Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mama's Music

CD's currently in my car.
In no particular order.

Ramones-Loud, Fast


David Bowie-Lets Dance

Green Day-American Idiot

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts-Fit to be Tied

Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory

Barry Manilow-Ultimate Manilow

Kiss-The Very Best Of

ELO-Greatest Hits

Cars-Movie Soundtrack(kids)

Counting Crows-August and Everything After

Social Distortion-Social Distortion

Eclectic? Weird?

I was cleaning out my car today and thought I should share a bit of me.
My radio station is you can listen online.
That's all Mama has time for this week. I have been busy redecorating and moving E's room. Will post about it and share pictures as soon as I am done.


Alissa said...

I have that Green Day CD in my truck :-) But none of the others. This is a fun idea for a post...I may steal your idea!

Suzy said...

I need to get American Idiot. I always forget. Love the list.

stefanierj said...

Anyone who listens to Kiss, Barry Manilow and the Ramones is okay by me. Especially if they are all in rotation at the same time. :)

Because remember--nobody but NOBODY says "baby" like Joey Ramone.

Kate The Great said...

yeah, weird... weird but good... I like Barry too... I'll have to try the American Idiot because I do like Green Day...

Stefanie said...

Your taste in music hasn't changed a bit. Remember when we used to comb the used record stores so you could buy up all the Bowie and I could buy all the Rod Stewart? And then we would lay on the floor listening to Love & Rockets Kundalini Express? Those were the days.

Lainey-Paney said...

My music is "eclectic & weird" too.
I'm addicted to "Cowboy Mouth", although most people have never heard of them.

I'm routinely known for switching it up in the car. We may go from Ludacris to Simon & Garfunkle to Lily Allen & back to Ben Harper. You just never know with me....

hellomelissa said...

ELO, a perennial favorite of mine. my fave song? wild west hero.

Lainey-Paney said...

it's been over 20 days since you posted this.
surely, there's something new in your world.

are you there?

what's up???

surcie said...

I still enjoy ELO and Barry, too!