Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cheetos and M&M's

Today is my 40th Birthday. I wish I could say that after I post this, I am going to climb back into my bed, under my warm cozy sheet’s, and stay there until Monday. But, alas, no. After all, I am a grown-up with responsibilities, whether I want them or not. I actually don’t mind that it is my 40th birthday, as opposed to my 20th. I think that I look young for my age, maybe I do, or maybe I am just short. Anyways, what really is bothering me is my body. I can’t lose a pound (or 30) to save my life. I mean, literally, losing weight could potentially save my life. With the exception of the last 4 and a half years, I have always been a healthy weight. After my first pregnancy, I lost the weight I gained in under 2 years. Both pregnancies I gained around 42 pounds. I automatically lost 10-12 pounds after delivering. And now I am stuck.
With E, I lost all the weight doing Weight Watchers. I have started and stopped WW at least 10 times in the last 4 years. I have also tried exercising, and even when I have fun with it, I don’t want to do it the next day.
Yesterday, my hus asked me what I want for dinner tonight. I said “cake and champagne” and he replied “Cheetos and M&M’s too?” I laughed because I don’t like Cheetos. Pleeeeease, I need help! Am I turning 40 or 4? UGH!
At the beginning of the year I was tagged by Karen MEG at A Day In The Life… for a New Year, new way to think about something Meme. It was the Think Differently Challenge, and I am sorry I am not following all the rules. It has taken me this long to think of something to write about. Well, it is the start of a new year for me today. What I need to do is to start thinking about my body and my weight in a different way. Maybe not such a negative way. Obviously, my way of thinking now, is not working. And obsessing over it is not working either. I need to take action, but I am not motivated to do so. I have a lot of ideas, Yoga? Meditation? Psychotherapy? Increased caffeine intake? Crystal Meth? (just kidding). I wish I knew how to start.
For today, I guess I will just eat my cake and drink my champagne and try and RELAX.


Family Adventure said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Champagne and cake are definitely called for today.

I'm sorry about your weight is a pain when the body starts to change and it no longer sheds the extra poundage as quickly as it used to. I'm experiencing that, too.

The exercise thing worked for me in Canada (haven't done anything for 5 months now, though), and I found that it really helped to go with a friend. It's a lot harder to break a promise to your friend than to yourself, kwim? Also, it takes months before your body really starts to expect daily exercise...but once it does, it becomes easier to WANT to go the next day.

Good luck, sweetie. And if you find a magic pill to weight loss (instead of the diet/exercise combo), please don't be afraid to post it :)

But for now - again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

MereCat said...

Oh! Wheeeeeee !!!!!

Happy birthday! I hope you get all the cake, m&ms, champagne and all the best birthday wishes your special day can give!

(((BIG Birthday hug)))

As for diets, have you considered cheese? I gave up cheese for lent, and I can't believe how much easier it has been to lose weight. I have just been steering clear of certain known offenders (keeping others of course) and it's given me just enough of boost to keep me from quitting the diet. There is also this book that is called "Eat This Not That," which I found to be so helpful in cutting out empty calories in a way that I haven't felt too deprived. Also, I have been dancing my ass off which is fun.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday to you!

If you are not motivated to lose weight at this point, that is one thing. However, if you are sort of trying and NOTHING is happening, you might want to get your thyroid function checked? I had been trying to lose weight for three months and had actually gained, which is what prompted me to tell my doctor, and voila! A bum thyroid!

Not that I've lost any weight yet anyway, since they can't seem to get the levels right.

Suzy said...

Happy Birthday kiddo!

FIRST, stop using pre-fab diets, it has been proven that they're the main culprit in putting on weight when you don't use them.

Stop drinking any alcohol, easy 5 pound weight loss in one month. If you need to drink because you have stress, then you need to figure out how to manage the stress. Stress in women makes the belly fat grow. (Happened to me, is still happening now due to my FUCKING SURGERY)

You have to get a regular exercise thing going. I used to walk 2 miles a day at a moderate clip and I never weighed more than 127 at 5'6". Since THE ANKLE trauma, I've put on 15 pounds just from not walking.

