Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Crossing Over a Fine Wrinkly Line

I've been feeling old lately. I've been forgetful, tired, clumsy and achy more than usual. My Carpal Tunnel is worse than ever and I am getting Zits like a teenager. I suppose it could have something to do with lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of, or non-existent exercise, besides walking 4 miles at work each shift, but I am blaming it on age instead.

I've crossed some fine wrinkly line where elderly men try to flirt/talk to me wherever I go, and I think of young men in terms of them being my son.

One day last week T asked me what was for dinner. I replied "hot dogs". It was meatballs. I quickly corrected myself, but I seem to do shit like that all the time!

I covered the dirty brownie pan with Saran wrap instead of the actual brownies. I noticed right away and fixed it.

Last week while grocery shopping I was scooping up mixed nuts to put in a plastic bag and instead poured them on the floor, missing the bag entirely!

Tonight while grocery shopping, I dropped a jar of real VT Maple Syrup and it exploded all over me, my cart and the floor. Seriously,they are not going to allow me to shop there anymore if I don't stop it!

I really think a lot of this has to do with my mind being a few steps ahead of what my mouth or hands are doing. For the most part I laugh, but I do have a doctors appointment scheduled for a check-up.Heh Heh

It could be worse; I could have fallen on my head like my friend Suzy. Go visit her and give her some love please.

Poor Suzy.

10 comments: said...

Crap I'm lucky if I can remember what day it is. Don't worry sweetie we are all in the same boat, but again you do way too much.

Try and behave in that grocery store hehe!!

Suzy said...

I'm sorry but, as usual, I laughed my ass off at your post. I would have loved to see you pour the nuts on the floor. I think you're just working too hard. At home and at work.

Thanks for the shout out.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely not alone.

Who are you again?

Anonymous said...

The old men flirting are weird but it gets worse when the guys who are your own age ( Well let's say that I am 50 and if I was dating the men my age are looking way too old for me). We were at the store lately and dropped a creamer whose lid came off and ended everywhere-what a mess. Then the carton of Soymilk hit the floor and dented so it would not stand up in the refrigerator. and

I would check your thyroid or serve the same thing for dinner everynight so that you do not need to remember you could just say "Pizza" everynight.

things get worse you could contemplate the skin on your hands lookingfor age spots and then pulling the skin out and realizing the skin turgor is going. Better yet as you get older your Vision gets worse so you still look OK in the mirror.


barb said...

The first time I knew my brain cells were dying off was when I was making out my grocery list and could NOT think of the word celery to save my soul. Now I forget people's names and have to have some visual aid to remind me of what I don't want to forget. I have a spot by the door that I put things I need to remember to take with me. Lists, lists and more lists! Ack!

otin said...

You are fine! I do that kind of thing an awful lot!

otin said...

I forget That I do things sometimes.

otin said...

Did I mention that I forget things sometimes?hahahaha!

darsden said...

hahahaha I with suzy and otin...

Lainey-Paney said...

A shopping cart covered in syrup?
I'd have just walked away & kept right on walking out the door.