Friday, August 31, 2007

The Good,the Bad and the Ugly...Hair Pt.3

Quick post tonight as I just got home from work and I am really fucking tired! We were busy all night and I had no free time to email or blog.
Woo Hoo, a double theme tonight! Bad hair and a bad dance recital costume. Tell me everyone has had this haircut, please. Named after the famous ice skater, who it actually looked good on. The Dorothy Hamill. YOU know you had this one.
I have only had my hair short (above my shoulders) three times in my life and this is one of those unfortunate times. My face is not right with this or any other short style. Even if it was a better rendition of the cut.
I danced for almost 10 years. I took tap, jazz and ballet. I was, and still am, slightly good at tap, but I am horrible at ballet. I don't want to write about how I am at jazz. I always liked to dance but hated the recitals. I still plan on someday taking tap again, but no recital.
My mom had these yearly pictures taken of me in my costumes. She framed them and hung them along our hallway. As soon as I started dating, probably before the first date picked me up, I took them all down and refused to let her put them back . Who would not have been embarrassed? I suppose E will make me take down her dance pictures one day...

I also remember one of my friends mom commenting that I had short legs. What a BITCH! My legs got much longer and really they ended up my best feature, I mean besides my hair.


hellomelissa said...

oh, the hamill cut! yes, you're right, i think we ALL had a version of it. somehow it wasn't so peppy and sweet in curls.

i danced as a child as well, but there were no big costume productions where i went, thank goodness. otherwise i'd probably have incriminating photos like this, too! although i suck at ballet, i still love it, and would give my eye teeth to take a class again. the last time i did was before (and during) my first pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I did not have a Dorothy Hamill haircut, because during the time that was fashionable my parents kept my hair SHORT, like a boy. Once I was actually mistaken for a little boy. I didn't grow it longer than my ears until I was 13, and by then it needed to be BIG, and TEASED.

I never danced, either. But the outfit there is awesome :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, nothing like dance costumes to show off your hair at its finest.

Lainey-Paney said...

the thing about that haircut: curl it out instead of under, and you'd have the Aninston cut from Friends.

Andie D. said...

I am SCREAMING this is so great! I had the same damn haircut - my first after my Laura Ingalls hair. Braids and all. Ralph.

What a shock it was for me.