Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow? Sleet? Freezing Rain? Make Up Your Mind!

It has been an all cookie, candy weekend here. Yesterday afternoon the kids and I made gingerbread cookies and houses.Last night we decorated the houses and ate way too much candy! I would have made other cookies but when I started to make frosting for the gingerbread, I realized I only had a half a box of confectioners sugar, not enough for the gazillion cookies we made. So I had to reluctantly go to the supermarket to buy some. Luckily the snow hadn't started yet. At the market I bought 5 boxes of confectioners sugar because it was on sale for $1 a box, peppermint extract because I wanted to try to make peppermint bark, dark chocolate and white chocolate and a container of vegetable shortening, just in case. I got in line at the checkout, of course 2 people behind an old guy whose check wouldn't go through at first but then did, and the guy directly in front of me who was buying 3 supermarket bakery sugar cookie platters and 5 containers of supermarket bakery made frosted cookies. For a second I thought "How easy would be to just buy supermarket made cookies and be done with it, I would even have time for a nap!". But I know what the supermarket cookies taste like,SHIT! If it were a real bakery then I might consider it. But this market has no bakery actually in the store and gets their baked goods shipped, I've even heard frozen. Plus I like to bake, and I don't like peppermint, so making peppermint bark is no added poundage to my waist.
Today we made more gingerbread cookies, dough for the spritz cookies I plan on baking Wednesday for E and T's school parties, and 3 different kinds of bark. Then I drank a bunch of wine, but that has nothing to do with this post.
Also, the weather here has been really bizarre this winter, and this storm is no exception. It seems like the snow we have been having is wetter than usual. I know this sounds strange as snow is made up of water. But some snow is lighter and snowier than other. The snow we've had this year has been mixed with freezing rain. It is perfect for packing and we have already made a snow fort and snowman, but it would be nice to have just regular light feathery snow.
Last night it snowed from around 10PM to 10AM and then it did nothing. Freezing rain started around 3PM today which quickly changed to sleet then to snow then to freezing rain. I am not sure what it is doing now. I am glad, however that I am not working this weekend!
Here are some pictures I just took standing on my porch. The first is without a flash and the second is with a flash. I hope wherever you all are it is warm and you have a lot of Xmas cookies to eat.


I just read my hus this post and I commented "isn't that strange?"meaning the way the second photo came out reflecting the snowfall. And he said yeah "It is strange that people put their pool a mile away from their house!" Really it is only 120 feet away from the house. I know this because I measured the distance when we were trying to get satellite Internet. I wish it was summer and I was complaining about having to vacuum the pool!


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up we had a pool that far from the house. Actually, it may have been further!

The snow is pretty. I'm sure you're sick of it by now, but I'd love to see some instead of the icky cold rain we've been having.

YUM for the cookies. I've been feeling so bad I've only managed one batch of sugar cookies. I'd best get on it!

Suzy said...

That second picture is really cool.

I can't believe you're talking about COOKIES when you know I have NO cookies in this house. But I do agree with you that supermarket cookies are awful.

When you bring cookies to any school function, never tell the teacher that the kids helped you make them. I had a friend who was a third grade teacher and she said that whenever she or the other teachers heard that, they'd throw them away. They knew, more than anyone, where children put their hands!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the snow pictures! I can practically smell the cold, crisp air. My dog would love to be at your house snuffling through the snow!

& your gingerbread looks awesome!!

Family Adventure said...

I love the pictures...but I love snow. And you are lucky to have such a large yard...our pool is within a arm's width of the house (ok, that may be a slight exaggeration...but you get the point).

Hope your cookies turned out. The gingerbred houses look amazing.

Heidi :)

hellomelissa said...

we did arts & crafts all weekend too, much to the detriment of my housekeeping.

Andie D. said...

I love the snow. Maybe because I don't live with it, but I love it.

You've just reminded me that I have yet to post the pictures I took about what my little ole neighborhood in AZ looks like. Oops!

Please keep taking pictures and sharing. I'll be over to eat those houses soon.

Lainey-Paney said...

The snow is beautiful.

...and do you know---I've never made a gingerbread house!?
Yours look awesome!
I'm particularly fond of those marshmallows!

Gina said...

No snow here, but rain is supposed to be coming! And I love those houses!

Anne said...

Love your gingerbread houses, and the pictures of snow! So peaceful. We still haven't got a tree up. My son and his girlfriend got one last weekend and it is sitting in a bucket in the garage. I told my family that now that Harry is 18 i am retired. I haven't done much and I am enjoying the season immensely. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

OK how lucky are you to have such a beautiful view from your porch. I took pix that looked exactly the same as yours on Sunday (with the flash) and it sure is cool with the snow flakes.
Gingerbread sure is yummmy, hope you had fun.

Karen MEG said...

Those houses look awesome, and I love cookies too, not much of a baker myself, but I'm a great cookie eater.
GReat pictures of the snow, and I envy that you have a pool at all!

Suzy said...

I just looked at the Gingerbread houses again and on the one on the left, if I'm not mistaken, those red oblong things are Seconals.

Kelly Malloy said...

We made gingerbread men here - fun times!

Nabeel said...

i love the individual snowflakes in the second picture. You should try taking a picture on a rainy night with flash on .. it's amazing how the raindrops reflect.