Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Finally Here!

No, not my Satellite Internet service, PREMIERE WEEK! Every Fall I get soooo excited about premiere week. Ooh the never ending possibilities, ooh the wide eyed wonderment, ooh the naive hopefulness that one day there will be a remake of The Bionic Woman! Ohh, that's not it though, this year I am also doubly thrilled that someone very creative out there has decided to make a show about a crime fighting police officer VAMPIRE! I can ask for nothing more, my dreams are fulfilled.
Well, I could ask for more free time to watch all my favorite shows. I made up a tentative schedule just for this week and it is not looking good. And no I don't have TIVO, I do have a working VCR though, and East and West coast channels through Direct TV. I would get TIVO, but I think I would just end up with the same problem I run into with my VCR. I end up with 2 or more tapes full of shows and I can never catch up. UGH!
If I didn't have to work 3 evenings a week, if I didn't have kids and if I didn't like reading so much, I might have time to really enjoy all my shows.

Here is my tentative schedule for this week:

Key: Old favorites, new soon to be favorites

Monday 9/24 8pm 'How I Met Your Mother', 9pm 'Two and a Half Men', 10pm Journeyman, 1am CSI Miami(tape it)
Tuesday 9/25 Work, Tape the following shows 11pm 'Bones', 12am 'House', watch 1am 'Law and Order SVU'
Wednesday 9/26 8pm watch or tape 'Kid Nation', 9pm 'Bionic Woman', 10pm 'CSI New York', tape 12am 'Criminal Minds'
Thursday 9/27 9pm 'CSI', 10pm 'ER'
Friday 9/28 Work, Tape the following 12am 'Moonlight', watch 1am 'Numbers'

This does not include any new shows on other networks like Bravo's 'Top Design' or any cooking shows( I learned 10 different ways to make macaroni and cheese the other night-priceless).


Family Adventure said...

Hi Heidi,
I know what you mean! I love premiere week, too. But I am missing it here in Norway this year. However, my husband has figured out a way to get the shows over the internet (not entirely sure of the legality of it all, actually, but I am closing my eyes to it). I cannot wait to see what Dr. House has up his sleeve this year. Of course, we still have to wait another ever so long for LOST, my favourite show of all times.
Enjoy the week. Hope you get through all your recordings :)

Anonymous said...

I love premiere week!

We don't watch ANY of the same shows :-) I can't miss Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters on Sundays, or Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays, or Men in Trees on Fridays. And I want to check out that new spinoff from Grey's Anatomy...I can't think of the name of it right now. Private Practice? It's on on Wednesdays.

Suzy said...

OK, I'm with Alissa, those are all my fav shows too, along with House and Bones (although she's starting to annoy me a little).

I don't get Tivo for the same reason as you with your VCR tapes.

10 ways to make Mac and Cheese and you don't TELL US WHAT THEY ARE????

Anonymous said...

Premiere week is like what Christmas week was when I was a kid, full of excitement and promise, even though you know you're going to be disappointed eventually.

hellomelissa said...

we gather 'round the tv for the biggest loser and america's next top model. a show of our brilliance and high-mindedness.

Lainey-Paney said...

Okay---Grey's Anatomy & Depserate Housewives are so on my list.
I also adore How I Met Your Mother, and I can say that I have never missed an episode. Love it!

Gina said...

Like Alissa, you and I watch completely different things! Grey's, Ugly Betty, DWTS (cough, cough) and Men in Trees are some of my faves. Oh, and Brothers and Sisters. Even my husband likes B&S, even though he would be ashamed to admit it to anyone else.

mrsmogul said...

I'm looking forward to Bionic Woman. I know the actress, she used to be on Eastenders, the trashy soap in England my husband used to watch. Yes, the Bionic WOman is ENGLISH! Let's see how she does with a british accent.

surcie said...

I have TiVo but I forget to record my shows half of the time. I especially enjoy Tim Gunn's show, Project Runway, Top Chef and Dancing With the Stars. Come to think of it, everything I watch is "reality" tv.

If you like gourmet mac & cheese, you should see the Food Network's latest competition special!

Granny said...

You and I like many of the same shows. I watch all the L&O programs and have since the original first aired (what's it been now, 16 or 17 years?

Also Numbers and Criminal Minds although I tend to confuse the two just as I sometimes confuse Medium and Ghost Whisperer.