Monday, December 06, 2010

Miscellaneous Manure 13

I love playing tricks on my Hus. A few weeks ago, I refilled an empty bottle of unscented lotion with rose scented lotion. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally I asked Hus if he noticed anything about the lotion and that's when he told me he doesn't use lotion! He uses baby oil after showers and Burts Bee's hand cream. How could I not know this?

Last week, I was doing what I could to prevent my having allergy symptoms. I bought all new hypoallergenic make-up, but forgot to get new face lotion, so I decided to try using some of the regular unscented lotion we had, which said hypoallergenic on the label.

I put it on my face. AAAHHHHH! WTF? I forgot that I had switched the lotion. I'm such a loser.

Tony has been taking karate this year. He managed to get is orange belt already. He loves karate. Tony didn't like playing baseball because he's the type of kid that needs to know what to do, exactly what to do. None of the 7yo baseball players seemed to know what to do except hit the ball and run. As far as what to do with the ball if someone hits it to you, no clue.

He likes that, in Karate, he's taught very specific moves and routines. It's structured and the Sensei is strict, yet very nice and patient.

When we watched Tony perform for his orange belt, I said to Hus. "He seems to really know what he's doing."

Hus replied "Well, we think he does. She could be teaching whatever she wants and we'll never know if it's really karate or not.LOL!"

I've changed the kids nicknames to other nicknames we use. Someone (Suzy) complained that Ant-1 didn't roll of her tongue easy enough and that Snemma makes her think of "smegma"! Also Em does not like me to call her Snemma here, preferring her other nickname Em. So Tony and Em it is.

Happy Hanukkah! Still!


Barb said...

I almost took Karate lessons years ago. There was a vacancy in the strip center where my business was located and a guy and his wife rented it and put their dojo into that space.

He looked so much like Chuck Norris, you wouldn't believe it. He was very advanced in his training. He told me that there was not one instructor in the US above him. Whether or not it was actually true, I couldn't say. Anyway... He was 55 years old but looked 35. Fit as a fiddle. Just as I was going to sign up, he moved. The space wasn't quite quite right for his needs... he especially wanted a shower area for after classes so people wouldn't have to go home sweaty.

Ah well...

Brian Miller said... oldest took karate and loved it...too funny on the lotion...smlles.

Suzy said...

It was the smegma that really did me in. I keep their pics on my fridge and every time I looked at hers it reminded me!

Yay! Tony and Em! I'm going to make fun of you for using Ant-1 until the DAY I DIE!!