Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miscellaneous Manure 11

1. Bad Boy, Bad Boy, What Ya Gonna Do, What Ya Gonna Do When Mama Comes For You?

Our boy Summer has turned into a little bit of a bad boy. He disappears for entire nights, coming home dirty, dusty and sometimes scratched up a bit too. The first time he was gone over night, Hus and I thought he was a goner. There are Coyotes, Foxes and Bobcats around who would find him quite yummy.

After Summer was gone for over 18 hours, Hus looked at me with watery eyes and said,
"I hope he didn't suffer."
Summer came home around an hour later. Now we don't worry anymore.

A few times when I was driving home from work at around 1AM, I caught him more than a half mile away, hanging around with some hoodlum barn cats. Another time he was about a quarter mile from home and when I saw him, I called to him through an open car window; He ran alongside my car all the way home.

Summer also decided to make his own cat door for himself. Now, he can get in between the screen door and wood door and wait for someone to find him!

I don't know how he fits into the small space between doors. He is not a little thing.

2. Houses For Rent; Move In Ready!

Each year Hus adds more bird houses to our collection. Some of them we made, others he finds here or there.

Old Favorites

New Additions

Yes, that is a roasting pan. I did ask him if it was my grandmothers, but he says this one he found at the dump and changed it to a house.

I wonder who will move in?


darsden said...

too funny you caught him down the block!
Awesome bird houses and what a cool way to recycle

Laney said...

I'm a fan of the roasting pan birdhouse. And the kitty picture. Mine's about the size of a panther, so I assume he does most of the hunting when he's out for the night.

Wishing 4 One said...

Summer sounds like our Florenzo. He stays gone for 5+ days sometimes. The first time though I was like you, he is so gone. Your husbands bird houses are very cool, a roasting pan house, thats a first for me. xoxo

Suzy said...

I'd have loved to see Summer running along side your car. And a roasting pan bird house. I would think it would be cold as ice in that thing, as opposed to the wood ones but what do I know, I'm not a bird. Anymore.

Anna Lefler said...

So glad Summer is all right!

And you've inspired me to get some birdhouses up. Lord knows there are always rental shortages here in Santa Monica...

:-D Anna