Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kid Stuff That Should Not Be Given To Kids

*Board games*
Starts off like regular enjoyable family fun, but quickly turns into a crying, tantrum, sore loser, let's throw fake money all over the house type of fun.

Yes, that's books. First you have to read to the children, over and over and over, then when they can read, you have to listen to them read to you, over and over and over...

*Water guns*
These are only fun when they are filled with booze and aimed directly into your mouth.

*Karaoke machine*
Unless the parents can carry a tune, chances are the kids won't be able to either.

Obvious, right? I love glitter, but I only use it when I am annoyed with Hus because he absolutely hates glitter!

*Anything made out of cheap plastic*
Fun times for about 3 seconds until the toy breaks-see *Boardgames*

they will cry and scream until you take the training wheels off, then cry and scream until you put them back on.

What is the worse toy you can think of?


Rebecca said...

Anything that takes batteries.

The Empress said...

Oh, my goodness. that last little pictue...come here, little guy, come heeeeere...

Barb said...

What Empress said. I saw that contorted face and booboo lip and I was a goner.

Drawing on my personal experience as the eldest of 8 kids... My personal favorite would have to be a drum set. Followed closely by any other musical instrument. Try that on this Christmas why dontcha? =:-o

Zip n Tizzy said...

It's all so good in theory!

My husband (and I) both hate glitter.
Praise him who made glitter glue!

Suzy said...

My friend Leslie told her son he positively couldn't have a drum kit. Her husband is in the Nashville Music Scene and of course wanted to give the kid a drum kit.

Leslie put her foot down. She was home all day with the kids and her husband travled so it was a NO.

I was visiting them the day her husband Tim brought home a drum kit from Nashville.

I was also there when she called him a giant asshole.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Anything with a siren!