Monday, December 27, 2010

This Winter can't go by fast enough. I know you're not supposed to rush time away because you only have so much, but I am already sick of winter. Luckily, time has been flying by and the weather hasn't been so bad. So far.

Ya, I don't want to hear that I chose to live here. I know, and for the most part I do like it here. I just really really don't like winter weather. Snow is okay but last year we had so many ice storms it was scary. I'll even take sleet over freezing rain because at least your tires have something to grip on.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had a fun time at the SIL's house. I drank half of the bottle of wine shown below, which is a double size bottle! I would have drank more but I started to get tired.

We played a game called The Game of Things. It was pretty funny. Mostly because everyone was drinking alcohol (there was one relative on parole that couldn't drink). I mean the grown-ups were drinking alcohol. The kids were just smoking pot...JUST KIDDING!

I got the best gifts ever...

a giant wine glass, a giant cheap bottle of wine, home-made book marks-which I had to beg the kids to make-because I'm always losing them and have to use tissue as a page marker-and hand sanitizer.

Tony's favorite gifts by far...

giant plastic shelves to sort his legos, and hand sanitizer.


got another book.

Papa got an over-sized fluffy blanket. For which he announced that if anyone is caught using it, he'll break their arms! He's vicious. So are we, because we laughed at him.

Happy almost New Year!


Barb said...

That wine glass is large enough to use as a decanter! Whoa!

Rebecca said...

You're right, life is short and you shouldn't rush time, just move south for the winter. I'm thinking southern Florida. Wanna come?

The Empress said...

I love this idea for LEgos!

I really do.

I'm so mad I didn't think of it.

I am going to do this right now.

Happy New Year, to my wonderful Vermont.

Peace to you this year.

Karen MEG said...

Whoa on that wine glass - lucky girl!!
I'm impressed with your son and his organizational skills- we've got Lego all over the house and we've got those organizers as well - for the girlie's crafts!

happy new year to your and your family, Heidi!