Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The State Fair

O.K. my last and very first post was juvenile. What can I say except I was drinking and I had fun writing it and thinking about some of my favorite movies. I have purposefully not responded to any bloggs with my new blog identity for fear of someone finding my first and thinking I was a 16 yo stuck in a time warp. So, do delete it? Do I just write for myself. Yah, that sounds ok for now.
Well I would like to write about the State Fair. My husband,two kids and I went yesterday. When I arrived at the fair and opened my van door, the first thing that hit me was the smells. Sweet fair smells, cotton candy, candy apples, fried bread dough, my mouth was watering. We entered the fair grounds and joined the swarms of other poeple also trying to enjoy themselves."mama, I have to use the bathroom",my daughtor said. I did to but still made her feel guilty for making us all wait a little longer for the fun to start. It didnt take long to realize, that if your memory is still intact there is no reason to go to the fair more than once in a lifetime. It never changes. Year after year, the same vendors selling the same crap. The same propaganda spewing political/religious right freaks are allowed a booth. The same racing pig and majic show. Does anyone know why adults without kids like to whatch these? The same rides. Is duct tape regulation when used to hold a kiddie ride together?
As my family and I tried to nicely shove our way through the crowds, I suddenly had a flashback. A bad acid trip type flashback. I said this to my husband and he looked back at me as if he knew exactly what I was talking about and I dont think he's ever done acid. Where do these people come from that go to the fair. How come they cannot afford teeth, but can afford to attend the fair?
Back to the smells, after about 2hours of rip roaring fun, they started to change. Gone were the sweet enticing fair smells.Now it was all about ciggarette smoke, old vomit, horse manure and sweat.
wow, I can be really judgemental. I guess I was having a bad day before I went to the fair. The kids really did have a good time and thats what counts. Right?

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Stefanie said...

Nice work, girlfriend! But you didn't put the answers from the first post up in your second post.

Anyway, I'm so glad you're blogging. Keep up the writing and the drinking and you'll be fine. Next I'll teach you to put up pictures.