Monday, July 30, 2007

Strange Summer Days

I thought that summer would be a time for sleeping late,relaxing and having fun. I even posted earlier that I was thinking about decreasing my anti-anxiety and insomnia meds. I was soooo wrong. I have been able at times to sleep later, but that's it. Everyday I have been dealing with kids that can't get along. They constantly yell at each other and threaten bodily harm. Of course at times actually harming one another! It's all Mama Mama Mama Look at Meeee Look at Mmmeeeeee! I don't want to look at them all the time. Some days I don't care about seeing their coloring projects or see T jump on one foot. I just want to be left alone for just a few damn minutes. One day I heard both of them screaming from outside. I went out to see what the fucking problem was now. I found T swinging a wooden croquet mallet at E because he thought it was his turn to swing on the tire swing. YIKES!

It seems my anxiety has been steadily increasing with each passing minute I have to spend with these demon children. On some days, by 11 am even, I was already tearing through my medicine cabinet in search of anything that might help my nerves. One day I took an Ativan meant for my dentist appointment, one day I found an old Darvocet. Do I have to become a drug addict in order to deal with my kids. I just can't handle the noise, yelling, petty jealousies and constant need for attention most days. Finally, having no more meds hidden away, I resorted to separating them at the first sign of bickering. That did help a little. I also made an appointment to see my doctor to update my meds....

Then, Monday came and E started her week of Girl Scout day camp. Wow, what a difference in the home atmosphere. T and I had a wonderful quiet day together. No yelling, fighting and he even was able to entertain himself for over and hour with his cars. I asked him to come swimming with me and he said "not now, I am playing with my cars". Really? He, at this very moment, on this now Thursday day 4 of E being away, is playing by himself with his Tinker Toys. I even WANT to go play with him.

It is not all E's fault and I don't want you to think that I blame it on her alone. Even though she can be a real bitch for a 9 year old. T turns into an annoying little brother when she is around, and she doesn't for the most part want to be near him.

While T and I were hanging around outside on Monday we noticed this strange flying insect on our flowers we have never seen before. I looked it up and I think it is a Hummingbird Moth. It is just slightly larger than a bumblebee with wings that work like a Hummingbirds. It is very pretty and it wasn't bothered by me shoving the camera at it for a close shot. It has come back to these same flowers everyday since.

I have no idea what the flowers are called. I just named them Paisley because of their shape. Maybe one of you know?

Pretty Paisley Flowers

Pretty Hummingbird Moth on Pretty Paisley Flowers


Suzy said...

Name the flowers Bitchy 9 Year Olds.

Name the moth T jumping on one foot.

I really don't read Mommy Bloggers but I love reading you and a few others who know who they are. Because you're so honest and do not make it sound like your kids are all precious and perfect. Like I am.

Anonymous said...

That is a butterfly bush. And yep, that's a hummingbird moth. Awesome, isn't it?

My kids are completely different when they are away from one another than they are when they are together. One at a time they play contentedly, they are polite and friendly, and I love being with them. Together, more often than not, they bicker and fight and generally make me want to pull my hair out. Then, they'll have 15 good minutes that really make me appreciate them, and those moments give me hope for the future.

You are *so* not alone. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

You make me dread my future 9 year old daughter because I absolutely know she is going to be a bitch on wheels. I guess I better enjoy her while she can't speak.

stefanierj said...

My God, I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read that someone else is being driven insane by her offspring. I feel awful because I am sometimes so frustrated with D after only an hour and a half with him that I start yelling at him and I think my GOSH how do people do this all day?

Kate The Great said...

Definetly a Butterfly Bush...
And... Tylenol PM works really well, take it around 7pm and everything goes away!

surcie said...

Food is my anxiety-relieving drug of choice. That may explain why these pants are too tight. . .Hang in there, girl!

Andie D. said...

I may have been the only mom who dropped her firstborn off at Kindergarten and couldn't refrain from screaming out, "Fucking FINALLY! Thank GOD!" Everyone else was tearing up and taking pictures. I went home and giggled out loud.

P.S. I make sure I always have Ativan on hand. I carry it with me. I don't take it often, but if I get low, I request a refill because I don't want to EVER be out. I FEEL YA!

Granny said...

I think I was going to leave a comment the other day and my net went down again.

The girls have been driving me nuts with the arguing and name calling.

One more day until school. I'm down to counting the hours.

hellomelissa said...

think we all have felt this way. want to start drinking at 11 am.

thank goodness for the return to school!