Saturday, September 02, 2006

My first blog

Hi, I am new to blogging and this is my very first blog. I have been reading other blogs for less than a year. I found out about blogging from an old friend Baby on Bored blog. I am even not sure if I am doing it right! Maybe I should start by letting you know I have drank 1/2 bottle of Pinot Grigio (1.5 liter bottle) before I even started writing. (courage) I thought I should start my first blog with a game. Sorry, but I cant think of anything I would rather blog about at this time! (I know you enjoy playing, but not neccesarily admitting to it). The game is easy. I am going to give some quotes from my favorite movies or tv shows, and you guess what movie or tv show they are from. They are not the kind of quotes you would hear from popular critics or from popular movies, just the ones that give me chills or remind me of personal times in my life.
Here we go.
1. " that girl Julie is truly dazzlin"( shows my age)
2."come back to me" (above)
3."Papa! Papa!"(this scene makes both me and my husband cry)
4."It was only Christy, Always only Chris".(above)
5."can you see that I will always be your friend"(Age)
6."I love you" "No you don't but thanks for sayin it"(TV)
Do you have any idea what movies,tv I am quoting from?
Probably too vague, I have to get used to this blogging thing.
Yes, I love to watch movies and tv, it helps to keep me in touch with the outside world. I rarely have time for either, that would explain the outdated quotes!
I will write the answers in my next blog. I have to put my children to bed right now and enjoy the time I have before I fall asleep.

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