Friday, September 21, 2007

I Did It, Drama Queen and Bad Mama

I Did It!
I finally ordered Satellite Internet service. It will be delivered and hooked up October 6Th. It was $100 cheaper than what I was quoted when I first inquired and $10 cheaper per month. Wow, I should have played the lottery yesterday too. So look out all you in blogger land, Mama will be visiting more often as I hope it will not take me 10 minutes for each blog. Maybe I will even put a video on my blog. I will also, I mean my kids will also be able to play with their Webkinz now.

Drama Queen
My daughter joined drama for the first time this year. She is in fourth grade and hasn't shown much interest until now. She missed the first class, which by the way are held from 6:30AM-8:00AM Tuesdays and Thursdays, because of my failure to take her to sign up, therefore not knowing when the first class was. Well, she didn't get a part when they were handed out on the second class. She was really upset, called me at work crying and distraught like the world was going to end. I offered my condolences and told her to not give up, if she wanted a part she should show her dedication by showing up each class and get involved somehow with the production. And I also told her that surely someone will drop out when they discover they can't handle showing up for school at 6:30. Sure enough a couple classes later, 2 kids dropped out, 1 of which had a part and the teacher gave it to E! She again called me at work and was so excited, I was sure she must have gotten the lead. Not the lead but a part none the less. She has one line "That's a wrap!" . I am very excited for her. What is also exciting for E is that the play will be performed at a real Theatre, as opposed to the school gym. The teacher promised parts for everyone in the next play to be held at the end of the year in the gym. I am proud of her for sticking to it.

Bad Mama
My husband came home unexpectedly from work one morning because he forgot some tools. I apparently was asleep in the bedroom and didn't hear him come inside the house. T was awake and up out of bed, which I knew because he wakes me when he gets up and keeps waking me about every 5 minutes if I fall back asleep. He says "I don't see you walking". Anyways my hus came in and gave T breakfast and then left. When I called him that afternoon he told me what he did and he accused me of leaving T all alone. I did work the night before and didn't get to bed until 2AM. It takes me all I have to get out of bed sometimes, so on the days my hus takes E to drama on his way to work I usually sleep until T wakes me. Well, I felt guilty, what kind of mother leaves their 4 year old unattended (in the next room) while they sleep? So after I hung up with my hus I thought about it for a few minutes and called him back and turned things around. "What if I had a stroke or heart attack and was just lying in bed unconscious or I was dead and you left me there all day?" My hus said "Oh yeah, I didn't think of that" and I said, "what about you falling asleep on the couch while the kids are awake, a bomb could go off and it wouldn't wake you" and he said "I don't sleep on the couch" HA!


Suzy said...

Do you know how many 4 year olds call 911 and save their mama's life? PLENTY.

I feel bad that you have to work so late and get berated at the same time but 2 things:

Your advice to E was brilliant. You made her keep going. If I didn't get something at school my mother would always say, "Forget about those losers, I'm sending you to school in Switzerland." So I was taught to cut and run?

Calling your husband back and saying what you did was terrific.

Family Adventure said...

Good job with the satellite internet. You are going to love it! Counting down the days...

Men!!! I cannot believe he would say that to you. I imagine he might have been a little bit mad to begin with, having to come back to the house because he'd forgotten something, and then he basically ended up taking it out on you. You handled it well by phoning back once you'd thought it through.

And way to go for your girl. That must be so exciting for her!
- Heidi

hellomelissa said...

we had satellite internet until dsl came along.

h would LOVE drama club! there is none at his school, but both kids do movie camps in summer.

ah, you got caught being a bad mama! i don't even try to hide it anymore. i'm getting bad mama tattooed on my forehead.

Anne said...

I can't imagine keeping up with your family and working till 2 am. Its hard enough to keep it all together on a regular 8-5. Good for you not taking crap from your husband. He should do more. Sounds like your daughter has a type A personality. Challenges are good for children. Your the best thing she's got going.

Alissa said...

Yay satellite internet!

Way to go E on the part in the play, too! I know she'll do great.

As for the other, well, I doze/sleep while the kids are here fairly often. They know not to leave the house, and it's always early morning and all they want to do is watch TV and eat cereal anyway. They wake me when they get up, and then every so often they'll wake me again. If they were babies that would be bad, but at 4 and 6? Perfectly reasonable. Great comeback you had!

Gina said...

I have fallen asleep more times than I would like to admit with Mr. P in the next room. I have a medical condition that can make that happen if it isn't controlled, so don't feel too bad.

Yay for E, and sorry, but boo to hubby!