Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sleep Study

I'm spending the night, tonight, at the hospital for a sleep study. Not the hospital where I work. I have a personal policy that co-workers are not allowed to see any part of my naked body. I think that for the sleep study I can wear my own jammies, but the tech will have to attach some leads to my chest which may reveal some boobage.

Some preparations I've done for my overnight stay.

>Trimmed my toenails and polished them- I think a wire needs to be attached to my ankle to check for restless leg syndrome. I wouldn't want to scare the tech with my 'winter toes'.
>Washed my new jammies.
>Typed a list of my meds.
>Checked for extra new facial hairs-leads need to be attached to my head and chin.
>Changed my pillow case-I don't have to use the hospital plastic pillows.
>Packed my extras along with usual overnight stuff, for example: Left hand carpal tunnel brace, tissues, can of Fresca, couple fig newtons (can't not have my bed time snacks!) two books, paper and pencil. I'll pack my laptop later so I can Tweet.

If you're thinking what a weirdo I am, imagine what my Hus thinks living with me. He's already had a good laugh about the extras I've packed.

"Are you going to pack your wrist splints?" He asked, waving his hands around like a monkey.
"Bite me!"
"Are you going to tuck tissues under your pillow?"
"Bite me!"
"The back scratcher?"
"Bite me!"
" Why don't you bring the cats too."
"Maybe I should, oh, and BITE ME!" Of course, I was laughing at myself by now. If you can't laugh at yourself, everyone else will anyways.

I'm going to try and stay away from caffeine after noon and gassy foods. I mean, snoring and drooling will be bad enough, I don't want to fart all night. I hope the recording is shut off when I am in the bathroom.

The reason I'm having this sleep study is because of fatigue. All you have to do to qualify, according to my insurance company, is to snore and be tired. If there is something wrong with my sleeping, hopefully I can be treated for it. And with more sleep, I'll have more energy and be able to exercise and maybe even lose a few pounds.

I'm afraid I'll sleep well at the hospital, even with all the wires attached to me because I won't have all the usual things to keep me awake. Maybe I should bring the cats-Cokee always has to sleep with me under the covers, the kids-when they talk in their sleep, I wake up. Oh and Hus because when he rolls over or breaths too loudly, I wake up. I wake up even with ear plugs and Lunesta!

As a side note: I put two new links on my side bar. One is to the short story I have in Reflections on Doctors. That link will take you to Amazon where you can read some of my story. I don't get paid if you buy the book, but there are some interesting nursing stories in it.My story is Laughing Too Hard To Care.
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Shelly Overlook said...

Oooh, good luck tonight. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

I'd totally have to bring a cat (or two) with me if I wanted to recreate a "real" nighttime feel.

Suzy said...

The best I sleep is on a very expensive mattress, which I don't have. I used to housesit these friends in Malibu and their guest room mattress was 1000 times better than mine. Ditto when I stay at top end hotels.

Also, no responsibilities when you're out of your home so there's that.

I saw somewhere that more couples sleep separately because they just don't get quality sleep with someone else in the bed.

Good luck. I envy you. If you've seen the recent news, not sleeping enough makes us gain weight.

barb said...

So.... how'd it go?

PS. 'winter toes' cracked me up! I have 'winter legs' right now!

Stephanie said...


Too funny H. I hope you have a great sleep at the lab. Glad to know you are all buffed and polished, good luck!!

I sent you an email, did you get it?

Ma said...

Oh god - without hus/kids and the cat(s) it will probably be the best night's sleep you've had in a while...but I hope not. Sleep deprivation sucks so hard...and I do totally understand all the preparatory efforts!

doggie mamma said...

hey girlie, see my recent post!!! lol

doggie mamma said...

did you get your results?
call or email me - let's discuss! xoxo