Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Manure 12

*I've been taking Requip for a week now. I'm not sure if it's working or not. It seems that I have more trouble falling asleep initially,but then wake up more refreshed. I might also be sleeping better because of my exercising too. I'll give the med another week or two and see what happens. So far I haven't experienced any side effects. I'm just waiting to be visited by someone who isn't really here and I hope it's someone good.

*T started baseball tonight and all the helmets were too small for his head! He does have a big head.

*I joined the local gym four weeks ago. They were offering a 16 week weight loss special and because I must have been on drugs or something, I did it. So far I actually don't mind it. The gym is not a fancy hoity toity, skinny bitches wearing spandex, type gym. But more of a local, muscle dude, old lady and mommy wearing daddy's T-shirt, dirty punching bag hanging in back room (can't wait to try that!), type gym.

There are also fun signs located around the gym, for example:

"Squat till you puke!"

"Rack the weights! I wouldn't want to have to get your grandmother to do it."

There are also signs on each weight machine to tell an ignoramus like me, what they are.

*Do you Tweet? For those of you who don't, those that don't follow me, and those that don't know what Tweeting is, the following are some of my own favorite Tweets.

~I don't ever want to murder anyone, but if you taste almonds in my home made cookies, I've changed my mind.

~I don't agree with the "Family Table" commercials. We always eat together and our kids are still little assholes.

~6yo son told me "when I grow up, I want to be a writer and a draw-er, I'll be the next Dr. Seuss"

~Why is it I always feel guilty asking someone to return something they borrowed from me?

Thanks Suzy for Re-Tweeting!

*I've had some silly dreams lately. In one I was at the supermarket and a stranger kept trying to get me to buy a cantaloupe from him. The next day I was at the supermarket and the first thing I noticed was that the cantaloupes were on sale, so I bought one. Weird.

In another dream, Hus and I were traveling in Africa and we were helping out natives, living on a farm there and then we were trapped in flood waters until I woke up. Weird.

I also have dreams weekly where I am late for work, like hours late, or I'm at work but can't find my patients. Once I couldn't find my shoes, so I had to run across a field to the shoe store to buy some. Another time I showed up at work wearing a dress uniform. Weird.


Anonymous said...

This morning I had a scary dream that, among other bizarre things, involved me being stalked (in a hunter kind of way) by Jerry Seinfeld. WTF?

The almond/cookie tweet was by far my fave.

The Empress said...

Dreams are weird. I 've had a recurring dream about work for 15 years!!

What does that mean??

Rebecca said...

Why is it I always feel guilty asking someone to return something they borrowed from me? (This one is especially true for me. There is this book that I loaned almost 3 years ago....I still want it back)

Also, dreams are strange. I used to dream that I was walking into the light.

Cheeseboy said...

Yours is one funny blog. I agree with the family table tweet. We do it too and it just gives the kids an extra opportunity to pinch each other. Little assholes.

Megan said...

Sounds like my kinda gym! Wish they had one like that here...cause I SO need the 16 week special!



Ma said...

Nursing anxiety dreams? I could write a book - a weird one...

Karen MEG said...

Those are some weird's amazing what our mind comes up with. Can you imagine if we were to blog realtime during our dreams?

I'm on twitter, but I haven't been active in such a long time. Those are great tweets, though. I think I'll have to follow you...

Anonymous said...

I dreamt I was getting/ordering myself a glucometer. Wonder if it had anything to do with the increased amount of Sugary Soda and candy I ate while my sister visited.- vm

Juli GS said...

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