Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Sounds 21 or The Best Concert Ever!

With all of the teen angst, depression, loneliness, and rebelliousness I felt in my teens, it was a natural progression for my taste in music to get more and more away from mainstream. Punk rock and Death Rock (Goth), will always be my favorite type of music. There's nothing like jumping up and down, body slamming to hard core punk or to be soo mellow and calm, perhaps even a little introspective, while listening to Death Rock music.

The Cure is my favorite alternative band of all time. I saw them perform in 1987 at, I think, what used to be called, Irvine Meadows in California. A bunch of us, including Stef, decided to go to the concert but nobody had tickets. We figured we could buy some from people scalping when we got there. When we arrived, we immediately were able to buy one ticket. Score! Then one of us noticed a bunch of people walking towards and into a wooded area. Where the hell were they going? So of course we followed. Through the woods, across a small stream and over a chain link fence, which ripped my pretty black lace dress-though my monkey boots survived unharmed, right into the general admission lawn area! We were far away, but the band performed perfectly and the sound was great. To this day, I have never seen so much black eyeliner in one place. I didn't see one man or woman there, not wearing it.

The first vid is the band, live, singing my all time favorite song The Drowning Man. It's from their album Faith, which is their most depressing, dark sounding album. Around the time they were writing and recording songs, each band member had someone they know die. They also started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. When I listen, I want to experiment too, or just spin around and around, losing myself in misery!

The second vid is an official one for my favorite fast Cure song Hot Hot Hot. When I listen to this song, I must get up and dance. Now, go ahead and wallow in misery then get over it, and dance.

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Wishing 4 One said...

Man you were such a rebel girl. Great memories though.....You were like the girl I smoked in the bathroom with, didn't listen to your music but we dug each other still.