Sunday, December 06, 2009

Saturday Sounds 20 or This Goes Out to My Favorite 11 Year Old Girls

Okay, it is not Saturday. I put the vid on this post yesterday, then E and I decided to watch other Youtube vids and well, then I got tired! I could back publish it, but then that would mean the two people reading me via their Google Reader would have possibly already deleted it. I'm soo confused.

Imagine a Mommy Van filled with five 11 year old girls and 3 mama's singing (loudly) along with this song while it played on the radio. I really didn't sing, just smiled because of all the positive pre-teen energy happening.

We were on our way home from seeing New Moon the first weekend it came to theatres. The movie was great. We all agreed that it is even better than the first movie in the Twilight series. There was much audience participation. Women and girls hooted and whistled every time one of the male lead characters took their shirt off.

"I'll run away with you Jacob!" one girl yelled.

"You can bite me Edward!" a mom yelled. I think that was one of our moms! I just had to laugh.

So on the ride back, while the others were singing to Lady Gaga, I was laughing. I love Lady Gaga. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Ellen compared Lady Gaga to David Bowie. To me she reminds me more of a Modern Madonna. Maybe Ellen was referring to the recent rumors about Lady Gaga possibly being a little ambiguous in the gender department, rumors denied by Lady's publicists. She could also just have been comparing the flamboyant costumes and make-up both artists wear. I think she is freaky and awesome. Oh and I did love David Bowie as a teen, and Madonna, and of course Ellen.

I really don't see any ambiguity in Lady G in this vid. She's all woman. Unless you call the Michael Jackson move she pulled (grabbing her vajayjay) ambiguous. E's the one that called it the Michael Jackson move.


Suzy said...

I LOVE that video and Lady Gaga. I'm so over all these plain jane singers. That's why I love Adam Lambert. He and Gaga are bringing Bowie back. YAY!

otin said...

Funny, I just wrote somewhere that I thought Lady gaga was this generations Madonna! We think alike!

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