Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Shouldn't Eat Family on Thanksgiving

Grandma, my mother, is here for Thanksgiving. She has somehow managed to make it a tradition that she stay two nights for the holiday instead of one. I know that wasn't my idea.

I shouldn't really complain. She keeps Ant-1 busy her entire stay by doing anything he wants. Hide in Seek, board games, cards. I tried to warn her about the playing cards before they started today, that he is not a very good loser, and he doesn't like to playing by the rules, but she let him win.

I also shouldn't complain about grandma because she just handed me a $50 bill. She said it's for the turkey and other food I bought. I'm not going to tell her I got the $7 turkey for free. Actually, I got two turkeys for free. Except they were not really free because I had to spend $500 TWICE to get them.

I spend way too much money on groceries.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and don't have to cook a family member.

Poor Big Bird.


Barb said...

Oh, no. Poor big bird.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rockabilly Hippie said...

lol loved this post! I may not have cooked any family members, but there were a few moments when thoughts crossed my mind ;-) Hope you had a stress free holiday season!