Anonymous said...

Happy 40th, that is a really important day for sure. I am glad you are OK with the number, because that's all it is.

I say don't worry about the weight because in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter. I am a 40ish girl and I think at this age you start excepting yourself more, and just realize that no matter what, your not going to have the body of a 20 year old, so what!!

Don't be hard on yourself, you will loose it when you are good and ready and or not. There are way to many other things more important, and I really mean it. Enjoy your family and friends and your life because you never know what is around the corner. Just remember your awesome!!
Keep smiling :-)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday....or belated!!1 i miss seeing your sweet and yes, young looking face. i am agreeing with that comment you made about your is not just the short thing. so about the know some of the things that work, but if you aren't mentally is tough. it wasn't until a little over a month ago that i got somewhat serious. i am mentally taken it in steps and trying to make a lifestyle. although i would love to go to a discovery health boot camp or something. ha ha. just know that support is there and i as well as the rest of the posting crowd is here. love, me

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I don't have any real advice about the weight issues...because I have the same problem. I think my biggest issue is that I have no one but myself to hold me accountable--my husband and my family all say "you're not fat!" "why do you think you need to diet?" etc... I know they're just trying to make me feel better, but it's not helping. It's easy to blow off the diet and exercise when those you love and that love you say it's alright.

alison said...

Happy Birthday! I can relate to the difficulty in losing weight. It definitely is harder after 40. Your body wants to hang on to those pounds. I'm having all kinds of trouble dislodging the 10 lbs that last summer's round of barbecues, beer, and vacation eating (deep fried clams, anyone?) put on me.

Good luck, I'm sure that exercise is the ticket, but it's hard to find something you like and can commit to. That's the way it is with me.

WillThink4Wine said...

40? Why, you're just a puppy! Happy Birthday!! Last October I celebrated my 13th Annivery of 40.

I read the comment to give up alcohol. NEVER! I'd give up eating before I'd give up my wine. LOL!!!

Karen MEG said...

Happy birthday, hope you had lots of champagne and cake.... and if you had Cheetohs and M & M's that would have been on MY behalf LOL!!
I'm glad you're OK with 40, and it does seem to really be unfair that once we finally start being comfortable with ourselves at least psychologically, the rest of the body doesn't seem as willing to cooperate.
Weight loss is a tough thing, it does take so much discipline. I've never had struggles with my weight but certainly body image. I've been even joking with my hubs about getting implants... but I don't think I'd ever do it now that I've impressionable kids, especially a daughter. It's kinda nice to dream about a great rack, however artificial it would look on a 40-ish body that's sagging the rest of the way down.
Wait this was supposed to be uplifting!!
Thanks for doing the meme BTW. The thinking in a positive way is half the battle. Good for you! Diet (and I mean what you eat, and not starving yourself) and routine exercise doing something you really enjoy so you can stick with it, I think that's the key.

Jess Riley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And I wish I had some advice about the weight thing. What's helped me get the pounds off in the past have been two things: orthodontia with head gear and a painful divorce. I wouldn't recommend either.

Oh, what also works for me is watching those shows on Discovery Science where they show you what happens to your internal organs if you eat garbage. (Thanks, Dr. Oz.) For some reason this grosses me out enough to keep me off the chips and candy for a few days.

fold my laundry please said...

First of all, happy birthday! Did you know that birthday goodies don't have any calories? It's true. You can trust me. I know a thing or two about nutrition. I'd have to study to know three things though!

Secondly, Karen MEG mentioned plastic surgery in her comment and then berated herself saying it was supposed to be an "uplifting" comment and I sprayed kool-aid out of my nose I laughed so hard!

Oh, and by the way, heroine does wonders for weight loss. Or so they say.


Anne said...

Happy belated birthday! Cheer up .. 40 is great (speaking from the ripe old age of 50 - which i am struggling with ...). I'd love to be 40 again.