Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah! Yes the first night of Hanukkah is tonight, but because I have to work, we celebrated last night. Poor kids, having to get their first night presents early.

I grew up in a predominately non-Jewish neighborhood. The only time my friends were jealous of me was when Hanukkah came early. The rest of the year, I think they felt sorry for me. I felt sorry for me.

Even though my parents had told me a "truth" about Santa at a very young age, I still believed, because kids do that. Some Xmas Eves I would look out the window, searching the sky, and wondering why the fat bastard didn't come to my house!

My kids are fortunate to celebrate both holidays. They don't get more presents than any of their friends, but the gifts are just spread out.

Last night we lit the candles and we said the Hanukkah prayer in Hebrew. At least I think it was the Hanukkah prayer, maybe it was the Sabbath prayer with a "shell Hanukkah" thrown in at the end. Bad Jew.

Grandma always sends eight presents each to the kids, luckily one of them was not a visit from her this year. We just saw her at TG!

Ant-1's gift from Hus and I, although Hus will never know how much I spent on it, even though I saved $30 off retail by shopping Amazon! Lego's are very expensive, but my son loves them. He has many of the Star Wars Lego kits and know covets the Harry Potter ones.

Don't let the quote fool you. She also upgraded her phone, but we had to do it last week when we could bring in her old phone.

For the first evening in a long time, my daughter spent her time, not on FB or Skype, but drawing instead.

I hope, no matter what holiday you celebrate, that you get a present that takes your breath away!


Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukkah to you!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Hanukkah. Hope your celebration is the best yet!

Barb said...

Happy Hanukkah! I'd probably love the Harry Potter Legos, too! My sister just bought the same set for one of her twins. Expensive, they are!

The Empress said...

What a wonderful quote!

i was secretly jealous of my Hanukkah celebrating classmates.

SOOOOO jealous.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Legos are a toy worth investing in--they'll never break or go out of style. That's an awesome set!