the Brazilian Diet Pill was being taken off the market because the morning pill contained amphetamines and the night time pill contained Valium? (I was too late, damn it!)

wish I would get sick so I could stay home from work?( Co-worker “Ma” is with me on this. You know who you are!)

like a song by Fall Out boy?(Sugar, We’re Goin Down)

watch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer everyday?(Even though I have already watched all the episodes, twice.)

have the need to keep a box of tissue in at least 3 rooms in my house at all times?(Allergies, Okay I am really 80.)

use a clip board to keep track of my daily schedule and shopping lists?(How else could I keep track of everything.)

have thought about buying the X rated Brady Bunch movie.(For my hus, well, it did get good reviews.)

I asked my hus what he thinks some of the crazy things I do are…

When he let’s me sleep late on the weekends, the first thing I say is “Why’d you let me sleep so long?” Even though I know I love to sleep late.

I have a certain things I must have with me when I set myself up at night for “my time”. My book, tissue, diet Sprite or wine, back scratcher, pillow, blanket and remote control to both the TV and DVD player.

I put the closed captioning on the TV when everyone else is in bed.( I AM hard of hearing and I don’t want to wake others up with all the screaming on Buffy) Then I forget to take it off when I go to bed. The little words on the screen drives everyone else crazy.

Think that I am driving just fine at the same time I am eating.

I pass our 90 year old neighbor when caught behind her on the back roads.( Once I passed her while on my way to the post office. I drove the 10 miles to get there, went inside and did my business, came back outside and she was just pulling into the parking lot. Of course I am going to pass her!)

I think it is also crazy that I am sharing these with you all. So what crazy silly things do you do?


Family Adventure said...

I am also guilty of passing senior neighbours on the road, only to be confronted with them later. It's not that I really feel guilty about the passing, but I do worry that I'll frighten them and that could cause an accident. Still, my darn impatience usually gets the better of me. Not one of my better qualities :)

And you, you don't sound crazy at all, in fact, I think we could be best buddies :)


alissasanderson said...

My cats totally understand what I say! And, I don't have a clipboard to organize everything on...I have a large dry-erase board on the fridge. And NO ONE else may write on it, because they won't follow my color-coding and list system. And if they mess it up I have to erase the whole thing and start over.

MereCat said...

When placing my items on the grocery belt, I organize them according to which bag I want them in. For example, In addition to grouping fridge and freezer stuff, I also group the baby food together, the cleaning supplies together, etc. I will even bag my own groceries any chance I can get so that I can ensure my plan is seen through.

This is the first time I have admitted this little dysfunction to ANYONE!

Shelly Overlook said...

Heh - I have the same tissue affliction. I want tissues within reach at all times. Having allergies is a bitch.

Jess Riley said...

There's an X-Rated Brady Bunch movie?!?! Where can I get it?

We have lotion and tissues in many rooms of the house. And this has nothing to do with X-rated movies. Most of the time.

(Um, don't hate me, but I tagged you for a meme...hee!)

Stephanie said...

LOL you are too funny and so darn cute. We all have our little 'things' that we do, and that's what makes us unique. I'm with you on the passing thing, I drive like a mad woman and love speed!!

hellomelissa said...

i talk to my dog as if she understands all english. it makes me feel better.

Karen MEG said...

You're not crazy, just quirky and quite cute!
I have tissue boxes in EVERY room in the house! We have sinus issues.
I'm really weird about my bed sheets. They have to be perfectly so; if I happen to get into bed after hubby and the covers/sheets are all messed up, I'll practically remake the bed. Even wake him up, because I CANNOT sleep in a messy bed! What a beeatch, eh?

Suzy said...

I'll trade you and Ma my 'sick' for your jobs. N O W.

I have quite the little nighttime setup these days, all drugs all the time. Those diet pills sounded terrific.

Anne said...

Funny! I recognize some of those myself. I have private conversations with all my pets..but a lot depends on which one whether they can empathise ..really the dog is the best one to talk to because he cares about me.

Amy Cates said...

When I sweep the kitchen, I don't use the dustpan. I just sweep everything into one particular corner and leave the broom in front of it. I learned long ago that someone else will come along and finish the job.

Also, I love to vacuum. But I never put the vacuum cleaner away. I leave it out -- cord plugged in, too -- so that when everyone else gets home in the afternoon, they'll know that I vacuumed. Plus, it's a pain to put it away.

There's so much more, but that's a start.



WillThink4Wine said...

I can't stand any dirty dishes in the sink. Ever. I also bring wine to bed. Doesn't everybody?

Ma said...

You have invoked my name, and here I am. I seem to be blessed with a really good immune system (and am not in close proximity to germy little ones) so I just don't have those golden excuses to call in sick for work.

That's why I have set myself up to have one or another hip or knee joint replacement each year in January to avoid working those nasty winter months when understaffing is a way of life. If you can't beat 'em join 'em!

And passing people who really believe that the words "speed limit" are instructions written in stone is a way of life - my basic metabolic speed is simply not 50 mph or less! That's why I put my hospital ID on my dashboard so that when a cop peers in my driver's side window to ask for my license and registration he may show some compassion for another grunt who works in the best interest of the general public - and it usually works!

Kate The Great said...

I am going to try the clip board thing, I like that idea... If you are crazy then I must be too!