Friday, October 09, 2009

More Life in Vermont

1. Lainey-Paney mentioned in her comment on my first "Life in Vermont" post, that people in Texas have guns. This is true in Vermont too. Mostly people just have rifles or shotguns for hunting, but I do know some people who have handguns. I even know a woman who carries a handgun with her when she goes on a walk with her kids through the woods near her house. Ya, I think she is crazy, I only carry my pepper spray.

2. People out in the Boonies of Vermont can still be robbed. The house in the following photos was just burglarized last week. It happened during the day while the woman who lives in this house was away. Allegedly the thieves stole guns and prescription medications.I took these photos from my porch.

Six months ago another woman, who lives on this same road, was robbed. That time the thieves took a coin collection and prescription medications.
I now take my "good" meds with me when I leave home.

3. Some roads in Vermont change the speed limit willy-nilly every mile or so. The speed limit can be 50mph then 35mph, back up to 50mph, down to 25mph then up to 40mph,all within a few miles. Of course there are police who know this.

4. I can drive 36 miles home from work at midnight and only see one other car on the road. However, while speeding seems like the thing to do at that time, there are occasionally cops waiting to catch me or the other car!

5. Dirt roads are not just for poor people. This house is my favorite house in our town and it is located on a dirt road. New houses are also being built on dirt roads. This house is on the market for just under 2million. I think it's a bargain because it comes with a huge barn, garage with apartment, over 100 acres of land and a beautiful view. There was a new house for sale for over 2 million in my town, but it burned down in a fire.

If I win the lottery, I'm definitely going to buy this house.

6. People in Vermont can get really really, kick your ass colds, like I have had for the last 16 days! I didn't even get out of bed until 1PM a few days and even then, I didn't want to.

Poor me.


barb said...

I'd take the view from your porch over that 2 million dollar house EVERY day of the week!

otin said...

I did mention how much I like it up there, right?

Sometimes houses in more rural areas are an easier target for crooks!

Suzy said...

Good Lord that would scare the snot out of me.

Trees are not my friends. Concrete is.

Stephanie said...

I would be terrified if someone broke into our house, at least we have a security system!!

Personally I think some people are gun crazy, you're on the right track H, take the pepper spray:-)

Shelly Overlook said...

Wow, it's so beautiful there. I want to visit Vermont!

chicamom85 said...

Ok, I want that house also, it is beautiful. I hope you are feeling better. I am getting a cold right now and I hope it goes away fast. The info on Vermont is interesting. I am not a gun person myself but each to their own. I want so much to visit Vermont some day. Take care Anne

Lainey-Paney said...

Those are some amazing views!!!!

Wishing 4 One said...

I can't believe that those houses got burglerized? I could so not live out in the boonies, but i would so be okay visiting, but leaving the same day. Now my mother on the other hand, would leave everything if her husband agreed (he would never- he;s a city guy like I am a city girl) and move to a place like that. I think i told you before my uncle is out in the boonies somewhere there in Vermont, she goes every year and always jokes she is not going home.