Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Infatuation 2

A long long time ago I wrote a post entitled Infatuation. In it I wrote about my love for David Soul when he played Hutch in Starsky and Hutch. Laugh if you will.

Why are we attracted to certain people? Sometimes the answer is easy. They're HOT! However this can be subjective at times. For example there might be one or two women or men in the world who don't find George Clooney attractive. Heh Heh.

I'm not sure why I liked David Soul; Everyone else liked Paul Michael Glazier.

I've dated a lot of men and there have been many reasons to why I was attracted to one or another. Sometimes, like with Hus, I initially thought he was HOT and he is. But what kept me interested was his personality.

This leads me to my infatuation 2 post. Why do I like Mark Wahlberg? Hmmm? I do find him aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but there has to be more. Is it the badboy, rapper, convicted of attempted murder, urinating in public thing? Could it be that he reminds me of all the Irish cuties (even though he is just part Irish) I dated when I lived in Massachusetts? Perhaps.

Maybe because I liked this song...

It certainly wasn't because he was in this movie. He was the only thing I liked about the movie and only because his hair was sooo ridiculous.
(I Heart Huckabees)

Maybe because, psychotic-ness aside, I really liked him in this movie...


And what's not to like about this.....

I wrote this post in part because I recently watched the movie The Happening which starred Mark Wahlberg. Unfortunately it was one of the worst movies EVER! I had to force myself to finish watching it. I had to remind myself why I liked Marky Mark in the first place. Now I remember.
Who are you infatuated with?


Rae said...

I too am infatuated with Mark Wahlberg...ridiculously infactuated. People could be right. I'm obsessed? but I absolutely loved that movie 'The Happening'..(still working my way into buying it) and his latest one 'Max Payne'. So yeah.

Mark is so gorgeous, and his acting ability is boundless - to me.

WillThink4Wine said...

Am I the only one on the planet that never heard of Mark Wahlberg?

George Clooney! ::sigh::

Shelly Overlook said...

I don't share your Mark Wahlberg thing, but I have so many celebrity infatuations, it's ridiculous. What, am I 12???

Misty said...

Um, he is pretty. (Shrug)

I have never suffered from the celebrity infatuation thing. Not even when I was a kid. Somehow or another, it just doesn't interest me. I mean, sure, celebrities are attractive, but they are a little bit not real/almost fictional?

Just not something I can relate to. (Yes, I know I am the oddball.)

Stephanie said...

OMG girl he is gorgeous and I totally love him as well. He's got that bad boy look with really strong features, he is delicious!!

That kiss that he gives Reese W. in Fear, yummy!!

surcie said...

David Soul = Yes!, Marky Mark = Noooo
Clooney is my favorite, too.

Suzy said...

Him in the Calvin Klein ad in TIME'S SQUARE, on the jumbotron. Oucha magowcha.

Kate The Great said...

Adrien Brody is way HOT!

(no one gets that one but he is...)

MereCat said...

I like Marky Mark when he was younger. He hasn't really aged all that well. Age catches up with everyone, I realize, but many seem to just look better to me a la George Clooney, etc. I have an infatuation with John Cusack. I think he is adorable, and I don't know why. He's not drop dead gorgeous. Far from it. He just has that certain je ne sais quoi for me.

Gina said...

I'm not infatuated with Mark Wahlberg, but there is no arguing with that Calvin Klein ad.

Gina said...

And, OMG, I saw your cute, cute new layout and immediately decided to go to the same site.

Imitation equals flattery, right? ;)

Zip n Tizzy said...

OK - I'll play.

My make people laugh but a crush none the less -Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" ;)

My long time staple, liked him then, like him now - Matt Dylan

And yeah, I admit, Mark Wahlberg has aged nicely.

Gah that video brings me back. (And makes me feel old!)