Monday, April 26, 2010

It's A Jungle Out There!

I've been MIA from the Blogosphere for a couple weeks or so and I really missed you guys. I think the Requip I started to take was causing me to be depressed and lonely without my noticing until I stopped taking it. I stopped because it wasn't doing the job it was supposed to, which was to help me sleep. Instead it was taking me more time to fall asleep, then I was sleeping lighter and waking up more often, if that's possible.

It's really no wonder that I have trouble sleeping around here. My sleep schedule is unusual to begin with being that I work second shift. On an average night I am awakened several times from various noises. I am awakened even with my sleeping pill and while wearing ear plugs. T, my 6yo son and E, my 11yo daughter both talk in their sleep. They also occasionally walk in their sleep. E more than T.

The cat's also wake me up several times during the night. Summer, the youngest, if not outside all night, will just walk up and down the hall meowing at each bedroom door. Cokee, our lovely 17yo Siamese cat will come and go from our bed as she pleases and feels the need to loudly announce herself each time she climbs onto the bed and insists she sleep UNDER the covers with ME! Arthur, our middle boy will decide it's time to torture the other cats,usually around 3AM.

The Hus gets up at 5AM which wakes me up, again. Not great because I would have most likely gone to bed at 2 if I didn't work and 3 if I did.

Then I have to get up out of bed for 7AM to help the kids get on the bus. I go back to bed at 8 and sleep, no wonder, until I barely have time to do anything before the kids get home or I go to work.

My morning sleep is, for the most part, my best sleep. Lately however, this sleep time has been unkindly interrupted too. And it always seems to happen at around 9AM, when I am in a deep sleep.

First I was awakened by a "CAW CAW CAW!!!". I opened the shade and of course saw a crow which I yelled at to shut up and go away.

A few days later, I opened the shade again because I heard what I thought was my cat on the screen. AAHWHWHWHWHGG! (this is not the actual squirrel, as I don't sleep with a camera)

Then a few days later, I heard a loud "HeeQUACK HEEQUACK HEEQUACK!" and I thought "What the FUCK, is there a G-DAMN duck out there now?!!". I opened the shade and found a Guinea Hen, much like the one in this picture, staring up at me and yelling. He/she(?) had traveled from my neighbors, about a tenth of a mile, across the road and through a small wooded area to get to my house and to my bedroom window. FUCKER! I'm going to have to report this trespass to my neighbor.

Hope you all get a good night sleep.


Suzy said...

No wonder you can't sleep. Recently I read online that some couples, either the man or the woman, has to sleep on the couch or in a separate room for a few days to catch up on the sleep they miss sleeping together.

I think Moms also have it rough in this category. They are just more attuned to the noises that might *threaten* their family. Mean while the men are dreaming of strippers.

I'm going to start babysitting my sister's dog for a week and I will join you in the "What was THAT?" noise department.

Rebecca said...

I used to sleep like a coma patient. Now, I sleep very lightly. Has something to do with kids.

Anonymous said...

Is it a conspiracy against you?

bernthis said...

my sleep is horrible. I go to bed late, my kid will run into my room claiming to be scared at about 3 then the fucking dog sits on my head at about 6 to go outside...

The Empress said...


Happy to have you back, and where the heck do you live anyway???

otin said...

Anytime someone says that they are asleep at 9 am I get jealous!

Vodka Mom said...

sigh. I remember when I used to be able to say the f word.

good times.