Monday, July 16, 2007

Surf City

I'm back!

Yes, I was away for a week on vacation in case anyone noticed. Almost every year since I have known my husband we have vacationed on Long Beach Island in New Jersey for a week. Yes, NJ, I know, people from Vermont are supposed to vacation in Maine, but we tried Maine a couple of times but we always return to NJ. I like that in NJ we can walk almost everywhere, in Maine we had to drive to the beach and shopping etc. I also think the sand is softer and the water is warmer and less salty in NJ. Of course Maine's seafood is better, but I had twin lobsters this week in NJ and they were delicious!

I also love that LBI is small enough that we can walk from the bay side to the ocean side. The sunsets are beautiful. (Hus said it was OK to put pictures of him and the kids on the blog if they were shot from BEHIND, who knew?)

Sunset on the Bay

The kids loved playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean waves. The water was a bit too cold for mama, but I did dip my tootsies in a few times


We noticed this sign placed at every entrance to the beach. This past year they took sand from deep in the ocean and put it onto the Surf City beach to help build up where nature had eroded. In the replaced sand they found WW One Ordnance which is another word for explosives or ammunition! The sign warns not to dig deeper than 12inches. Yikes! Luckily the kids were well behaved so I didn't have to tell them to go dig a deep hole somewhere way over there.


We gave T some fancy sand castle beach toys for his birthday which worked very well. I don't remember ever having anything like these to make castles with, usually I had a broken bucket or a plastic cup.

Mamas Castle

One thing that was different this year was that we had neighbors. We rented the same place last year but nobody was staying in the downstairs apartment, and before that we had always rented one family houses or cottages. You would have thought we never saw people before. We were like bumbling idiots around them the first days. Should we talk to them, should we avoid them, sneak in and out when they are not home, should we not answer the door? As you probably have gathered by my posts and by the fact that we live way way out in the country that we are not the sociable type. We like who we like and if we don't like you we don't want you as a neighbor, so why take a chance with neighbors?

Well ,it turned out these people were very nice, sociable people, and didn't seem to notice our bumbling. They even acted like they wanted to spend time with us. After a bottle of wine I became friendly too. My hus and I even enjoyed spending a couple of evenings with them. I was only disappointed because our vacation is the only time my hus and I get to watch movies together so we missed two movie nights(and after movie action). We did get to watch "RV" -very funny family movie, "Yours Mine and Ours" another funny family movie and "Little Miss Sunshine" HILARIOUS, not for kids movie, which we didn't know until grandpa started with all the foul language and drugs, by then it was too late to turn it off!

The neighbors had kids also that E and T could play with, which made vacation a lot more fun for them. T didn't seem to mind one bit they were all girls!

T, also not used to being around people thought it was OK to run around naked outside (girls screaming) and my husband also caught him about to PEE OFF THE DECK! The second story deck. OOPS.


Alissa said...

It sounds like a wonderful vacation!

And if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure my boys would have tried peeing off of the second floor deck, too. Probably they would have had a contest to see who could pee the furthest... :-)

Shelly said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time. & the thought of fresh lobster has me drooling a little bit.

Autumn's Mom said...

Glad you had a nice vacation :) Nice sand castles..I never made any like those :D

Lainey-Paney said...

that sounds like so much fun!

...i want to go on vacation!

Andie D. said...

My son would've peed off the deck within the first five minutes, tops. Then he would've streaked around as often as possible and delighted in every scream.

I'm so glad you had a great family vacation. No one I know actually takes a whole week - wish we did! Instead it's a couple of days here or there.

Angela in Europe said...

Hello. Just reading up. Thanks for you comment. Sounds like you had a nice vacation. The sand, despite the explosives, looks lovely.