Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Smell Good and Not Like Pot

And other random things about me.

*I smell good. Once I was told I smell "Delicious". I was scared my aunt might bite me after she said that. Another time I was told that E's girlfriend, when shopping in a department store, announced "Hey, this store smells like E's mom." I guess that's better than smelling like a liquor store or McDonald's. A co-worker recently said to me "I bet you don't even know how good you smell." If you want to know how I smell, go to a department store and ask to smell Ralph Laurens 'Blue'. To me it kind of smells like a female version of Polo. Oh, Hus likes it too. But he wouldn't care if I rolled around in manure, he would still have sex with me.(although, not on the kitchen floor!)

*In 11Th grade, I smoked more pot than Cheech and Chong did in Up In Smoke.Morning, noon and night I smoked. Which translates to before, during and after school. While I had a lot of fun with my friends during school, obviously I failed academically. It's a long story which lead me to the point of finally giving up on coping with the social pressures of High School in a healthy way,but that's how I dealt. Smoking, laughing, listening to music, hanging with friends and doing my best to avoid enemies and depression, was my 11Th grade. Even though I have three college degrees,graduating with honors each time, I still sometimes feel inadequate only having a GED and not a real High School diploma. So stay in school! Hahaha, my first PSA!

*I get angry when bloggers just up and disappear without even a short goodbye. I know that bloggers come and go, and that's okay. I just think that if you are not dead, or going through something major that keeps you from your computer, it is RUDE to not let your readers know you are leaving. I get that some people have to stop blogging or wish to be anonymous. But why not let your readers know. It especially pisses me off when I spend time worrying that something horrible might have happened to this person, only to find out they have started another blog and have only notified some of their readers. I've found three bloggers that "disappeared" this way. I understand that you want to start over, and I don't expect you to tell all your readers your new site address, but at least you could say goodbye! Answering emails would be nice too. For me, angry=hurt feelings. I guess I'm just too sensitive.

On a different note. My long time bloggy friend Shelly reminded me that tomorrow, Thursday, January 14th is Delurker Day. So if you are here reading, please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

I never would have figured you for a pothead. Ahhh, wasn't high school grand? Will you 'fess up to your kids if they ask if YOU've done it when you give them the Say No To Drugs speech?

Chantel said... on the subject of pot--I love incense. I burn it all the time...and now the whole neighborhood thinks I'm a pot head. LOVE THAT. (chuckle) In college I wore a lot of vanilla body oil...and there was this hunk that told me once that I smelled like fruit the time I thought that was SO cool.

Brian Miller said...

i may or may not have inhaled, just in case i ever have to stand up at a press conference after being elected...who am i kidding? lol.

otin said...

I hate it when they disappear also. It is a pet peeve of mine, actually! How hard is it to drop a post saying that "I quit"!

Send a 1/4 ounce my way! haha!

Suzy said...

Convo from NCIS:

Tony: Did you ever smoke pot, McGeek?

McGee: Yes but I didn't like it.

Tony & Chick Before Ziva: Oh, he didn't inhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I had a boss once who told me in HS she smoked so much pot her eyes turned permanently red. (They weren't still red when she was telling me this)
No matter how many eye drops she used she couldn't clear them.

Ann's Rants said...

I am too sensitive too.

The last time I smoked I had a panic attack, and now I won't touch the stuff.

Finally, I am a little worried about one blogger who stopped blogging months ago and had some pretty serious health concerns. I tried to email her and the email got sent back to me. Not a great sign...

doggie mamma said...

ahhh and I remember you in 11th grade lol!! xoxox

Karen MEG said...

I totally missed delurker day, but I love learning more interesting tidbits about you.

A pothead? what a riot ;)!

Wishing 4 One said...

Heidi in Vermont a pothead, LOLLLLLLLLLLL i would have never guessed. I too hit the chronic back in high school and added some dranks to it as well. I did manage to graduate somehow and I no I am not hot like you with three college degrees, you go girl.

I am a prefume FREAK. I too have been told on way too many occassions how good I smell. Once while in a grocery store back in the US this VERY creepy looking guy came up to me and said "um, excuse me, what scent is that you're wearing... the smell is intoxicating...." as I ran away and fast!!! See you in the country and me in Cairo have much in common than you'd think. xoxoxoxo

Oh and I would never dissapppear without telling you or any of my loyal fanclub, LOL, you know my blog is so fun like that, yeah right!

joanna said...

I'm not a lurker, in fact I haven't visited in a long time - sorry! So, this me checking in saying hi.

The one and only time I smoked pot I hated it. And I didn't even inhale. :D