Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thinking of Summer

I've never been an outdoors person. Mostly because for me to actually want to go outside, the weather has to be perfect; Low 80's with low humidity and calm winds. That doesn't happen that often in Vermont...or anywhere!I also have to have something specific to do outside. Mostly I enjoy lounging outside if the weather is nice.

If the kids are home, I have to force myself, to avoid the guilt of being a lazy ass mother, to go outside to play with them. I'm proud of myself that today I did just that. I went outside with Tony in the snow storm, walked around, measured snow inches, made a snow angel and sat inside our tree house a bit. Little time passed and I returned inside and started drinking wine. (Still drinking, so forgive my grammar and spelling errors, please!)

Occasionally I also get these creative ideas which bring me outside. Today I thought I should take pictures of the bright red male cardinals against the sparkly white snow, but when I finally brought the camera outside, the cardinals had departed. I did get this photo of an English Sparrow (actually I took it from inside) perched on our "thingy hanger" on the porch.

And a picture of fluffy Summer sitting on the porch. He was outside less time than me!

Once, when Em was a baby, I decided it would be a wonderful idea to take pictures of her outside surrounded by all of Hus's flowers. It worked out while she was on the porch. Soo pretty! ( I think those larkspur are poisonous, oops)

But then I decided I would put her, still in her bouncy seat, on the hillside in an actual flower bed. Well, of course she started screaming, and then bouncing and then flipping herself over...

I managed to snap this photo before dropping the camera and throwing myself down to catch her before she landed face first in the flowers.

I felt like such a horrible mother that day, thinking, OMG, how could I have been so careless? She could have died! Over a silly picture!

Now I think it was pretty funny.


Rebecca said...

About the last photo and freaking out over taking a photo.....

There was this one time when my son was mildly interested in potty training and he went to sit on the potty (while I was doing something else) and all of a sudden I hear all this screaming and I walk toward the sounds that are coming from the bathroom and see my son wedged butt first down into the toilet.....I wanted so badly to grab the camera which was in the kitchen....but was worried about him being too traumatized to do it....I still wish I would have grabbed the camera....because he's still not potty trained.

Barb said...

The last sentence slayed me. bwahahahaha!

alison said...

Love the pictures. And when Rachel was 2 and got into my makeup, nearly putting her eye out with my mascara wand, you know I photographed the crap out of her before I washed her face. Bad mommy here too, lol.

Ma said...

Nothing like time to give you perspective on all the hilarious stuff you were too freaked out about at the time to enjoy. Unfortunately, mother's guilt is hardwired into us when it comes to what happens to our kids. And that, children, is why we drink!

The Empress said...

Now...I want to that a bad way to die?

Faceplanted in flowers??